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Frequently Asked Questions

To make it easy to find answers to your questions, we’ve divided the FAQs into categories. Just select the appropriate category from the menu to see all the solutions, or select All FAQs from the menu to see them all. The most popular questions are at the top of each category.

I have a question on the MyStuff TAP, how do I get it answered?

Please post all questions to the MyStuff thread on Toppy.org.uk, or check the MyStuff section of the site FAQs.

Where can I get the MyStuff manual?

The manual is available from the Guides section of this site or from Chunkywizard's site .

I have a feature I would love to see in MyStuff, will you implement it?

Maybe, post all feature requests in the MyStuff thread on Toppy.org.uk

How can I show my appreciation of the work done on MyStuff?

Donations via PayPal are gratefully received; see the link on the front of the manual or visit the MyStuff HomePage.

I've noticed a small box that says "Loading..." and/or "Searching..." every so often since installing the MyStuff TAP. Why?

MyStuff 4.5 introduced an automatic EPG reloading feature, which is enabled by default. You can change the interval or disable it altogether by changing option H5 in the MyStuff options.

Can MyStuff ControlTimers search programme descriptions as well as titles?

No, not yet. It is however, planned for a future release.

Whenever I'm watching back a previous recording Now&Next keeps popping up every minute or so, how can I stop this?

Set Option B2 to No

Why does MyStuff not work properly with WSSKiller?

Support for WSSKiller was added in version 4.54b. After some tweaking, full functionality was seen in 4.54c, so it is recommended to use this version (or newer, if available) to get full WSSKiller support.

How can I get P+/P- to page through channels when the Now & Next is displayed?

Install the RemoteExtender TAP

I have found an error/ omission in the manual, what do I do?

Either post to the MyStuff thread or PM Chunkywizard and it will be fixed.

I keep experiencing crashes due to low system memory, what can I do?

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your TAP memory footprint. First of all, reduce the number of TAPs. MyStuff only really needs RemoteExtender, DescriptionExtender and eit2mei (or another EPG source) to run. To reduce the memory requirement of MyStuff you have a number of options. First of all you can reduce the size of your MEI file. This can be done by reducing the amount of channels you have or you scan. Also if you have greater than 75 ControlTimers you might find if advantageous to refine them. To do this, either delete some (turning then off doesn't help) or else narrow their search by restricting the channel, time or day they search on.

I want to stop using Jag?s completely, can I do this?

Yes you can. Use Bawbagg?s Jags2MST timer conversion utility to convert the timers and use the eit2mei TAP to create a Freeview.mei file to replace the Jag?s daily scan. You then have to select eit2mei in Option H3.

My options change between shutting down MyStuff and restarting, how do I fix this?

This could be down to rogue .lnk files in the MyStuff directories. Try deleting all .lnk files and see if that cures your problems.

When I have finished watching a recording, can you make White delete it straight away or have MyStuff jump to the Archive when I press stop?

The easiest way to delete a recording is, whilst the recording is still playing, press Archive then White to delete. We do not plan on changing this behaviour.

My EPG Scan timer is named as a programme in the Timer screens, why?

You need to name the watch timer something that starts with ?EPG? for MyStuff to recognise it as a Scan timer. If you do this it will be named correctly in the archive. To create a timer you can use a TAP like UK Timers or Jag?s or else do it from the standard Toppy interface. To do this press Menu: Recording: Timer Setting and then press Red for a new timer. Note that you need to set up all the details including the name of the timer before setting it to non-record. Although the name will disappear it is saved correctly.

My timers keep disappearing, why?

If timers are set by another TAP that uses a non-standard name format with prefixes or suffixes, then MyStuff will delete them unless told not to. To avoid this set Option D5 to CTs Only or None.

I am trying to use MyStuff favourites but they are not displaying properly in the EPG, why?

Was the .mcl file created on a Mac or Unix machine? If so this may be due to a different end-of-line convention. Make sure the file has a Windows-style end-of-line sequence, i.e. CR + LF

I have a keyword defined and it is not matching any programmes even though I can find them in the EPG! Why?

Check you have no spaces at the end of the keyword, this could cause the problem. You can check this by going into a ControlTimer keyword. If the cursor is not highlighting the last letter of your keyword you have a space (or spaces) at the end. These can be deleted by pressing the STOP button.

In playback, pressing number keys jumps to % played, how can I stop this so Simon C's QuickJump TAP handles my number keys in playback?

If you want Quick Jump or any other TAP to respond to the number keys then that TAP must be loaded before MyStuff. Look at Tap Commander for more information about changing the load order. http://www.toppy.org.uk/downloads/taps.php?tc=all

I want to migrate my key word timers from Jag?s to MyStuff, how do I do this?

If you have a lot of timers it is recommended to look at Bawbagg?s Jags2MST application. If you have a few, write down your timers from Jag?s EPG (Keyword, Channel, times to search between) and then create a ControlTimer for each. When you have done this you can delete the Jag?s Search. CT?s will override any timer set in Jag?s EPG so you do not need to bother deleting existing timers or worrying about duplicates.

How long does it take to create ControlTimers if i've used Jag's in the past?

It should take about 15 minutes to set 10 timers by hand (if the programme is not displayed in the EPG) or even less time using Bawbagg?s Jags2MST application. If the programme is in your EPG data then they can be auot-created with the Slow-Mo button and should take less than 1second each!

MyStuff is missing the end of programmes off of recordings, why?

First, check you have got padding set (Option D1/Option D2). If you have and you are still missing the ends of recordings it could be for 1 of 2 reasons. Firstly, it could be that MyStuff has automatically reduced the padding on a programme so that it is possible to record another programme back-to-back. Secondly, it could be that your padding is not large enough.

I tried to set a back to back recording on the same channel but I couldn't, why?

If you are running 4.53 or later then check to see if you are trying to set the second of the back to back recordings after the first one has started. If this is the case then you can not set the second recording until the first has its padding reduced to accommodate the whole duration of the first recording.

MyStuff seems to be slow when ControlTimers are Loading and Searching, why?

The more ControlTimers you have, the longer this process will take. However the search time can be greatly reduced by refining your ControlTimers to narrow the selection. A quick way of doing this is to limit them to one channel, rather that All.

Can MyStuff be used on other Topfields other than the ?5800?

Yes. We have reports of success in Germany on the TF5500 and also Sweden on the TF5100PVR and TF5100PVRc.

Can MyStuff fix the ?jump to live bug??

No, but you can resume the last played recording by pressing Slow. Also there is a TAP which works with MyStuff to fix this bug called mcgCYRResume. Note that the latest firmware (5.12.88) also goes part the way to fixing this bug.

When are you going to release the next version of MyStuff?

When it?s done.

I use other TAPs for setting timers but want MyStuff to adjust timers when the schedule changes, can I do this?

You can set Option D5 to All if you use a TAP but are sure that this will not change the timer names, e.g. if you use Jag?s EPG and don?t apply date/time features to timers, don't apply any padding, and don't have timer manipulation set to combine or cut timers. In this instance it would be as if MyStuff had created a one-off timer itself and could therefore adjust it. The settlings you need to set for Jag?s EPG version 2.7D are as below: 1. 00:00 2. 00.00 4. Off 5. Off 33. Off 35. Off

How can I get Jag?s EPG to appear after MyStuff when pressing Guide?

The order TAPs are loaded in effects which TAP appears on the first press of the Guide button. To get MyStuff on the first press it must load before Jag?s EPG. To do this you must move all TAPs out of Autostart, record 2 minutes or so of a programme (this effectively overwrites where the TAPs where on the disk) and then load the TAPs back in the order you want them to load. After this is completed you can delete the programme. Alternatively, you can also set the load order of TAPs using the TAP Commander TAP if you are running the December firmware (5.12.25).

How can I get the Description Extender TAP working with MyStuff and Jag?s?

As MyStuff gets its data from Jag?s EPG, you have to be running a version of Jag?s EPG that supports extended descriptions, i.e. version 3.x. Please note: if the Logical Channel Number option is enabled in Jag's EPG, the format of the CSV file exported is different to that exported by version 2.x, which causes MyStuff to crash. This is due to be addressed in the next version of MyStuff, but in the meantime, do not use the LCN option in Jag's EPG 3.x, or use version 2.x.

The guide button doesn't work and I get a message saying I have no EPG data, why?

The guide button is disabled if you have no EPG data available. To cure this use eit2mei (or another MEI programme) to create an MEI and then load it using the option at the end of the MyStuff Menu. After this is done your guide key will work.

I use Jag?s for EPG data but there is nothing in the Grid EPG, what?s wrong?

Check Jag?s EPG is exporting a .CSV file (Option 39 in version 2.7D) and check MyStuff Option H1 is set to Never and Option H3 is set to Jag?s. After this make sure the EPG data is loaded by rebooting the Toppy.

I can not see any information in MyStuff when listening to the radio, why?

To get MyStuff to work with Radio you need to use EMJB's OneList TAP. See: http://forum.toppy.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7449 for more details

How can I get MyStuff to show film ratings?

The standard EPG data does not support this information currently but this can be obtaining using MEI data from the Radio Times. See section 4.1 of the MyStuff manual for more details.

I like a certain feature of Improbox, can it be implemented in MyStuff?

Feature requests can be submitted via the MyStuff thread in the Forums.

I have found a MyStuff_U2 file on my hard drive, what is this?

The _U2 (and _U3, _U4 etc.) are files to support multiple users. If you no longer use this function then these, along with _Users.dat, are safe to delete (Although they will do no harm if left)

I have ?WARNING: MyStuff has advanced the start time of this program by XX minutes due to bad EPG data? against a recording in the Archive, why?

This problem is caused by bad EPG data of the following form:

BBC1 8:00 to 8:30 Celebrity Singing with Fish On Ice
BBC1 8:20 to 9:00 Celebrity Singing with Fish On Ice Extra

So the second program starts before the previous one has finished, which it can?t. So, when MyStuff loads the EPG data that contains this info, MyStuff will adjust the start time of "Extra" to be 8.30 (i.e. it assumes the previous programme info is correct, and adjusts the start time of the second one accordingly) and Add the warning to the programme description of ?Extra?.

When does a ControlTimer search for new programmes?

On booting, loading new EPG data, setting of a new search, editing any searches, changes CT priorities or deleting of any timers (just to check if any clashes can now be set).

I have created a new skin but it crashes my Toppy, why?

Check there are no extra spaces in the document and no values above 255 in the RGB values. It should then work.

What Skin is used in the manual?

It is based on BlackTwo by Markus with some slight changes to make use on the new skinning elements in 4.5x. The original can be found BobD's Home Page.

Still not found the answer?

If you’ve not found the information you’re after, why not ask in the Forums, or check to see if there’s a detailed guide to the topic you’re interested in? You can also use the site search box to search the text of all our FAQs and other information for keywords.

Thanks to everyone who helped compile the FAQs we use on this site. They come from a variety of sources, and we’ve tried to credit them where we can. If we’ve missed anything out, please let us know!