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The August firmware update is here

Topfield has released the eagerly awaited August firmware update for the TF5800, taking your Toppy to version 5.12.00.

What’s in the update

The August update is the first of a planned two-update package intended to address almost all of the bugs and feature changes or requests that users have raised with their TF5800s.

One of the main fixes is a resolution of the occassional loss of sound that some users found after applying the May 2005 updates. Additionally, following this update the Toppy should be much more tolerant of incorrect timestamps, leading to more reliable recording and fewer instances of timers being lost. There are lots of other minor fixes, and two new features - the EPG will now show repeated recordings as you browse through it, and support for OTA (over the air) updates has been added.

There’s a complete list of what’s been fixed in the Toppy.org.uk guide to the update, which also includes detailed instructions on how to update the firmware from your PC.

Coming soon

We’ve also got advance information on what’s coming in the next update, which is due in early September. Although the information may change between now and then, it should include changes to address many of the key feature requests that users have made.

In particular, it looks as if we may see more accurate recording of programme information, EPG support for genres, and perhaps even improved fast forward speeds, alongside many other changes. You’ll find a fairly complete list in our guide, but remember that it’s could still change.

And coming later...

One issue that’s not completely addressed in the two planned updates is also one of the most annoying features of the Toppy - channel changing and switching to live TV when recordings start or stop. But there is good news for those longing for a change - Topfield engineers are working on it. It should happen less often with the August firmware, and a complete fix is in the pipeline.