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New firmware is nearly here

We’re pleased to be able to reveal that the new firmware for the TF5800 is on target for a release next month, on the 14th of July.

What’s in, what’s out?

The new firmware is the result of extensive testing and feedback by the Toppy.org.uk team of beta testers, over the last few months, with a number of test files put through our testing scheme and subjected to daily use, both with and without TAPs loaded on the test machines.

Since we’re still waiting for a few more tests, we can’t yet give a definitive list of what’s changed, but we can give some ideas - and there are some things that users have been asking for since the TF5800 was released that will definitely appear in the new firmware.

Top of the list of long-awaited changes is an update to the EPG. Though the look and feel remains the same, out goes the channel changing as you browse through the listings - so you can carry on watching what you want, while you see what’s on another side.

And in come two new EPG features; firstly, the Genre information is shown for each programme, and secondly the Toppy now picks up EPG info for all channels, whatever multiplex you’re tuned to. That means that within a couple of minutes of turning on, you’ll see a full EPG for all the channels, covering the whole eight days.


Subtitling too has had a major overhaul, and is now much more reliable and responsive; something that will particularly benefit those with hearing difficulties. There are some cosmetic changes, too, with the coloured keys now used to provide shift, delete and save functions for the on-screen keyboard, and other enhancements to come. We’ll bring you more news as the release date nears.


We don’t yet have any news of an OTA broadcast, but we hope to know more once the firmware is finalised.