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Interim firmware release improves stability on BBC channels

Topfield has released an interim firmware that partially addresses a problem reported this week, causing boxes to crash, with either May or August firmware installed.

Crashing on BBC channels, TAPs

The problem, which has been experienced by many users, causes the box to start displaying a juddering picture, to respond erratically to the remote control, and to crash.

It occurs on BBC channels, especially after use of Picture in Picture (PiP), and is exacerbated when TAPs are installed. If any TAPs are running, the box may crash within a couple of minutes of switch-on, if it is tuned to a BBC channel. It is believed that the problem is related to changes in BBCi MHEG (interactive) services.

A partial work-around was posted in the forums during the week, and is available via the Discuss link on this news story, for those who do not wish to install this update.

The new firmware offers a partial - but not complete - solution, and has been released to enable users to watch TV, including BBC channels, with as few problems as possible over the weekend. It does not address other issues with the August or previous firmwares.

Interim firmware

A complete fix for the problem is anticipated around the middle of next week, after additional testing has been carried out.

In the meantime, the firmware available from the link on this page will alleviate the problems, and should make the PVR more stable for most users. It should be noted, however, that the box is still susceptible to problems caused by recent changes in BBC interactive services, and this update is issued with the following notes:


1. This is not a complete fix. It simply minimises the existing problem.
2. If you use PiP, you may still crash your box.
3. If you leave your box on all the time, it may still crash eventually, though this is not likely in normal use.
4. You may find that the performance of TAPs is affected by this update.

In normal use, most users should find that they can use their box as usual following the installation of this update, but please do bear in mind the caveats above.