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Beta test firmware 5.12.04 released

A new firmware version, 5.12.04, has been made available for a public beta-test.

Replaces September bugfix

The beta firmware has been made available to users of Toppy.org.uk so that they can help give it a widespread test, and ensure that it doesn’t suffer from the problems that caused the withdrawal of the September bugfix firmware.

What’s changed?

There have been quite a few firmware changes lately. Each package is a complete replacement for the firmware in your PVR, and is based on the previous version.

Essentially, beta version 5.12.04 represents the August firmware, with fixes for the following issues:

Brief initial testing has been done before the public release of this beta firmware.

What is a beta?

Beta firmware is a test firmware that has been made available for users to test, if they wish to participate.

Should I install it?

If you are not confident about technical issues, you should probably not install beta firmware. However, we believe this firmware should avoid the problems with recording that some people experienced after the September bugfix update, and if you have experienced that problem, you may wish to try this beta and help us by reporting your experiences.

What do I have to do?

Since this is beta firmware, your feedback is vital. Please use the Discuss link on this page to report any issues with the beta firmware in the appropriate place.

As usual, remember to inlcude all the relevant information - what TAPs you run, which transmitter, what you were doing, eg watching, recording, recording two things, which channels were involved. We need this information to provide feedback for Topfield’s engineers.

When will new firmware be available?

If no problems appear with this firmware, it is anticipated that it will be released formally, unchanged, later this week or early next. At that point, it will be available from the Topfield and Turbosat sites.