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The Black Panther is coming!

Toppy.org.uk has received one of the first Black Panther edition TF5800s in the UK, and they’ll shortly be available exclusively from Turbosat.

Black is back

The Black Panther edition is identical to the existing silver TF5800PVR in most respects - it’s fitted with the same 160Gb Samsung hard drive, giving around 80 hours of recording time, and the software is identical too, so you can use all the same TAPs on your system.

Click for full sizeThe Black Panther edition will look good with other AV gear - but the remote will clash with an existing silver TF5800

The big difference is the colour. And it’s not just black- the front panel has a very tactile feel, like slightly rough rubber, and the dark strip in front of the display that’s found on the original model is replaced by a mirrored panel.

But, if you want to add a Black Panther alongside an existing Toppy, you’ll have problems, as the remote works on the same frequency. This is a little disappointing, especially since the Black

Panther editions in other countries apparently use a different remote frequency.

Like the original TF5800, the Black Panther edition is priced at £299 including VAT, but supplies will be limited, at least initially. Turbosat expects to start shipping around the start of August.

As well as the Black Panther, Topfield has produced White Polar editions of some of their PVRs, and we hope that a white version of the TF5800 will be available too - but we don’t have any details yet, so watch this space.

Starter pack

The Black Panther edition, as with existing models, comes with everything you need to get started, including loop-cable for the aerial, batteries for the remote, and a SCART cable.

For those who want TopUpTV, Turbosat are still offering a card, CAM and connection pack for £49.95

Don’t forget that you can find plenty of help in the Documents section of this site to help you get going with a new TF5800, whether Black Panther or silver.

Click for full size
The mirrored panel on the front hides the same display as on the silver version