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September bugfix firmware withdrawn - public beta to follow

The September bugfix firmware update has been removed from the Topfield web site, and links to it have been removed from this site too.

The withdrawal follows reports of problems with recording following installation of the new firmware, which was originally released to address problems caused by BBCi MHEG (interactive) services, and widescreen switching issues.

Non-stop recordings

A number of users reported recordings that did not stop, leaving either very large or zero length files. Typical symptoms also included an inability to rewind recordings in progress, with the progress bar displaying 0:00.

Public beta

A new beta test firmware will be released shortly, and will be made available for Toppy.org.uk site users to download and provide feedback on, providing a broader test base than was used previously.

Although the September bugfix firmware, 5.12.03, was tested by a number of forum users, the problems were not discovered before the public release.

Toppy.org.uk is now working with Turbosat to ensure a more detailed beta-test programme is in place before future firmware updates.