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Topfield engineers to arrive in UK this week

A team of Topfield engineers is being despatched to the UK this week, to do field tests and development work on the next firmware update.

Bug fixes

Speaking with Toppy.org.uk today, Turbosat’s James Evans confirmed that the engineers should arrive in London in 5 to 7 days, and will be using live systems to test updates to the system firmware.

Although testing has already been carried out using recorded files supplied by members of this site, final live testing will be done by the Topfield team, to ensure that the problems are fixed.

"The no sound issue is top of my list," James confirmed to us this afternoon, adding that while the engineers are in the UK, they will also be working on many of the other issues that have been logged in this site’s bug database.

Work in progress

In fact, though there hasn’t been any formal announcement so far, the arrival of the engineers is just the latest in a series of steps taken to address some of the current bugs; some updated firmware has already been tested by selected users.

And there’s more good news on updates too - we’ve been told that as well as working on a new firmware update, the Topfield engineers will also be conducting some tests related to the broadcast of over the air (OTA) updates.

No need for a PC

OTA updates will mean that in future, Toppy owners won’t have to connect their boxes to a PC to change the firmware. Instead, new firmware will be broadcast on Freeview’s engineering channel, and the box will automatically download it and upgrade itself.

Although we’ve known for some time that OTA updates were definitely coming, and we still don’t have a specific date – or indeed an update to be broadcast – this is probably a sign that they’re not as far away as some had feared.