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Euronics takes on the Toppy while the Black Panther escapes

Turbosat has confirmed to us that the Topfield TF5800 PVR is now available through the Euronics group of electrical retailers.

National coverage

Euronics is an association of independent electrical retailers that buys as a group, enabling smaller stores to offer more competitive prices. Although some of the stores concentrate on white goods – fridges, cookers, washing machines, and so on – many also carry TVs and video recorders, and it’s in those that you’re most likely to find the TF5800.

A deal to supply the Toppy to Euronics stores has recently been signed, and as the stores are all independent, it may take a while for all of them to become aware of the availability. If you want to see one in the flesh, the best advice is to use the Store Locator and call before travelling.

Panther on the loose

As well as availability through Euronics stores, Turbosat also confirmed to us that they will no longer be the exclusive sellers of the Black Panther edition.

Euronics logoWith over 700 retailers in the UK, you should be able to find a member near you.

With another shipment of Panthers just arrived, the product will now be made available to other retailers. Since this is a recent change, it could take some time before the Black Panther edition appears on store web sites, and widespread availability is expected in a few weeks.