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October bugfix released, Freeview EPG changes

New firmware has been released for the TF5800, and the Freeview EPG lineup changes today, with several channels moving to new numbers.

October bugfix

The firmware includes a fix for the problems that have been experienced with recording from TopUpTV, and with pausing live TV on their channels. It also has Topfield’s fix for the recent BBC-related crashes, though the BBC has also made changes that stop the Toppy from crashing on their channels.

Additionally, there are some minor changes to subtitling, and one feature change - if you select a recording from the archive list while it’s in progress, playback now starts from the beginning.

The new firmware is version 5.12.09, and is otherwise very similar to the most recent public releases, 5.12.04 and 5.12.05

EPG changes

Freeview’s EPG lineup is changing, and since we recommend a factory reset and rescan of your Toppy when you upgrade, it makes sense to combine the two.

Not all channels are moving, but you’ll find ITV3 now on channel 10 instead of 34, while BBC4 moves from 10 to 9. Viewers in Wales will find that More4 is now on 13, as in the rest of the UK, while S4C2 moves to the news section.

Other changes includes moves for the News, Children’s and porn channels, with the interactive services such as Teletext starting at channel 100.

Radio stations are all moving too, and now start at channel 700, while streams for services such as BBCi appearing from 300 onwards.

Full details can be found at Digital Spy.