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Introducing Toppy Remote Control

Tivo users can do it - but you can’t buy a new TiVo. Sky users will be able to do it soon. And Toppy users can do it right now! We’re pleased to launch Toppy Remote Control, Web and SMS timers for your PVR.

When you’re away

Toppy Remote Control - or TRC - is a new section of the Toppy.org.uk web site that lets you enter details of a programme that you’d like your TF5800 to record. Your computer can retrieve the details from our site and the PVR will schedule a recording - so if someone at work tells you about a new programme, you can set the recording right away.

The system has been designed to be as easy as possible to set up, and a wizard helps you configure your PC - whether PC or Macintosh - to work with the site and control your Toppy. It’ll even help you with an automated installation and configuration process for the necessary TAPs, if you don’t already have them installed, so we hope even novice users will be able to get up and running very quickly.

And you don’t need to have networked your Toppy; our setup guide will help you configure TRC to work with a USB connection from Windows or Mac, and provide customised scripts for you to run on your computer.

Not sure what’s on?

It’s not just timers - the system allows you to tell your PVR to search for programmes, so you can find a show whatever time it’s on, or remotely program the Toppy to record anything with a particular word in the title.

On the go

We’ve provided two ways for you to create timers and searches when you’re on the go. If your mobile phone has a web browser, you can just use the web site in the normal way - it automatically adapts to mobile browsers and uses fewer images, saving you time. Most mobile phone browsers are supported.

Or you can even create timers and searches by sending text messages from your phone. While all the other parts of TRC are free, we have to charge for text message services, at £1.50 registration and 25 pence for each message we send you; full details are in the TRC Help pages.

We hope we’ve made TRC as easy to use as we can; visit the web pages to get started, or talk about the service in the forums, using the link at the right.