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Firmware updating for Mac and Linux users

While Mac and Linux users have long been able to connect to their Toppy to transfer programmes and TAPs, firmware updateshave - until now - required a PC running Windows.

Third party updaters

Although Topfield’s Windows firmware updaters are the only officially supported tools, thanks to the work of some dedicated Toppy owners, it’s now possible to update your unit’s firmware from Mac or Linux systems.

Nathan Oates’ ToFi application runs on Macintosh systems with OS X 10.4 and a USB 2 port, while Murray Bennet has created ToFu, for updating the firmware via USB from Linux systems, and a new version of his ftpd-topfield package, popular with those who have networked their PVR, which also allows firmware updates.

Although both tools are unofficial, and used at your own risk, many users have already reported success using them.

If you’ve not yet updated your system, now’s a good time to ensure that you have at least the August 2005 firmware (version 5.12.00) installed on your TF5800. August and later versions include the facility to receive software updates Over The Air, with the first one scheduled to be broadcast between 17th and 19th December.

ToFi screen shotThanks to ToFi for the Mac, and ToFu for Linux, now you don’t have to rely on Windowsfor firmware upgrades.