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Bugfix for BBC and TopUp TV issues due shortly

Turbosat has confirmed to us this morning that Topfield are close to releasing an update that will address the current problem of the TF5800 crashing when tuned to BBC channels.

Additionally, the update should restore the ability to record from TopUpTV channels, which has not been possible for a couple of weeks.

BBC merry-go-round

Although we do not yet have firm details of when the update will be available, there is another piece of good news. We have learnt that the problem is caused - like last month’s MHEG related crashes - by a change to the carousel structure, which carries the data for the various parts of the BBCi application. And it appears that this may be changed later today, by the BBC, to prevent the crashes.

That change should restore stability to people’s boxes, and the update from Topfield should – when it arrives – prevent the same problem from happening again.It may also provide an option to disable MHEG, for those who do not use the facility.

TopUp TV

As well as the BBC problems, another issue affecting users recently has been an inability to record from TopUpTV channels. Users with a CAM in some integrated digital TV sets have not even been able to view channels, in some cases.

TopUpTV has offered a bewildering array of statements ranging from "It’s not us, gov, we ain’t done nuffing" through "It was the porn and sport channels wot made us do it, honest" to "Nah mate, we don’t support the Topfield box. Never heard of it."

Nevertheless, we understand that the forthcoming update from Topfield will restore the ability to timeshift and record from TopUpTV channels, though we don’t yet know if that will apply to the forthcoming Setanta pay per view channel, which is believed to be at the root of the recent issues and the changes to the TopUpTV encryption system.

The software would likely have been released for testing already, if it weren’t for the problems with the MHEG system.