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Change is in the air

It’s almost two years since the TF5800 arrived in the UK, and there’s plenty of change afoot

Firmware 5.13.40

The latest firmware for the Toppy is available for download from the forums; it will work on every UK Toppy, and includes all the changes that were in last summer’s “Bastille day” update, plus some bug fixes and support for the new tuner modules in the latest Toppys.

And it’s also going to be the first firmware since 5.12.25 to be broadcast Over The Air, which means you don’t need to connect your TF5800 to the computer to do the update. The first broadcast is provisionally scheduled for the 15th - 17th March, and it will be repeated later in the month, and at intervals after that, if you miss it the first time.

We’ll have a full update on the new firmware available shortly.

Update: 14th March. The first OTA date has been confirmed for the 15th, and the broadcast will now run until the 19th of March.

Over the air update

If you have the Bastille firmware or later, you’ll see a flashing ‘New’ message below the channel number in the info box when a new firmware is detected; on older versions you’ll have to remember to check for the update at the appropriate time.

Whichever firmware you use, you perform the update the same way – press Menu, choose Installation, then System Software Upgrade. The PVR will check for the update and if found, it will ask you if you want to install it. Choose Yes to perform the update.

You should not need to do a factory reset after the update. However, you may need to reset your Favourite channels selection – a sign of this is if the word ‘News’ appears at the top right of the screen when you change channels with the P+ and P- buttons.

And remember – the firmware update doesn’t happen automatically.

Updates to the site

During the week beginning 12th March, we’ll be updating the site, with completely new navigation options to make everything easier to find. That means we’ll be offline for a couple of hours at some stage, but the forums will remain available all the time. Keep an eye on the news pages for more information and some exciting 2nd birthday competitions.