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New firmware fix for BBCi and widescreen switching - updated 12th September 2005

A new firmware update - version 5.12.03 - has been released, replacing the interim fix for the BBCi crashes, and resolving problems with widescreen switching.

Full widescreen support

The new update provides a more robust fix for the BBC issue, allowing users to carry on running their TAPs, without the performance problems, and without crashes caused by the BBCi MHEG interactive services .

Additionally, it provides full support for widescreen switching, according to the DTG guidelines. That should allow those who like to zoom pictures to full screen to do so, even on older programmes broadcast by the BBC, which was not possible with earlier firmware. It also provides the recommended options for display on traditional 4:3 television sets, and avoids the switching issues that were a problem with both the August firmware and the interim update.

Tested by forum members

The new firmware has been tested by a group of users from the Toppy forums, with a variety of the most popular TAPs, and a range of different types of TV.

Other benefits

As well as fixing the widescreen switching issue, and addressing the BBCi-related crashes, the firmware includes the other fixes from the August 2005 update, which make it well worth installing.

In particular, if you have suffered from lost timers due to invalid time signals being received, this firmware makes the box much more forgiving of those.

It also fixes a problem with the on-screen keyboard, and with large MP3 folders.

September update

When the August update was originally released, it was planned to be a two part update, with many extra fixes and enhancements scheduled for a September update.

That more extensive update is still planned, but will now be delayed a little, due to the work that’s been done to resolve the BBCi and widescreen issues. We’ll announce a new date as soon as we have information, but expect that the update is more likely to appear in October, rather than September.