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TF5800 now shipping with Samsung Spinpoint hard drive

As reported in the forums on this site, the TF5800PVRs now being shipped to customers are fitted with Samsung hard disk drives.

A quieter drive

The original drives fitted to the Toppy were Seagate models, and although most users reported no problems, a few people did have excessively noisy ones.

It seems that Topfield listened to the complaints and took the decision to change to Samsung drives, which have a good reputation for very quiet operation.

Although we don’t have a firm date or serial number to indicate when the switch took place, we do know that a batch of models with the Samsung drives arrived early in June, and in fact some forum users have reported that machines they received at the end of May were also fitted with the newer drives.

You can usually tell which drive is fitted to your system by peering through the slots in the top of the case.

For most users, the change of drive is immaterial: while the new models will almost certainly make the Toppy the quietest PVR on the UK market – unlike much of the competition, it doesn’t have a fan – most existing users haven’t reported problems anyway.

Spinpoint hard drive



The Samsung Spinpoint hard drives fitted in the latest TF5800s have a reputation for being very quiet.