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Toppy.org.uk banners

We’d love you to link to us from your site, to help more Toppy users find the help and advice that they might need.

Please follow these guidelines for links and banners.


We’d prefer you to link to one of two places - the site home page, or the forums.

The correct address for the site home page is http://www.toppy.org.uk/

For the forums, please link to http://forum.toppy.org.uk/forum/


We have four banners that you can use at the moment, based on standard sizes from the IAB. You can either download these images to your own server, or link to them on ours. Please link to one of the locations above, and preferably to our home page, rather than the forums, so that users can easily see all the information that the site provides.

If you do link to us, please let us know – the address is admin @ toppy.org.uk – and if you have a site that’s useful to Topfield users, we’ll add a link to your site to our links database.

Preferred banner

This is the current preferred banner, 468 pixels wide, by 60 high.

New banner

To link to this banner instead of downloading it, use the address http://www.toppy.org.uk/banners/banner468x60.png

Alternative banner 1

This is a full size banner, 486 pixels wide by 60 high.

Banner 1, 468x60

To link to this banner, use the address http://www.toppy.org.uk/banners/banner1-468x60.png

Alternative banner 2

A vertical banner, 120 wide by 240 deep.

Banner 2, 120x240

To link to this banner, use the address http://www.toppy.org.uk/banners/banner2-120x240.png

Alternative banner 3

A half width banner, 234 wide, 60 pixels high

Banner 2, 234x60

To link to this banner, use the address http://www.toppy.org.uk/banners/banner3-234x60.png

Please do not link directly to any other images on this site.