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TAP and software library

Welcome to Toppy.org.uk’s TAP and software library. You’ll find links and information here about plenty of programs to help you make the most of your PVR . Remember that much of the software has been written by people giving their own time freely; we encourage you to read their websites, and make donations if they’re asked for.

Tools for your computer

If it’s software for your computer you want, whether to transfer files to and from the Toppy, or to convert recordings to play on the PC, listen to on a portable player, or burn DVDs, click one of the links at the left for Linux, Mac or Windows tools. We also have a section of the forum that’s dedicated to computer-related issues, where other users can help you with recommendations or problem solving.

Compatibility with UK models

52 OKTo help find the right software for your Toppy, we’ve added markers to pieces of software that we know work on the models sold specifically for the UK, the TF5800 and TF5810. The first icon, ‘52 thumbs up’ refers to the original UK firmware, version 5.11.52; to work properly on the original firmware, TAPs need to be specially adapted and compiled, and you’ll see that icon on the details page – though really, we strongly recommend that you update your firmware, if you’re still using that one; the “Toppy firmwares” link at the left will give you more information.

Tested on 5810Tested on 5800If we’ve tested a TAP or other software on the UK Topfield models, you’ll see one or both of the icons shown next to this paragraph, the red one with “00” for the TF5800 and the blue “10” for the TF5810. In fact, if you have the latest firmware, most TAPs should work on your TF5800 - but the icon tells you we’ve tested it, and there are no problems caused by, for example, the slightly different UK remote control.

The TF5810 is a brand new machine, and we’re still learning about compatibility, so please do let us know if we need to update the information for any particular TAPs.

Note that compatibility is only an issue for TAPs - it doesn’t affect software you run on your own computer.

How to use the library

Use the links at the left of the screen to select the type of software you’re looking for. For TAPs, you can then restrict your view to one of several different categories. The More info link next to each entry will provide more information, in a pop up window. You’ll find the TipTop entries first in each section – these are ones which provide useful features, and are fairly easy to use. If you’re just starting out with your Toppy, try these ones first; you’ll be sure to find plenty of help and advice on the forums. Alternatively, if you know what you’re looking for, you can use the site search engine to look for specific words in the descriptions of packages, or you can browse the recently updated packages.

Featured software


Tested for TF5800 Automatically rename and move files to folders (TAP, More info)


Tested for TF5800 Allows unwanted channels to be removed (TAP, More info)

Description Extender

Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 The Description Extender makes the full programme description as seen in the native EPG and Infobox available to TAPs. (TAP, More info)


Tested for TF5800 Deselects the AV on timer boot. Use if your Toppy keeps interrupting you playing games or watching DVDs on your TV. (Windows, More info)


Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 The primary purpose of eit2mei is to harvest the Freeview EPG information and save it in the MEI format, where it can be used by mei2archive and also by other MEI-aware TAPs, including MyStuff. (TAP, More info)

EPG Navigator

Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 An EPG presentation with grid view. (TAP, More info)


Tested for TF5800 An improved programme information display box for your Toppy (TAP, More info)

Info Viewer

Tested for TF5800 Info Viewer is a replacement for topfields default infobox. Think of it as a cut down, free ImproBox. (TAP, More info)


Tested for TF5800 This TAP is no longer recommended as it can cause problems, if the recommended software 5.13.65T, or any other with patches Xp and Xw installed, is used. The sole function of this TAP is to return to playing a recording automatically when dumped to live TV when recording starts or stops(bug id 12), which is addressed with the fixes and firmwares mentioned. (TAP, More info)

Media Manager

Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 This is a a 3 in 1 TAP as follows: Photo Manager - allows you to view JPEG images. You can start a slideshow manually, or automatically whenever you switch to a radio channel or play an MP3. Other functionality includes several Screensaver modes which can be used while listening to music. Music Manager - allows you to play MP3s. Various play modes allow music to be played randomly or sequentially, either a single folder (album) at a time or including all subfolders too. The Music Manager can be used in conjunction with the Photo Manager to provide flexible album art modes. Video Manager - allows you to play video recordings. It can be configured to create thumbnails and scenes of the video to give a DVD like presentation. Videos can also be moved, renamed or deleted. (TAP, More info)


Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 A search facility which operates on MyStuff extended EPG data downloaded from the internet or the output of the "eit2mei" TAP produced from the Freeview EPG data. (TAP, More info)

MP3 Jukebox

Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 An MP3 player providing support for playback, playlists and random play modes. (TAP, More info)


Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 MyStuff is a Toppy UI replacement, providing enhanced features including: EPG; Archive; Now&Next; timer creation (including series link functionality); optimised padding and colour skinning. Most options are configurable for those that like to tweak! (TAP, More info)

Prevent DSMCC crash

Tested for TF5800 This TAP prevents a crash that can occurr on firmware 5.12.88 (Bastille Day) due to the PVR incorrectly attempting to process data transmitted on BBC multiplex 1 (TAP, More info)


Tested for TF5800 Skip adverts during playback and timeshifting using the coloured buttons on your remote. (TAP, More info)

Recording Fixer

Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 This TAP allows certain types of broken recording to be fixed so that they are playable. If the Toppy crashes during a recording, the programme detail header is not applied to the recording and it displays in the archive as "Invalid File". Recording Fixer can recreate this header, either based on another recording or based on a selected channel. (TAP, More info)

Remote Extender

Tested for TF5800 The Remote Extender TAP allows other TAPs to recognise extra buttons on programmable remotes and, on the TF5800, to distinguish between V+,V-,P+,P-,TV/Radio and the arrow buttons and List button. It includes facilities to allow two Toppys to be used in one room, and overcome problems with other remotes affecting your Toppy. (TAP, More info)

TAP Commander

Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 TAP Commander allows you to configure, reorder and temporarily disable TAPs whilst your Toppy is running. It can also change the load order of TAPs in your Auto Start directory. (TAP, More info)

Topfield USB driver for Windows Vista

Tested for TF5800 A replacement driver file that allows Altair to be used with Windows Vista (Windows, More info)

UK Auto Scheduler

Tested for TF5800 Provides a keyword search facility for TV and Radio programmes using the Toppy EIT table (TAP, More info)

UK TAP Small Logos

Tested for TF5800 These smaller logos are used by Media Manager and MyStuff - see "UK TAP Standard Logos" for larger logos for use in other TAPs. (TAP, More info)

UK TAP Standard Logos

Tested for TF5800 logo.dat file for the UK Timers, UKOZ Surfer, UK AutoScheduler, MyStuff and IP Guide TAPs. N.B Smaller logos are used by Media Manager and MyStuff - see "UK TAP Small Logos". (TAP, More info)

UK Timers

Tested for TF5800 A stylish TAP designed to display and edit all your timer settings in an improved and easy to understand format. Including backup and restore functions. (TAP, More info)

UK/OZ Surfer

Tested for TF5800 Tested for TF5810 The idea of this TAP is that it allows you to view the Event Information for all your other channels, and a small Picture-In-Picture of the other channels, whilst still watching the current program. You can then switch back-and-forth between the channels within the TAP. Surfer will also provide you with an indication as to shows that have timers set against them, and allows you to set your own timers for shows. (TAP, More info)


Keeping up to date

The RSS feed – see the panel at the right of this page – will keep you up to date with the last 7 days worth of changes to our software library.

If you register to use our discussion forums, you will also be able to use the ‘Your tools’ section of the site, which allows you to create a personal download list, and receive notification of updates to your favourite packages.

The software linked to from these pages is the work of many people, and they retain the copyright in their own work. This site is simply providing a quick way to find the things you need. Always read the instructions; we can’t be responsible if things go wrong!