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ftpd-topfield (version 0.7.7)

Author: Steve Bennet

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FTP server interface to a Topfield PVR, including firmware upgrade facility.


ftpd-topfield is designed to run on a Linux/UNIX system that's connected directly to your Toppy via a USB port. It talks to the Toppy via USB and to the rest of your network appears to be an FTP server, so by connecting to the machine running ftpd-topfield, you can transfer files to and from your Toppy with a standard FTP program. The server also provides a mechanism for updating the firmware via FTP. The download link offers a choice of source code, and pre-built binaries for a number of platforms including the Linksys NSLU2 (Slug) and the Asus WL500gx forum thread

Information last updated on 28 March, 2009 by EMJB