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Extend (version 1.7)


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This TAP will extend recordings based on the programme transitions signalled by the broadcaster (known as "Accurate Recording" signals in the UK).


To be vaguely successful running this you will need to install the [He] HeaderEvent (V2) patch to fix the bugs in Topfield's event collection routines for recordings. No other patches or fixes are necessary. This TAP will not extend recordings on channels with no proper event data (e.g. the BBC interactive channels) or part-time channels beyond their broadcast slot (since no event data will be sent). This is controlled by the Extend.ini -- the supplied version should make the format obvious, and it contains correct data for the UK's Freeview. The .ini file can be put in the same place as the TAP or some other locations including the popular /ProgramFiles/Settings/. forum thread

Information last updated on 05 March, 2009 by EMJB