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Jag's EPG (version 2.x) (version 2.7f)

Author: Jag

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Alternative EPG display. N.B. There is a version 3.x with additional functionality, but this requires additional memory and so may not run with some other combinations of TAPs. For the moment it is being treated as a separate TAP.


"A short but concise EPG that allows you to see a summary of what's on, with indications of how far each programme is through its timeslot."
Other useful functions include automatically padding timers set from the EPG, easy access to a list of timers, and searching for programmes based on keywords in their descriptions, setting timers automatically. Note that the standard version allows 100 channels, but only 256 entries per channel, which often limits the number of days stored. A special version reduces the number of channels to 50 but allows 512 entries per channel. Separate versions are available for Radio channels. See for a manual. N.B. Version 2.7c is LATER than 2.7 Final! forum thread

Information last updated on 03 February, 2008 by EMJB