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TAP library

We’ve divided our list of TAP s into sections, so there’s less to scroll through on each page. Just click on the menu to choose a category, or select All to see every TAP on one page. You can also choose TAPs that we know have been tested and found to work with the UK Topfield TF5800, either with the original firmware, or later versions, or ones that have been tested with the new TF5810. Please let admin @ toppy.org.uk know of errors or omissions.)

52 OK!The TAPs listed below have been tested with the new TF5810 model with the initial firmware, version 5.15.08. Other TAPs may run, but we have not yet had the opportunity to test them or to update our database. Please let us know if you find any issues with TAPs on the 5810, or if you are successfully using a TAP not mentioned on this page. Please note that though some TAPs are listed here as compatible, there are some general compatibility issues you should be aware of.

• It is not recommended that you set or alter timers via TAPs if you are using the built-in series link function.
• The red button on the remote control is not available to TAPs at present.

These issues are due to be resolved in the first update to the TF5810 firmware.


These TAPs are some of the most popular and easy to use; we recommend you try these out first, if you’re new to the Toppy. You’ll find plenty of other users of them in the forums.

Description Extender (2.23)

The Description Extender makes the full programme description as seen in the native EPG and Infobox available to TAPs. (More info)

eit2mei (Beta 7.8m6)

The primary purpose of eit2mei is to harvest the Freeview EPG information and save it in the MEI format, where it can be used by mei2archive and also by other MEI-aware TAPs, including MyStuff. (More info)

EPG Navigator (v5.1c)

An EPG presentation with grid view. (More info)

Media Manager (1.5 (final))

This is a a 3 in 1 TAP as follows: Photo Manager - allows you to view JPEG images. You can start a slideshow manually, or automatically whenever you switch to a radio channel or play an MP3. Other functionality includes several Screensaver modes which can be used while listening to music. Music Manager - allows you to play MP3s. Various play modes allow music to be played randomly or sequentially, either a single folder (album) at a time or including all subfolders too. The Music Manager can be used in conjunction with the Photo Manager to provide flexible album art modes. Video Manager - allows you to play video recordings. It can be configured to create thumbnails and scenes of the video to give a DVD like presentation. Videos can also be moved, renamed or deleted. (More info)

MeiSearch (1.37)

A search facility which operates on MyStuff extended EPG data downloaded from the internet or the output of the "eit2mei" TAP produced from the Freeview EPG data. (More info)

MP3 Jukebox (2.1d)

An MP3 player providing support for playback, playlists and random play modes. (More info)

MyStuff (6.6)

MyStuff is a Toppy UI replacement, providing enhanced features including: EPG; Archive; Now&Next; timer creation (including series link functionality); optimised padding and colour skinning. Most options are configurable for those that like to tweak! (More info)

TAP Commander (1.34)

TAP Commander allows you to configure, reorder and temporarily disable TAPs whilst your Toppy is running. It can also change the load order of TAPs in your Auto Start directory. (More info)

UK/OZ Surfer (v0.11d)

The idea of this TAP is that it allows you to view the Event Information for all your other channels, and a small Picture-In-Picture of the other channels, whilst still watching the current program. You can then switch back-and-forth between the channels within the TAP. Surfer will also provide you with an indication as to shows that have timers set against them, and allows you to set your own timers for shows. (More info)


Accurate Bookmarking (0.3)

Accurate Bookmarking (TM) monitors the Accurate Recording (Now&Next) info and generates bookmarks in recordings at programme transitions. Just stick it in Auto Start and forget about it. (People without a TF58x0 or with a firmware pre-5.13.39 need not apply.) (More info)

Channel Organiser (B1.2)

An integrated TAP to manage your channel line up and automatically update ini etc files for other channel-dependent TAPs. (More info)

CutAds (1.2)

This TAP cuts out the adverts using bookmarks that currently have to be manally inserted. The first bookmark is the end of the ads before the programme, and subsequent pairs of bookmarks mark the start and end of ad breaks, with an [optional] final bookmark at the start of the ad break after the end of the programme. (More info)

CutFile (1.2)

CutFile splits a file at the bookmark positions. (More info)

FastScanGUI (0.6c)

allows you to do a fast channel scan based just on your local transmitter, or from a choice of all available channels. (More info)

Font Manager (1.0 Final)

Font Manager allows you to change the font that other TAPs use. You can use any True Type fonts you may have on your Windows or Mac. (More info)

FwLoad (B3.3)

Allows patch removal, patch addition, and new firmwareinstallation simply by inserting relevant files into predefined Toppy directories and then running this TAP (More info)

HDD Info (2.1)

Enables check HDD settings, and allows some types to be set to "quiet Mode". N.B. There is a possibility of not being able to reverse any changes which adversely affect the Toppy, so use with caution. (More info)

HDFW (2.3a)

Load firmware from hard disk and optionally patch and aXeL-ise it (More info)

mei2archive (Beta 3.8g)

Ensures the programme descriptions in recordings are for the correct programme, and uses the additional information in an MEI file (if available). (More info)

MHEG On/Off (A3)

Switches the Interactive MHEG engine on when required for viewing text, and off when reverting to TV. (More info)

Mheg State

Allows other TAPs to detect when a MHEG interactive screen is being displayed. (More info)

MPDisplayLITE (1.1)

This TAP enhances the information displayed on the Masterpiece Front Panel (as found on the TF5810). (More info)

MyInfo (B5.6)

Generates screen and log file reports of key aspects of your Toppy which are likely to assist in the diagnosis of TAP problems. (More info)

Recording Fixer (1.2)

This TAP allows certain types of broken recording to be fixed so that they are playable. If the Toppy crashes during a recording, the programme detail header is not applied to the recording and it displays in the archive as "Invalid File". Recording Fixer can recreate this header, either based on another recording or based on a selected channel. (More info)

Screen Capture with OSD (2.10 b)

Capture screens including on screen displays (More info)

Signal Monitor (V0.54)

A utility to display the signal levels & qualities on each of up to 16 muxes for each of the two tuners - no longer UK specific from version 5. (More info)

Super PiP (1.1b)

Super PiP provides enhanced PiP facilities, with a default of split screen mode. You can then: * move either window around * shrink or enlarge either window * swap the current window * change channel in current window (if RemoteExtender installed) * play current window full screen * snap to split screen mode (More info)

UK channel logos (August 2008)

Logo files in both small and large formats, for UK channels (More info)