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Frequently Asked Questions

To make it easy to find answers to your questions, we’ve divided the FAQs into categories. Just select the appropriate category from the menu to see all the solutions, or select All FAQs from the menu to see them all. The most popular questions are at the top of each category.

Hide the "Press i" message on BBC channels

You can Hide the "Press i" message on BBC channels by pressing the GREEN interactive button. Interactive features can also be turned off completely by going to Menu - System Setting - and disabling Interactive Service.

How do I see only my favourite channels?

You can create several favourites lists on your TF5800, and channels may appear in more than one. Press Menu and select Organizing Favorites to get started. When you have created lists of favourites, press the Opt key, highlight Fav List, and press OK, or just press the List button twice if you have any firmware other than the original UK version. Select one of your favourites lists and press OK. Then select a channel from the list, and press OK again.
When you press the List or OK/List buttons you'll see the whole list of channels, but when you press P+ or P- you'll simply move through the channels in your favourites list, and the name of the list will appear briefly at the top right of the screen.

Is there a quick way to get to a list of all the Timers you have set

Press the Menu button, choose Recording, OK, then go to the bottom entry, Timer Recording, and OK again.   You'll now see all your timers listed on the screen, indicating if they're weekly, daily, once and so forth. To see more details, highlight an entry and OK.

Stop TAPs loading when the Toppy boots

To stop all your auto-start TAPs loading when the Toppy starts up, hold down the 0 button on the remote control. Press it as soon as the 'run' message appears on the front panel, and hold it down until you see the picture cycling through the aspect ratio options.

How do I do X, Y or Z with a TAP instead of the standard firmware?

Check the Popular TAPs category of the FAQs, or try searching all the FAQs and TAP descriptions using the site search page.

Aspect ratio setting

The A/V Output Setting menu that has the TV Aspect Ratio setting is not a default setting for the Toppy. It can be overridden by pressing the zero key on the remote. The zero key allows you to cycle round the three aspect ratio settings: 16:9 or 4:3 Letter Box or 4:3 centre extract. (From: Forum post by HydeTheDarkerSide)

Changing the order of a favourites list

Go to the Organizing favorites screen, then select the list you want. Press Red twice to get to the channels on that list. Highlight the entry you want to move, then press Green.
The channel will be highlighted in Yellow; move it up and down with the arrow keys to the desired position, then press OK

How can I disable MHEG interactive services?

If you have firmware version 5.12.25 or later, it is possible to disable MHEG interactive services. This will prevent you from accessing digital teletext and BBCi features such as news multiscreen, and will also stop the 'Press Red' messages appearing on screen.
To disable MHEG, press Menu on the remote control, then select System Setting. Interactive Service, the last option on the screen, controls whether or not MHEG is turned on. When the option says 'Enable,' it's turned on. Choose Disable to switch it off.
Enabling subtitles will also temporarily disable MHEG.

How do I use the Sleep function?

Press the Opt key and select the Sleep Time option, which is at the bottom of the menu. You can use the left and right arrow keys to choose a time in ten minute increments, up to 120 minutes. Press Exit to remove the menu when you've chosen the time. If you press Opt after starting the Sleep function, the menu will show the remaining minutes. If a recording is in progress, the counter will stop at one minute until the recording finishes, and then continue.

Lower case on the Toppy on-screen keyboard

If you want lower case on the Toppy keyboard select 'other' in the bottom left corner. If you want punctuation, select 'other' again. A third selection takes you back to capitals. (From: Forum post by chunkywizard)

View full description for the next programme on the current channel:

Press i; Press cursor-right for "Next" then press i again to display the information. (From: Forum post by PaulTaylor)

How can I archive or play back several recordings in one go?

Press the Archive button the remote control to bring up the list of recorded programmes, and highlight the first one that you want to play. Instead of pressing the OK button to start playback, press the RED key; the number 1 will appear to the right of the name. Highlight the next entry, and press RED again. Pressing RED without moving will unmark the recording. Press Play to start playing the recordings in your chosen order. You can only select recordings that are in the same folder.

How do I use bookmarks?

On the TF5800, bookmarks can be accessed when the progress bar is displayed. Press Play while you're playing back a file to display the progress bar, then press Green to set a bookmark, and Yellow to jump to the next bookmark.
To remove a bookmark, jump to it, or scroll through the progress bar towards it, and press Green again, to turn it off. If there are no bookmarks, pressing Yellow will skip approximately 30 seconds forward.

How do I use the record menu?

Press the Record button. When the on screen display shows that recording has started, press Record again, and you'll see a menu allowing you to choose the time of the recording, or to stop after the current event, or the next event. Select the appropriate option and press OK.

How do I put the PVR into standby while a recording is in progress?

In all firmwares, you can choose the Sleep timer (via the Opt key on the remote) and set it to 10 minutes; it will count down until there is one minute left, then wait until the end of the recording.
In more recent firmware versions, if you press the Power key a message will appear on screen. If you choose to turn off your recording will stop, but if you leave the message on screen without pressing anything else, the PVR will switch off at the end of the recording.

How do I save a short extract from a recording?

Instead of using the editing facilities, play back the .rec file, then press the Record button just before the bit you want to keep. It needs to run for at least a minute, then press the Stop button . A message will ask if you want to stop recording; select 'yes', and voilą - a short extract saved as a .rec file, and called [filename](COPY)-1.rec, which, of course, you can then rename. (From: Forum post by andrec)

How do I use component video output?

The SCART pins used for Component Video are the same as for RGB so a SCART to RGB lead can be used. Red becomes Pr, Blue becomes Pb and Green becomes Y. Connect the SCART, and select Component output from the AV settings menu.

How do I add new channels to the Toppy?

One way is to go to the installation menu, choose Service Search and do a full search again. But if you know what multiplex the new channel is on, you can add it very quickly, by following these steps. We'll look at the example of adding Men and Motors.
1. Go to a channel that's on the same mux as the new one; in this case, it's the same as The Hits (1 or TMF (21), so either of those will do. When the info box appears, look to the right of the channel name for Ch followed by a number. This is the UHF channel number. For the Crystal Palace transmitter, it's 29.
You can also see the UHF channel number at the bottom of the channel list that appears when you press OK or List - just highlight a channel, and the number will be shown below. 2. Press the Menu button and select Installation, then Service Search.
3. On the Service search screen, set the first option to Manual. Move down and on the Service line use the left and right arrows to change the number to the UHF channel number that you noted in step 3. You'll probably see the picture in the corner change to one of the channels on that multiplex.
4. Move down to Start Search and press the OK button.
Your Toppy will now scan all the channels on that multiplex, and give you a list showing both the TV and radio channels, which should include Men and Motors or whatever other new channel you're trying to add.

How do I find out which multiplex a channel is on?

You can find out the multiplex that a channel broadcasts on by looking at this page from the Digital TV Group, which shows all the current services, and the multiplex on which they are carried. If a new channel launches, you can add it quickly by following the FAQ on this site, and tuning first to another channel on the same multiplex. Often, announcements or news stories about new channels indicate which multiplex will be carrying it. Knowing which multiplex a channel is on can be helpful if you're having reception problems too - you can see if other channels on the same multiplex are affected.

How do I find out which tuner is being used?

Use PiP and then press the white button. This will show you a sub services listing. For each channel you scroll to, it'll show either T1 or T2 for the tuner it will use for that channel. (From: Forum post by HydeTheDarkerSide)

I have duplicate copies of some channels. How do I delete them?

You can delete a channel using the channel list; press List on the remote control, highlight the channel to delete then press Red for options, and choose the delete option.

How to re-order TAPs using the basic firmware or a purpose-built TAP

When more than one TAP uses the same button, it is sometimes necessary to re-order them in terms of which loads first so you can determine the functionality of the buttons. For example, when using MyStuff and Jag's EPG, it is necessary to load MyStuff before Jag's EPG to make the Guide button display the MyStuff EPG as opposed to the Jag's EPG. To do this, move all TAPs out of Auto Start (into the Programs folder will do). Then, record a program for a couple of minutes. Now, move the TAPs back into Auto Start in the order that you want them to load. Lastly, delete the program you recorded in (2).

Alternatively, there is now a purpose-built TAP called TAP Commander that will change the loading order without having to undertake the above process. (From: Forum post by chunkywizard)

Still not found the answer?

If you’ve not found the information you’re after, why not ask in the Forums, or check to see if there’s a detailed guide to the topic you’re interested in? You can also use the site search box to search the text of all our FAQs and other information for keywords.

Thanks to everyone who helped compile the FAQs we use on this site. They come from a variety of sources, and we’ve tried to credit them where we can. If we’ve missed anything out, please let us know!