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Frequently Asked Questions

To make it easy to find answers to your questions, we’ve divided the FAQs into categories. Just select the appropriate category from the menu to see all the solutions, or select All FAQs from the menu to see them all. The most popular questions are at the top of each category.

How do I use the Freeview Playback features of the 5800?

To help you get started quickly with Freeview Playback, we have produced a quick guide in PDF format. It's only 2 pages long, and you can download it here.

How do I know if my Toppy has Freeview Playback?

If it's a very new one, it will have the Freeview Playback logo on the front. If not, you need to check the firmware version. Choose Menu, then Information. Depending on the firmware you have, the item you need to check will either be called IRD Status or System Status; select it, and look for the Application Version, which needs to be 5.14.08 or higher.

What Freeview Playback features does the Toppy support?

It supports all the Group 2 features, which means that it can automatically record series of programmes, track changes to the programme schedule, and compensate for late running of programmes. It will also re-schedule recordings if a clash occurs.

How do I record a whole series?

Just go to the built-in EPG, find the programme you want to record, and press the Record button on the remote control. You'll be asked if you want to record the whole series, or just one programme. Choose Record whole series, and press OK.

A message about a clash has appeared in the top right corner of the screen. What does this mean?

It means that the Freeview Playback software has been unable to resolve a clash between two or more of your series links. You can try to manually resolve the clash by going to the timer list (open the EPG, press the White key) and then pressing the Yellow key to update series links.

What does the information in the Conflict found box mean?

When there's a conflict between recordings, you'll see one of two different boxes. Firstly, if there are alternate showings of a recording, which will resolve the conflict, the box will tell you that other broadcasts have been found. The top line in the box shows the original timer that was set, and below it are the alternate showings that you can choose from; the first one will have a small triangle next to it. Select the showing you wish to record, and press ok.
If there are no alternate broadcasts, you may be asked instead to choose which of the two clashing timers you would like to delete. Simply select the timer to delete and press OK to remove it and set your new timer, or press Exit to cancel the new timer and leave both the old ones.

Can I set series links from TAPs?

Not at present. The current Freeview Playback firmwares for the Toppy do not allow TAPs to set series links. In fact, if you set series links from the built-in EPG, and other timers from TAPs, you will have problems, and so we recommend that you use either TAPs to set timers, or the built in guide and timer list, but not both.

How many series can I set up to record?

At present, the firmware allows you to set up sixteen series to record. This will be increased in future. Note, that's sixteen individual series - not just sixteen recordings.

Why can't I set up a series link recording on some channels?

Not all channels broadcast the necessary information for series links at the moment - if the information isn't being broadcast, you won't be asked if you want to set a recording. But you can still set a repeating timer. Just press Record on the EPG entry, twice. The second time you'll be asked if you want to record by time instead of programme name; select Yes, and then you can alter the timer, turning it into a repeating one, or adding extra time at the start and end.

When I set a repeating timer, there's no marked in the EPG. Why?

The EPG only shows timers that are based on events. To set a repeating timer, you have to convert it to one that's based on the time of day. When you do this, the red R mark will disappear from the EPG - but don't worry. The timer is still set, and will still record. You can view it in the Timers list as normal.

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