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Frequently Asked Questions

To make it easy to find answers to your questions, we’ve divided the FAQs into categories. Just select the appropriate category from the menu to see all the solutions, or select All FAQs from the menu to see them all. The most popular questions are at the top of each category.

Does the Toppy understand the start and end of BST?

Yes - both the TF5810 and the TF5800 know about the change to and from summer time. Depending on the firmware version you are using, it may update the time automatically, or wait until the first time you turn it on after the clock change and then change automatically.
However, if you have a very old TF5800 with the original firmware, version 5.11.52, it won't change automatically, and you should instead install the AutoDST TAP.

How do I make my Toppy automatically adjust for the start and end of BST?

Normally, your Toppy will do this automatically. To check the settings, or alter them, press the Menu button on the remote, then choose System setting and press OK. Choose Time Setting and press OK again. Both Time Setting and Time Offset should be set to Auto.
To change the Time Offset to auto, use the left and right arrows to change the setting. Press the left arrow to decrease the offset from 00:00 and it will change to Auto.

Do I need to update my timers when summer time starts or ends?

You may need to update some of them, unless you are using the latest Freeview Playback firmware.
The Toppy stores timers as the local time. If you have set a repeat timer for a programme, say Lost at 2200 (10pm), then it will record at 10pm local time; the change to and from BST will not make any difference, so you will not need to change the timer.
However if, before the change to or from BST, you set a timer from the EPG for the period after the change - which happens at 2am Sunday morning - the time will be wrong.
For example, a programme that is going to be broadcast at 2200 after the end of BST will appear in the EPG at 2300 before then; if you set a timer via the EPG, it will be set for 2300, and so the programme will be missed.
If you are using the Freeview Playback firmware (which comes as standard on the TF5810, and has just been released for the TF5800), timers should update automatically, but please see the other FAQs below.

When I look at the EPG for next week, all the programme times seem to be an hour out. What's happening?

The EPG is always broadcast using GMT, and the Toppy then corrects the information before displaying it, using the current time offset. So, if you look at the EPG shortly before the change to GMT, in late October, programmes following the change will appear to be on an hour later than they really are. Just before the start of summer time, they'll appear to be an hour earlier. That's because the Toppy is still using the current offset, and applying it all the programmes in the EPG, including ones that are going to be broadcast after the change. The times in the EPG will be correct after the start or end of summer time.

So, what exactly do I need to do?

Make sure your Toppy is using the Auto options in the time setting menu. Don't alter any repeating timers you have; they'll work fine. If you want to set timers using the EPG for the period following the change, either correct the time manually (move them an hour earlier in October, an hour later in March), or wait until after the clocks have changed at 2am on the Sunday morning, and then set timers from the EPG for the following week.
On Sunday, make sure you turn the PVR on before the first recording is due, so that it updates the time automatically (you don't need to do this if you have Freeeview Playback firmware). You can make the box do this manually by setting a 'Watch timer' - pick a programme from the EPG on Sunday, before any other recordings are due, and press OK to tell the PVR you want to watch but not record it. That will be sufficient to make the PVR wake and update the time.
If you use an automatic search TAP to set timers, then you may like to change its settings so that it only looks a day ahead, until Sunday. Then, on Sunday after the time has changed, delete any timers set for that day and Monday, and and allow the TAP to reset them when the PVR has updated the EPG with the correct time information.
If you are using a TF5810, or a TF5800 with the new Freeview Playback firmware, then the timers should update automatically, but since this is the first change since the release of those firmwares, we can't say for certain, and we would advise you to check on Sunday.

Is it worth updating to the Freeview Playback firmware to avoid problems when BST starts or ends?

At the moment, because of other reliability issues with the Freeview Playback firmware, and because it has not yet been used over the period of a time change, we do not recommend updating to it simply to avoid problems with timers set over the change to or from BST. Additional FAQs about other aspects of Freeview Playback are available.

I'm on the original TF5800 firmware. How do I use the AutoDST TAP?

You will need to install the TAP in the usual way; you can download it here, and if you have not installed TAPs before, have a look at our Guides area for more help. AutoDST should be put in the AutoStart folder, and it runs when the Toppy starts, adjusts the time offset is necessary, and then quits. This means that if you leave your box turned on, it will not update the time until you turn off and then on again.

I'm using a different model and I can't find the Auto option on the Time Offset menu

The Auto offset option is not available on all Topfield models and firmwares. You may need to update your firmware, and it's unlikely the option will be found on models sold in areas that have variable changes to and from summertime.

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