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Frequently Asked Questions

To make it easy to find answers to your questions, we’ve divided the FAQs into categories. Just select the appropriate category from the menu to see all the solutions, or select All FAQs from the menu to see them all. The most popular questions are at the top of each category.

Channels have numbers from 1000 and above. How do I fix this?

As part of the changes for the switch off of the analogue TV signal, changes have been made to parts of the Freeview signal. Older toppy firmware does not understand these changes, and so stores some channels with numbers from 1000. This news article explains how to solve the problem - in short, update to a recommended firmware version.

What is it?

The TF5800PVR is the UK version of Topfield's TF5000PVRt, which is a personal video recorder (PVR) with two tuners for digital terrestrial television, commonly known in the UK as Freeview. Essentially, it provides the same sort of features as the Sky+ box does for UK satellite viewers, but through your ordinary TV aerial, and without the need to pay a monthly subscription. The TF5810 is a new model, launched in March 2008, which adds some additional features.

Can I record from Sky or my cable box with the Toppy?

No. Like other Freeview PVRs, the TF5800 and TF5810 can only record from the built in tuners. It cannot record a signal from the SCART socket onto the hard disk. The same is true of the satellite models from Topfield. And while the satellite models will be able to record from your existing dish, you cannot use them to record channels that rely on a Sky viewing card, since the necessary CAM is not available. If you want to record from Sky One, you need a Sky+ box, or a PVR from your cable TV company. (Strictly speaking, you can record Sky channels if you have a Dragon CAM, and are prepared to do some fiddling; it's not for novice users, however).

Does the Toppy work with pay TV?

Yes. It requires a CAM, which fits in one of the slots on the front of the box. By using a CAM, the Toppy should remain compatible with future pay TV services, as well as existing ones. Check pay service providers sites for current arrangements; these can change quite frequently. Also see the "What pay TV services are available?" FAQ.

Is it HD Ready?

No. The HD Ready label applies only to screens, so you will never see this logo on a Toppy.
The label that you will not be seeing much of yet, and which could theoretically appear on something such as an HD Toppy, if there were to be one, is the HDTV logo.
This logo means that the equipment can receive and process a high definition signal, and is what you'd find on set top boxes, PVRs, integrated TVs or DVD players ('receive and process' includes pre-recorded material).
What you'll need, ultimately, is a receiver of some sort with the HDTV logo, and a display with the HD Ready logo, or an integrated set with the HDTV logo.
The new TF5810 will provide an HDMI connection, but it will not be an HD receiver; instead it will upscale the images from Freeview channels and send them via a digital connection to your TV set.

Is the Toppy compatible with Windows Vista?

The official Topfield software is now compatible with Vista, but you need to download the 32 bit Vista drivers separately. There are not yet any 64 bit drivers. There is also a third party tool called Wuppy, that allows you to transfer files to and from the PVR from the Windows Vista command line. You can find Wuppy and the Topfield Vista drivers in the ?Windows tools? section of our Downloads library.

How do I use the Freeview Playback features of the 5800?

To help you get started quickly with Freeview Playback, we have produced a quick guide in PDF format. It's only 2 pages long, and you can download it here.

I'm having problems with a TAP. Where can I get the answer?

There's a section of the FAQ pages being created for several of the popular TAPs; you'll find them listed at the bottom of the list of FAQ categories, so just pick the appropriate TAP from the list, and you'll see some of the most common questions and answers about it. If you're not sure which TAP you want to know about, start with the Popular TAPs category. You'll also find plenty of other information in the TAPs section of our forums.

What's the difference between the TF5800 and the TF5810?

The TF5810 is a new model, introduced in March 2008. It is very similar to the older TF5800 PVR but with a new casing, a larger hard drive and an HDMI port, which allows the picture to be upscaled and sent digitally to an HD Ready TV set. It also supports Freeview Playback from introduction, whereas older TF5800s require a firmware update. A more detailed comparison of the two is available here.

Why do I need two tuners?

Although you might not have thought about it, if you have an ordinary television and a video recorder, you have two tuners - one in each box. That's what makes it possible for you to watch one programme on the TV while you record a different channel on the video recorder. With an ordinary digibox, if you want to record a digital channel, you either have to watch it, or choose from just the ordinary analogue channels on your TV, while you record the digital programme.
A twin tuner PVR gets round this problem, and allows you to watch one digital tuner while you record another, or even to record two different digital channels at the same time.

Can the firmware be upgraded?

Yes. Firmware can be upgraded by download from a PC using either a serial connection or a USB cable. Firmware updates can also be done over the air (OTA), but that requires the August 2005 update or later. One new method of upgrading is to do it via the HDFW TAP. See: this forum thread for more info.

Does the Toppy support Freeview Playback?

The new TF5810 model supports Freeview Playback from launch. The older TF5800 supports it with firmware versions 5.14.08 onwards.

Hide the "Press i" message on BBC channels

You can Hide the "Press i" message on BBC channels by pressing the GREEN interactive button. Interactive features can also be turned off completely by going to Menu - System Setting - and disabling Interactive Service.

How does it differ from the competition?

There are a few PVRs available in the UK at the moment, but not all of them have two tuners, and none of those can do all the things that the Toppy does - some can't even record two things at the same time. The Topfield is based on a model that has been available for some time in other parts of the world, has a good pedigree, with regular software updates. As well as all the features, it has a large hard disk capacity, and two CI slots for CAMs, which allow you to decode pay TV channels, should you decide you want to subscribe to any.

Is Jag's EPG compatible with the latest firmwares? I keep seeing corrupt letters in the guide.

Jag's EPG will run on firmwares from 5.12.88 onwards, but due to the new EPG code in the firmware, there is less memory available for TAPs. This is not normally a problem, but Jag's makes a complete copy of the EPG, using up much memory. Additionally, the background scanning can slow down your Toppy too, and cause further problems. If you are running a firmware from 5.12.88 onwards, you should read the threads regarding Jag's EPG and change the settings to make it work reliably, or switch to an alternative EPG TAP.

Is the Toppy compatible with Freeview Playback?

Yes. The new TF5810 will have Freeview Playback when it is introduced, and the TF5800 is compatible with Freeview Playback when running firmware 5.14.08 or later.

My PVR is crashing, what can I do?

If you're using any TAPs, you should try starting the PVR without any of them running (this can be achieved by holding down the zero key on the remote control during boot). If you still have problems, check that you have the latest firmware installed. Since firmware version 5.12.25 in December 2005, it has also been possible to disable MHEG via the System Setting, and you should try this, as sometimes problems with the interactive services have been known to make the Toppy crash.

What pay TV services are available?

The TopUpTV service provides a couple of channels, including UKTV Gold and TCM, but is not presently available to new subscribers. TopUpTV Anytime is a service that includes the original one, and additionally provides a range of programmes from other channels overnight, recorded and organised by a customised PVR. Although you can record from this service with a Toppy, you won?t get the whole service, for technical reasons.

There is an additional sports channel available from Setanta, which started in March 2007

Which firmware should I install, and where do I get it from?

We have a page with details of firmware versions and links to the downloads, so you can compare the different ones. The current recommended firmware is posted in the Firmware section of the forum.

Can I add extra features to the Toppy?

Yes. You can add additional functionality via TAPs.

Can I link it to my computer?

Yes, you can. The Toppy has a USB 2.0 connector, which you can use to link it to your computer. You'll find links to software in the PC and Macintosh sections of the software library. Topfield provides offical software for Windows, while there is third party software for the Mac, and also tools for Linux.

Do TAPS work ok on the new TF5810?

The TF5810 supports TAPs, but we have not yet tested more than a handful. With the first TF5810 firmware, version 5.15.08, you should set timers either with TAPs, or with the firmware, but not mix both. Additionally, the red button on the remote is not available to TAPs. Both these issues should be addressed in the next firmware update. As users report more TAP compatibility, we will update the listings. You can find out which ones have been tested on so far on this page.

How do I control my Toppy via the web?

The Toppy.org.uk Remote Control service, provided via this web site, allows you to create timers and searches on your PVR by filling in web pages or sending text messages from your mobile phone. You could do lots of work to set a system up yourself, but with Toppy Remote Control, we've done it all for you, and made it as simple as we can.

How do I find the information I need on this site?

You can use the site's search page to search through our FAQs, links, and the descriptions of guides, TAPs and bugs. On most pages of the site, you'll see a magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the screen, which will take you to the search page. The forums also have their own search screen, allowing you to search through previous posts.

How do I know if my Toppy has Freeview Playback?

If it's a very new one, it will have the Freeview Playback logo on the front. If not, you need to check the firmware version. Choose Menu, then Information. Depending on the firmware you have, the item you need to check will either be called IRD Status or System Status; select it, and look for the Application Version, which needs to be 5.14.08 or higher.

How do I see only my favourite channels?

You can create several favourites lists on your TF5800, and channels may appear in more than one. Press Menu and select Organizing Favorites to get started. When you have created lists of favourites, press the Opt key, highlight Fav List, and press OK, or just press the List button twice if you have any firmware other than the original UK version. Select one of your favourites lists and press OK. Then select a channel from the list, and press OK again.
When you press the List or OK/List buttons you'll see the whole list of channels, but when you press P+ or P- you'll simply move through the channels in your favourites list, and the name of the list will appear briefly at the top right of the screen.

I don't have any EPG information for some of my channels. What's wrong?

Some broadcasters are very lax at keeping their EPG up to date, and fail to transmit it for days at a time. In particular, this problem seems to affect Multiplex 2 more than others, which is the ITV and Channel 4 mux. Also firmwares before 5.12.88 take longer to populate the EPG. See this article for more details

I have a question on the MyStuff TAP, how do I get it answered?

Please post all questions to the MyStuff thread on Toppy.org.uk, or check the MyStuff section of the site FAQs.

I think I've found a bug. Whom do I tell?

Before you post in the forums, check the bugs list, and see if your problem appears there. If you're a registered forum user, you should check the detailed bug reports available in the services section of the site, which you can browse by firmware version and by features affected, so you can see all the bugs to do with recording, for example. If you do post in the bugs forum, remember to check to see if there are existing similar reports first, and provide as much information as possible, including your firmware version and ant TAPs that you are running.

Is there a quick way to get to a list of all the Timers you have set

Press the Menu button, choose Recording, OK, then go to the bottom entry, Timer Recording, and OK again.   You'll now see all your timers listed on the screen, indicating if they're weekly, daily, once and so forth. To see more details, highlight an entry and OK.

Stop TAPs loading when the Toppy boots

To stop all your auto-start TAPs loading when the Toppy starts up, hold down the 0 button on the remote control. Press it as soon as the 'run' message appears on the front panel, and hold it down until you see the picture cycling through the aspect ratio options.

What do the on screen displays look like for the EPG, timers and file lists?

You can see most of the TF5800's main screens in the online edition of the manual; just click the TF5800 manual link at the left of the screen.

What Freeview Playback features does the Toppy support?

It supports all the Group 2 features, which means that it can automatically record series of programmes, track changes to the programme schedule, and compensate for late running of programmes. It will also re-schedule recordings if a clash occurs.

What signal strength do I need? My picture is breaking up

If you experience picture break-up, then it's possible that you have poor signal strength/quality, and it's worth checking your setup using our install guide. We have some links that will give you reception information too. It is important to appreciate that Freeview requires a clean signal as well as good strength. Unlike terrestrial television, a booster can worsen the situation as it can amplify defects in the signal. As well as checking the aerial, it's also often worth replacing the cable with CT100 grade, which gives much less signal loss.

Where can I get some help installing and setting up Jag's EPG? It seems quite complex.

There is an excellent manual available in the Guides section (under user-contributed guides) that covers the ins and outs of Jag's EPG.

Can I pause live TV?

Yes, you can. The Topfield can keep a buffer of up to 1 hour of television, so you can pause if the phone rings, or start watching a programme later and then fast forward through the adverts.

Can I play back a slideshow?

Yes, you can. To do this, you need to install a slideshow TAP on the Toppy, and transfer image files from your computer. You can then view them on your TV.

Can I record a programme if I've already missed the beginning?

Yes, as long as you have Time Slip turned on, you can choose to record the current 'event', which will record the show you're watching, from its start, as long as that is within the 1 hour buffer that the Toppy maintains. You will still need to set the duration of the recording.

Can I watch a programme while the end is still recording?

Yes. This feature is often referred to as Chase play, and the Toppy does it just fine.

Can I watch a recorded programme while recording another?


Can the Toppy be used with Setanta Sports?

Yes. You will need a CAM and a subscription to Setanta.

Can the Toppy be used with TopUpTV?

Technically yes provided that you have a CAM as well as a card and subscription to TopUpTV. However, the original TopUpTV service has been cut down, and the new Anytime service broadcasts overnight. You would have to set recordings manually, and will only be able to record two things at a time - the official Anytime PVR will sometimes record three.

Can you let me know when my favourite TAP is updated?

Of course. This is one of the customised services provided on this site. Set up a services id, and ensure that you have chosen to receive notifications, and entered a valid email address - we don't automatically use your forum email address. Then, when you're browsing the software library, just click the tick mark to add a TAP to your download list.

Can you let me know when there is new firmware available?

Yes. We use the forum announcements system for a mailing list, and we won't pass your details on to anyone else. The announcements will tell you of major site changes, or alert you to other important news, such as a new firmware release or OTA dates. To sign up for announcements, you need to be registered for the forum, and then join the announcements group via this page.

Do I have to have my Toppy networked?

No; Toppy Remote Control has been designed to work with a standard USB connection to your PVR, and we provide scripts that will automatically send timer and search information to it from Windows and Macintosh systems that are connected via USB.

Do I need to perform a factory reset after a firmware update?

OTA updates are designed so that you should not need to do a factory reset afterwards, and if you were running the previous version, you should be ok. If you were running a much older version, we do recommend that you perform a factory reset after updating. Note that if you do so, you will need to store channels again, recreate your favourites lists, and re-create any existing timers. You can back up your timers and then restore them again using the UK Timers TAP. Because of changes in firmware is it always recommended to factory reset when migrating from a 5.13.xx firmware to a 5.14.xx Freeview Playback firmware.

Does it play MP3s?

Yes. You can transfer MP3s to the hard drive from your computer, and then play them back. There are a number of jukebox TAPs that enhance MP3 playback with features such as album art and playlists.

Does it play WMA files?

No. If you want to play back music files on the Toppy, you need to make sure they're in MP3 format.

Does it support interactive services like BBCi and Teletext?

Yes, and following the September 2005 firmware update, it's compatiable with the latest MHEG standard, version 1.06. You can turn MHEG off in the setup menus if you want.

Does it support the 7 day EPG?

Yes, the Toppy uses the Freeview EPG, rather than the 4TV one. In fact, there are 8 days of information in the EPG, so if you've just seen the first episode of a program, you should find that the EPG goes up to the next episode in a week's time.

Does that mean I have to pay a subscription to use this box?

No. You can use the Toppy simply to watch Freeview services.

Does the Toppy properly support widescreen?

Since a September 2005 firmware update, it now supports AFD information, which is the information supplied by the broadcaster about the ratio of the picture, and can also say which type of zoom is best applied to it. That information is also passed to your TV, so that it can automatically zoom the picture, if you want it to.

Does the Toppy understand the start and end of BST?

Yes - both the TF5810 and the TF5800 know about the change to and from summer time. Depending on the firmware version you are using, it may update the time automatically, or wait until the first time you turn it on after the clock change and then change automatically.
However, if you have a very old TF5800 with the original firmware, version 5.11.52, it won't change automatically, and you should instead install the AutoDST TAP.

Does the Toppy work with VideoPlus?

The Toppy doesn't have VideoPlus built in. In fact, you won't find VideoPlus on any PVR - it's not necessary, since you just pick the programmes you want to record from the EPG. Many of the digital TV channels don't even have VideoPlus numbers for their programmes.

How can I back up my timers before performing a factory reset?

You can back up timers using the UK Timers TAP. Download and install the TAP in the usual way, then press the white key on the remote to bring up your list of timers. Press Menu, then select Export Timers and press OK. Your timers will be saved on the hard drive. To restore them after a factory reset, use the Import Timers option instead. If you use MyStuff ControlTimers exclusively then these do do need to be backed up as they with be recreated on the next run of the TAP.

How can I backup my timers?

Install UK Timers if you don't have it on your Toppy already. Then press the White key on the remote to activate the TAP, then press Menu, highlight Export Timers and press OK. When the export has finished, press Exit three times to return to normal viewing. Now, look on your Toppy, inside the Program Files folder, and you should see a folder called UK TAP Project. Within that folder is a file called TimerList.txt, which you should copy to your PC. If you installed the TAP as in the Auto Start folder, the UK TAP Project folder will be within ProgramFiles\Auto Start.

How do I do X, Y or Z with a TAP instead of the standard firmware?

Check the Popular TAPs category of the FAQs, or try searching all the FAQs and TAP descriptions using the site search page.

How do I find out what firmware version I have?

Press the Menu button, and select Information on the main menu, then press OK. On the next screen, select IRD Status, and select OK again. The important information is the Appplication Version and the Last Update, together with the Loader Version. If you have Loader version C1.01, you can use any firmware version; if you have Loader Version C5.14, then only certain firmwares are compatible with the updated hardware in your PVR. The Firmware page in the downloads area of this site has more information.

How do I make my Toppy automatically adjust for the start and end of BST?

Normally, your Toppy will do this automatically. To check the settings, or alter them, press the Menu button on the remote, then choose System setting and press OK. Choose Time Setting and press OK again. Both Time Setting and Time Offset should be set to Auto.
To change the Time Offset to auto, use the left and right arrows to change the setting. Press the left arrow to decrease the offset from 00:00 and it will change to Auto.

How do I program the TF5800 to make recordings?

You can enter programme details manually, or select programmes to record from the on-screen EPG.

How do I record a whole series?

Just go to the built-in EPG, find the programme you want to record, and press the Record button on the remote control. You'll be asked if you want to record the whole series, or just one programme. Choose Record whole series, and press OK.

How do I restore my timers?

If you backed up your timers using the UK Timers TAP, you can restore them by pressing the White button on the remote to activate the TAP. Now press Menu and choose Import Timers. The new timer list will be read in and your timers should be updated correctly.

How long does it take to update the firmware?

Less than a minute, using a USB 2.0 connection. You can also transfer the firmware update from another Toppy or a PC via a serial connection. An OTA update can take around ten to fifteen minutes.

How much does it cost?

Creating timers and searches from the web site and retrieving them on your PVR is free, and there are no plans to change that. The only part of the service for which we charge is the SMS (text message) system.

I was watching a recording and I've been dumped back to live TV. Why?

Sometimes, in current firmwares, the Toppy will interrupt playback and return you to live TV. This is annoying, and happens in a number of circumstances; it will happen if you're using Chase Play and the recording ends, and also happens when some recordings start, if the Toppy needs to change one of the tuners. Sometimes when this happens a "Check your reservation" or "A recording is starting" message appears on screen, and you should select Yes or OK to allow the channel change to take place, otherwise the recording will be stopped. TAPs can help this problem; eg ImproBox. This will automatically return you to what you were doing a couple of seconds after the interruption, and is available from the TAP library.
Another method of stopping this behaviour is to patch the firmware. See this forum thread for more details.

What do I need to set up on the Toppy to make widescreen switching work?

Make sure you select the correct screen type for your TV in the AV settings menu. For a widescreen set it should be 16:9, and for an ordinary set, it should be set to one of the 4:3 options.

What is the difference between the widescreen support from September 2005 and earlier versions?

Probably the most noticeable change for widescreen owners is that when the BBC broadcasts an older 4:3 programme, you will now be able to zoom it to fill the whole screen. For owners of 4:3 television sets the most noticeable change is that you should not now see the 'postage stamp' effect, where a picture has a black border on every side. The Toppy now fully supports the AFD information, in line with guidelines from the Digital Television Group, and outputs WSS signals that your TV can use to zoom automatically.

What options does the Toppy provide for 4:3 television users?

The options for 4:3 television users are Centre cut-out mode, and Letterbox.
Centre cut-out always displays the picture without black bars. Widescreen material is handled by zooming to the central section of the picture and cutting off the parts that lie outside. 4:3 material is unchanged, and is displayed as broadcast.
Letterbox, where possible, displays a widescreen picture with black bars top and bottom. The broadcaster selects the exact format, which is chosen based on the programme content, and research on how best to display that content on conventional 4:3 sets.

What services does the web site provide?

We have a range of customised services available, most of which are accessed via the Your tools menu on the site. The first allows you select a customised group of files, so that you can access a quick download list, without having to visit lots of different pages to download all the applications or TAPs that you want for your Toppy.
The second main service is full access to the bugs database, via the Firmware details link, including lists of new feature requests and enhancements to existing features. Registered users can respond to bugs in the database, adding a brief comment and indicating which issues affect them the most. This information can be viewed by Topfield/Turbosat.
Registered users can choose to receive notifications about updated software or bug reports that they are interested in.
Additionally, we have a small number of files available as exclusive member only downloads - typically this gives early access to new firmware. And finally, the ?Set timers? link in Your tools gives you access to Toppy Remote Control, where you can set timers for your PVR via the web or even SMS.

Where can I find out more about TRC?

You can read the rest of the FAQs, or visit the web pages at www.toppy.org.uk/timers/. Most of the help pages can be accessed by anyone, but to actually use the system you will need to sign in with your Toppy.org.uk forum user name and password.

Where can I get the MyStuff manual?

The manual is available from the Guides section of this site or from Chunkywizard's site .

Which TAPs have their own FAQs?

At the moment, this section of the site is being created; we hope to have FAQs for some more of the most popular TAPs added over the next few weeks. There are presently entries for EPG Navigator, ImproBox, UK Timers, MyStuff and Jag's EPG, which you can find on the TAP categories menu.

Why can I not see any text on screen?

Version 5.1 of EPGnavigator introduced custom fonts. Unfortunately, they are switched on by default so if you have not copied across the three font (.fnt) files then you will not see any text displayed. Copy across the font files and restart the TAP to correct the display.

Will the Toppy remember where I stopped watching a recording, so I can carry on where I left off?

Yes; all firmwares except the very first May 2005 version provide bookmark facilities, so you can set a bookmark and return to them. Since the December 2005 update, there has also been an automatic resume play facility, so you can carry on where you left off watching, even without setting a bookmark.

A message about a clash has appeared in the top right corner of the screen. What does this mean?

It means that the Freeview Playback software has been unable to resolve a clash between two or more of your series links. You can try to manually resolve the clash by going to the timer list (open the EPG, press the White key) and then pressing the Yellow key to update series links.

Aspect ratio setting

The A/V Output Setting menu that has the TV Aspect Ratio setting is not a default setting for the Toppy. It can be overridden by pressing the zero key on the remote. The zero key allows you to cycle round the three aspect ratio settings: 16:9 or 4:3 Letter Box or 4:3 centre extract. (From: Forum post by HydeTheDarkerSide)

Can I use TAPs for other models on the TF5800PVR?

UK OKIf you have the May 2005 firmware or later, you shouldn't experience any problems with TAPs, unless they need a key that's not found on the UK remote control. If you have the original UK firmware, there are some restrictions, and to make TAPs work properly, they need to be compiled specially to work on the TF5800 with that firmware. TAPs that have been compiled that way are marked with the '52 thumbs up' symbol in the software library. TAPs that work fine with the later firmware have the UK thumbs up symbol

Can I write my own TAPs?

Yes. Topfield provide details of the programming interface, and a downloadable toolkit as well. Find out more in the Hacks and enhancements section of the links page.

Changing the order of a favourites list

Go to the Organizing favorites screen, then select the list you want. Press Red twice to get to the channels on that list. Highlight the entry you want to move, then press Green.
The channel will be highlighted in Yellow; move it up and down with the arrow keys to the desired position, then press OK

Do I need to update my timers when summer time starts or ends?

You may need to update some of them, unless you are using the latest Freeview Playback firmware.
The Toppy stores timers as the local time. If you have set a repeat timer for a programme, say Lost at 2200 (10pm), then it will record at 10pm local time; the change to and from BST will not make any difference, so you will not need to change the timer.
However if, before the change to or from BST, you set a timer from the EPG for the period after the change - which happens at 2am Sunday morning - the time will be wrong.
For example, a programme that is going to be broadcast at 2200 after the end of BST will appear in the EPG at 2300 before then; if you set a timer via the EPG, it will be set for 2300, and so the programme will be missed.
If you are using the Freeview Playback firmware (which comes as standard on the TF5810, and has just been released for the TF5800), timers should update automatically, but please see the other FAQs below.

How can I disable MHEG interactive services?

If you have firmware version 5.12.25 or later, it is possible to disable MHEG interactive services. This will prevent you from accessing digital teletext and BBCi features such as news multiscreen, and will also stop the 'Press Red' messages appearing on screen.
To disable MHEG, press Menu on the remote control, then select System Setting. Interactive Service, the last option on the screen, controls whether or not MHEG is turned on. When the option says 'Enable,' it's turned on. Choose Disable to switch it off.
Enabling subtitles will also temporarily disable MHEG.

How do I start up without any TAPs?

Normally, when the Toppy starts, it automatically loads any TAPs that are in the Auto Start folder. You can stop this from happening by holding down the 0 button on the remote control as you start the PVR up, until you start to see the aspect ratio of the screen change.

How do I use the Sleep function?

Press the Opt key and select the Sleep Time option, which is at the bottom of the menu. You can use the left and right arrow keys to choose a time in ten minute increments, up to 120 minutes. Press Exit to remove the menu when you've chosen the time. If you press Opt after starting the Sleep function, the menu will show the remaining minutes. If a recording is in progress, the counter will stop at one minute until the recording finishes, and then continue.

I have a feature I would love to see in MyStuff, will you implement it?

Maybe, post all feature requests in the MyStuff thread on Toppy.org.uk

I'm still seeing black bars on some programs, I thought this was fixed?

It is fixed for 4:3 programs, but some widescreen programs include 4:3 footage. An example might be football coverage where the studio shots are widescreen, but the match itself is 4:3. Here the black bars during the match footage are part of the widescreen picture. Similar black bars can also often be seen on the BBC News24 channel when 4:3 footage from outside broadcasts is used. With these programs you can of course continue to use the '0' key on the toppy remote to select 4:3 cutout.

Lower case on the Toppy on-screen keyboard

If you want lower case on the Toppy keyboard select 'other' in the bottom left corner. If you want punctuation, select 'other' again. A third selection takes you back to capitals. (From: Forum post by chunkywizard)

There are no options for my country / region / list of channels. What do I do?

We can add other countries and regions to the system, but it may take a little while. We need to know where you are, all the channel numbers available in your region, the proper names of the channels, and the names used by your EPG software, either Jag's EPG or EPG Uploader. With all this information, we can create options for people in your country or region.

View full description for the next programme on the current channel:

Press i; Press cursor-right for "Next" then press i again to display the information. (From: Forum post by PaulTaylor)

What do I need to use Toppy Remote Control

The Toppy Remote Control system works with the EPG Uploader TAP and also with Jag's EPG and UK Auto Scheduler. You will also need software to retrieve timer and search messages from the web site, and transfer them to your Toppy. The TRC pages include wizards to help you configure your computer and PVR for the service, so it should be quite easy for you to get up and running. Our scripts will even configure and install the necessary TAPs on your Toppy for you, if you're a UK user with either Windows or Mac OS X.

We provide scripts for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users, and you can connect to the Toppy via USB or via a network. Most of our scripts use the PHP script language; if you do not have it installed, the set up pages will explain how to do that for you.

What does the information in the Conflict found box mean?

When there's a conflict between recordings, you'll see one of two different boxes. Firstly, if there are alternate showings of a recording, which will resolve the conflict, the box will tell you that other broadcasts have been found. The top line in the box shows the original timer that was set, and below it are the alternate showings that you can choose from; the first one will have a small triangle next to it. Select the showing you wish to record, and press ok.
If there are no alternate broadcasts, you may be asked instead to choose which of the two clashing timers you would like to delete. Simply select the timer to delete and press OK to remove it and set your new timer, or press Exit to cancel the new timer and leave both the old ones.

What is Toppy.org.uk Remote Control?

Toppy Remote Control (TRC) refers to a section of this web site that allows you to create timers and programme searches for your Toppy, by entering information on the web site or sending specially formatted text messages. Software on your computer retrieves messages from this site and transfers it to your Toppy, where it's loaded by one or more TAPs which create timers for you. There is a separate FAQ category for TRC.

What's this TAP business about?

TAPs are small software enhancements that can be transferred to the TF5800PVR, and add extra features, for example automatically extending the time of recordings - useful if shows start late - or adding extra features, like a graph showing free disk space, or an alternative EPG display.

When I look at the EPG for next week, all the programme times seem to be an hour out. What's happening?

The EPG is always broadcast using GMT, and the Toppy then corrects the information before displaying it, using the current time offset. So, if you look at the EPG shortly before the change to GMT, in late October, programmes following the change will appear to be on an hour later than they really are. Just before the start of summer time, they'll appear to be an hour earlier. That's because the Toppy is still using the current offset, and applying it all the programmes in the EPG, including ones that are going to be broadcast after the change. The times in the EPG will be correct after the start or end of summer time.

When I try to play back a recording from TopUpTV, it's unplayable. What's gone wrong?

The subscription data on the TopUpTV card contains keys that enable you to watch programmes up to a certain date; they update those once a month or so, but tend to put the expiry date a couple of months ahead, probably because they have only a small proportion of channels, and so by making the card expire further into the future, there's a better chance you'll have viewed one of their channels before the keys expire. This is great for people who don't have PVRs - the majority of their customers.
But a consequence of that is that they don't hold keys for past months, and you can't watch programmes that are still encrypted with old keys. So around the start or end of the month, you may find that programmes you recorded suddenly become unwatchable, because you no longer have a valid key on your subscription card.

Where can I download TAPs?

We've got a special section of this site where you can see a list of TAPs and find out where to download them. You'll find them all categorised according to the type of function they provide, with links to any relevant forum threads. If you sign up for site services, you can receive email alerts when your chosen TAPs are updated.

Why do I have to sign in for TRC? Isn't logging on to the forums enough?

We've used a specific method of signing in for the TRC so that it can work without cookies; this means you should be able to access the pages from a wider range of mobile phone browsers. Additionally, if you want to set a timer from someone else's computer, once you quit the web browser, there won't be any information stored that could allow someone to access your account.

Why do I need two tuners?

Two tuners means that you can use one of them to watch a TV programme, while the other is being used to record another digital channel; one of the complaints many people have when they first go digital is that they can't do this - with analogue TV, you usually have one tuner in your television and one in your video recorder. By having two in the box, the Toppy lets you do what you've always been able to do on analogue. In fact, if you want, you can even record two digital programmes at the same time, and even watch something you recorded earlier at the same time.

Can I set series links from TAPs?

Not at present. The current Freeview Playback firmwares for the Toppy do not allow TAPs to set series links. In fact, if you set series links from the built-in EPG, and other timers from TAPs, you will have problems, and so we recommend that you use either TAPs to set timers, or the built in guide and timer list, but not both.

Can you edit recorded programmes to cut out ads, or trailers before and after a show?

Yes, you can. The Topfield allows you to select a portion of a recording, and then choose whether you want to keep it, or delete it. Check the Guide and documents section of this site for the manual, which explains how it's done.

Do you have RSS feeds?

Yes; we have three different RSS feeds, and you can read about them here.

How can I archive or play back several recordings in one go?

Press the Archive button the remote control to bring up the list of recorded programmes, and highlight the first one that you want to play. Instead of pressing the OK button to start playback, press the RED key; the number 1 will appear to the right of the name. Highlight the next entry, and press RED again. Pressing RED without moving will unmark the recording. Press Play to start playing the recordings in your chosen order. You can only select recordings that are in the same folder.

How can I avoid my TopUpTV recordings expiring?

You can unencrypt a recording and save a copy that won't expire, using the Toppy's copy facility; you can do this at six times normal speed too. Select a programme from the archive, while you can still play it. Press FF to increase the speed to 6x, and then press the Record button. You'll get a copy of the programme made, which won't be encrypted, and won't expire.

How can I change the display on my TV?

Your TV may have remote buttons of its own to change to way the picture is displayed, but you can also cycle through the options supported by the Toppy by pressing 0 on its remote control. You will see an indication of the current setting briefly appear at the top right of the screen.

How can I show my appreciation of the work done on MyStuff?

Donations via PayPal are gratefully received; see the link on the front of the manual or visit the MyStuff HomePage.

How do I burn recorded programmes to DVD?

You need to convert the Topfield .rec file to a slightly different MPEG format before it can be burnt to DVD. You'll find detailed guides for both Mac and Windows users in the Guides section of the site.

How do I retrieve timers and searches from the web site?

Timers and searches can be retrieved from the web site manually with a web browser, or automatically, using a script on a Windows, Macintosh or Linux system. To retrieve the timers, you need your Access key, which is shown on your account information page. The PC and PVR settings page will give you help with setting up your system, and create customised scripts and ini files that include your Access key, and explain how to install them so that they run automatically on your computer.

How do I use bookmarks?

On the TF5800, bookmarks can be accessed when the progress bar is displayed. Press Play while you're playing back a file to display the progress bar, then press Green to set a bookmark, and Yellow to jump to the next bookmark.
To remove a bookmark, jump to it, or scroll through the progress bar towards it, and press Green again, to turn it off. If there are no bookmarks, pressing Yellow will skip approximately 30 seconds forward.

How do I use the record menu?

Press the Record button. When the on screen display shows that recording has started, press Record again, and you'll see a menu allowing you to choose the time of the recording, or to stop after the current event, or the next event. Select the appropriate option and press OK.

How many series can I set up to record?

At present, the firmware allows you to set up sixteen series to record. This will be increased in future. Note, that's sixteen individual series - not just sixteen recordings.

How much can I record on the hard disk?

The 160Gb model, holds around 88 hours, and the 250Gb one around 125 hours. However, the exact amount of space used by a recording depends on the quality of the transmission; some channels use more data, giving a better picture and taking up more disk space to record.

So, what exactly do I need to do?

Make sure your Toppy is using the Auto options in the time setting menu. Don't alter any repeating timers you have; they'll work fine. If you want to set timers using the EPG for the period following the change, either correct the time manually (move them an hour earlier in October, an hour later in March), or wait until after the clocks have changed at 2am on the Sunday morning, and then set timers from the EPG for the following week.
On Sunday, make sure you turn the PVR on before the first recording is due, so that it updates the time automatically (you don't need to do this if you have Freeeview Playback firmware). You can make the box do this manually by setting a 'Watch timer' - pick a programme from the EPG on Sunday, before any other recordings are due, and press OK to tell the PVR you want to watch but not record it. That will be sufficient to make the PVR wake and update the time.
If you use an automatic search TAP to set timers, then you may like to change its settings so that it only looks a day ahead, until Sunday. Then, on Sunday after the time has changed, delete any timers set for that day and Monday, and and allow the TAP to reset them when the PVR has updated the EPG with the correct time information.
If you are using a TF5810, or a TF5800 with the new Freeview Playback firmware, then the timers should update automatically, but since this is the first change since the release of those firmwares, we can't say for certain, and we would advise you to check on Sunday.

What connections does the Toppy have?

The TF5800PVR has two SCART sockets. There's also a Composite video connector, S-Video, left and right audio outputs, and an optical digital audio output, which can be used to connect to a home cinema system. There's an output from the UHF modulator, plus USB and serial ports for connecting to a computer. The Toppy does not have dedicated Component Video (also known as YUV) outputs. Component can however be output from the TV Scart by changing the video output setting to YUV. See A/V Output Setting Menu.

What happens if my Toppy isn't turned on?

If the PVR isn't turned on, we can't send information to it. The scripts we supply will keep your downloaded timers and searches until they have been transferred to the PVR, then delete them, and they won't download additional requests from the web site until the last batch has been sent to the PVR. Obviously, for best results, you should leave the PVR turned on. Alternatively, you may want to set a non-recording timer on the PVR for a few times a day, to coincide with the periods when you have scheduled the retrieval scripts to run.

What is my Access key? Can't I just use my forum name?

Your access key is the unique information that Remote Control uses to identify you when your computer requests the latest information from the web site; we use this instead of your forum user name, since it avoids problems caused by strange letters and spaces in names. And, since retrieving some types of information may send you a chargeable text message, it ensures - as long as you don't tell other people your access key - that no one can trick our server into running up your mobile phone bill.

What video formats are supported?

The TV SCART provides Component video, Composite video and RGB. The VCR SCART provides component video with RGB pass-through. There's also an S-Video connector, and a Composite video output.

Why are there different search options for different TAPs?

The TAPs that we support for creating programme searches on your Toppy provide a slightly different range of features, and the pages for creating and amending searches alter to reflect that. As a result, if you decide to change from one TAP to another, we recommend that you delete any searches that have not been sent to your PVR, and then re-create them after changing your settings.

Why can't I cancel a timer?

Although the screen shows an option to cancel a timer, for technical reasons, it's only possible for us to actually send the command to cancel when you use EPG Uploader to retrieve timers. Additionally, the start time has to be the same to cancel a timer; so, if you've changed the padding settings since creating a timer, you won't be able to cancel it, unless you edit it and adjust the start time accordingly.

Why can't I set up a series link recording on some channels?

Not all channels broadcast the necessary information for series links at the moment - if the information isn't being broadcast, you won't be asked if you want to set a recording. But you can still set a repeating timer. Just press Record on the EPG entry, twice. The second time you'll be asked if you want to record by time instead of programme name; select Yes, and then you can alter the timer, turning it into a repeating one, or adding extra time at the start and end.

Can I access the TRC web pages from my mobile?

Yes, you can, as long as your mobile phone network doesn't restrict access. The pages in that section of the site have been designed with slightly different navigation, which should be easier to use on a mobile phone browser. Additionally, images and javascripts are automatically switched off when you use a mobile browser, which should ensure you don't download too much data. You can see if we correctly detect your mobile browser at www.toppy.org.uk/timers/bt.php. Note that some mobile phone browsers are not compatible with certain pages in the service; the site will warn you if there will be difficulties.

Can I connect the Toppy to my network?

Not directly. The TF5800 doesn't have an ethernet connector. There are two projects called Puppy, and ftpd-topfield, which provide ways to link the Toppy to a PC or Mac over an ethernet network using a Linksys NSLU2 - aka the Slug - or Asus WL500GX/GP, though these are probably really projects for more advanced users. There are guides to setting up both pieces of kit in our user contributed guides section.

Can I control my Toppy from two different mobiles?

You can access the mobile version of the TRC web pages from as many phones as you like, but you can't simultaneously use two or more mobiles to set timers by SMS. You can only have one mobile phone registered to your account at any time. You can swap between mobile phones as often as you like, but you will need to register each one before you use it, and you will receive a text message costing you £1.50 each time you register. Additionally, the mobile phone that's registered to your account will receive a confirmation text, costing 25 pence. The SMS service is really only designed to be used from one mobile phone per user.

Can't I just plug in a USB ethernet or wireless adaptor?

No. USB is designed to have two types of devices - a host (like a PC or Mac) can talk to and control other devices, while those other devices can't talk to each other. USB network adaptors are designed to plug into computers, while the USB connector on the Toppy is the same sort as you'd find on a printer, or an external disk drive - in other words, it simply doesn't provide the functions necessary to link to anything like a network adaptor, whether wireless or wired.

How can I tell is a recording is encrypted, or if it will expire?

If a recording is shown in the archive list with a green dollar symbol next to it, it is unencrypted; a yellow dollar means that it is completely encrypted, while a green and yellow one means the recording is partially decrypted. Recordings that are wholly unencrypted will not expire. Those that are partially or completely encrypted will expire at some point after recording, and cannot in any event be played back without a valid subscription card and CAM

How do I put the PVR into standby while a recording is in progress?

In all firmwares, you can choose the Sleep timer (via the Opt key on the remote) and set it to 10 minutes; it will count down until there is one minute left, then wait until the end of the recording.
In more recent firmware versions, if you press the Power key a message will appear on screen. If you choose to turn off your recording will stop, but if you leave the message on screen without pressing anything else, the PVR will switch off at the end of the recording.

How do I save a short extract from a recording?

Instead of using the editing facilities, play back the .rec file, then press the Record button just before the bit you want to keep. It needs to run for at least a minute, then press the Stop button . A message will ask if you want to stop recording; select 'yes', and voilą - a short extract saved as a .rec file, and called [filename](COPY)-1.rec, which, of course, you can then rename. (From: Forum post by andrec)

How do I use component video output?

The SCART pins used for Component Video are the same as for RGB so a SCART to RGB lead can be used. Red becomes Pr, Blue becomes Pb and Green becomes Y. Connect the SCART, and select Component output from the AV settings menu.

How does the TF5800PVR differ from European and Australian Topfield PVRs?

The TF5800 is based on the TF5000PVRt. The main difference is that the TF5800 has support for MHEG, which is used to provide interactive services in the UK. The UK remote control also looks slightly different, which may cause a few problems with certain TAPs if the keys they need aren't there. UK models with their original firmware had other incompatibilities with TAPs, and lack a bookmark feature. These (and other issues) were resolved in the May 2005 firmware update.

How fast can I transfer files from the Toppy to my computer?

If you have a USB 2.0 port on your computer, transfer speeds are roughly 1 minute for every three to five minutes of programme time. For USB 1.1, it's about 1 minute transfer for 1 minute of TV. Remember that these rates will vary depending on other factors, including the bit rate of the TV programme you're recording.

I want to make sure pictures fill the screen. How do I do that?

It depends on your TV set; check the instructions, and find out how to turn on any auto-zoom, smart-zoom or auto-widescreen options.

I want to see the pictures the right size. How do I do that?

It depends on your TV set; check the instructions, and find out how to turn off any auto-zoom, smart-zoom or auto-widescreen options.

I've noticed a small box that says "Loading..." and/or "Searching..." every so often since installing the MyStuff TAP. Why?

MyStuff 4.5 introduced an automatic EPG reloading feature, which is enabled by default. You can change the interval or disable it altogether by changing option H5 in the MyStuff options.

Is it worth updating to the Freeview Playback firmware to avoid problems when BST starts or ends?

At the moment, because of other reliability issues with the Freeview Playback firmware, and because it has not yet been used over the period of a time change, we do not recommend updating to it simply to avoid problems with timers set over the change to or from BST. Additional FAQs about other aspects of Freeview Playback are available.

The Toppy has a USB port on the back. Can I use a USB hard disk drive or USB memory card or other USB device to move programmes or TAPs to it?

No. There are two types of USB device - hosts and other devices. For a USB link to work, there needs to be a host involved. This is one of the reasons why the two ends of a USB cable are different. You can't generally connect two devices that have the same connector. The Toppy is designed to connect to your PC. It is not designed to be a host and allow it to control other devices. That means that, even if you made a cable to adapt the connectors, plugging a hard drive or a USB memory card into the Toppy wouldn't get you anywhere. There is no software in the Toppy to tell it to look for things on a device connected by USB, and it's not a host anyway.
If you want to move files to and from your Toppy, you need to connect it to a host devices - that means your computer, or a gizmo like the Linksys slug running Puppy software.

What is a Slug / an Asus?

A Slug is another name for a Linksys NSLU2; an Asus is - in the context of the Toppy - an Asus WL500gx or 500g deluxe. Both are small network devices; the NSLU2 is designed to allow you to plug USB drives into it, and makes them available on your network, while the Asus is a wireless access point with ethernet ports and USB connections. Both can have alternative firmware loaded on to them which effectively turns them into a small Linux system, connecting to your Toppy via the USB port, and making it available to other computers on the network, via a cable in the case of the NSLU2 or wirelessly for the Asus. Note that, in the case of the Asus, you must make sure you get the gx or deluxe version - other versions only have a USB1 port, which is much slower.

What mobile phone browsers can I use?

We have tested the service using a Nokia 6230, Nokia N70, and SonyEricsson P910i and it works with no problems. If you use one of the Opera mobile browsers, you should experience no difficulties.
With A SonyEricsson K750 and other phones with a similar browser, you will not be able to amend timers or set them for than 2 weeks in the future, nor will you be able to create searches.
The Siemens S55 and Nokia 1101 do not work with the service.
If you experience problems with your mobile phone browser, please let us know, but we cannot guarantee to be able to make the site work with every one. Remember that even if the mobile browser does not work, you can still set timers using SMS.

When I set a repeating timer, there's no marked in the EPG. Why?

The EPG only shows timers that are based on events. To set a repeating timer, you have to convert it to one that's based on the time of day. When you do this, the red R mark will disappear from the EPG - but don't worry. The timer is still set, and will still record. You can view it in the Timers list as normal.

Which version of ImproBox do I need to stop the jump to live TV?

No TAPs actually stop the jump to live TV, but the Premium version of ImproBox automatically resumes playback if the Toppy has interrupted you.

Whose fault is the expiring recordings?

It's a bit of both, to be honest. The TopUpTV system wasn't designed with PVR users in mind, but even so, the Toppy is supposed to decrypt recordings if the CAM isn't being used for anything else - like watching another pay channel, or playing back an encrypted recording. Unfortunately, a bug in the PVR means that the CAM is not always correctly allocated to a recording, and so sometimes they are saved partially or completely encrypted, and will subsequently expire unless you copy and decrypt them.

Are there any product reviews I can read?

Yes, and there are also some reviews of the TF5000PVRt, on which the UK model is based. You'll find them all via the Reviews section of our database.

Can I upgrade the hard disk?

Yes, you can. But do remember that doing this will invalidate your warranty. The Toppy uses standard PC ATA hard drives. Recommend drives to use are listed in this forum thread.

Can I use the SMS service from a non-UK mobile?

No. The text message service is, at present, only available to UK mobile phone users who are able to text to the shortcode 60300. Since the service costs money to provide, we would not be able to offer it to overseas users without charging a subscription, since we cannot charge their mobile bills directly. If your mobile phone supports web access, you should be able to use the Toppy Remote Control web pages to manage timers.

Can MyStuff ControlTimers search programme descriptions as well as titles?

No, not yet. It is however, planned for a future release.

Can the Toppy create Series-Links?

If you have a TF5800, bought before March 2008, then as it comes, the Toppy can't yet do Series Links, but features that can record whole series automatically are available from a TAP. Most of these use a programmes name or a key word to record every programme of that name or with that key word in the title. TAPs that offer this include MyStuff, Jags, and UKAS.
However, the new TF5810 model will provides series links, as part of the Freeview Playback functions, and these functions are also included in TF5800 firmware 5.14.08 and later, which can be installed on any TF5800.

Channels are being jumped over when using P+ P- buttons,

The Toppy is in favourites mode. "News" may appear top right of your screen when you change channels. Press List twice and select All Services.

Do I need two subscription cards if I want to record from two pay channels at the same time?

No. The Toppy is clever enough to manage this. If the CAM is not available to decode a programme - perhaps because you're watching another pay channel, or recording it - then the programme will be stored in disk in its encrypted form, and it will be descrypted when you play it back. You can also convert an encrypted programme to unencrypted while you're watching it, or leave the Toppy to do it while you're away. You'll need to decrypt programmes before you can do anything with them on your computer.

Does Jag's EPG support the Description Extender TAP?

At present, version 2.x does not have support for the Description Extender TAP, though this functionality is expected in version 3.x.

How can I switch to multi-channel view? Pressing the guide button again just closes the EPG.

This occurs as the default settings assign a different key for the second guide button. To use the same button to switch between views, set option 12 (First EPG Button) to Guide, set option 13 (Second EPG Button) to Guide, set option 14 (EPG view for the first EPG Button) to Now, set option 15 (EPG view for the second EPG Button) to Switch, and set option 25 (EPG Mode (default)) to Now. (From: Post by Frank_Keane on forum)

How do I add channel logos to ImproBox?

Download the ImproBox channel logos file from the TAP library on this site.
1. Unzip/extract the contents of the logo zip file and you should find two folders named TV and Radio.
2. Create a new folder entitled ChannelLogos (with no gaps between the two words), and then place both the TV folder and the Radio folder inside the ChannelLogos folder.
3. Using Altair transfer your new ChannelLogos folder into Programme Files (not Auto Start) on the Toppy.
4. Go to options/settings menu in ImproBox and select reload Channel Logos. It is very near the bottom after the numbered options, so you can scroll up to get to it quickly. (From: Forum post by CD3660)

How do I add new channels to the Toppy?

One way is to go to the installation menu, choose Service Search and do a full search again. But if you know what multiplex the new channel is on, you can add it very quickly, by following these steps. We'll look at the example of adding Men and Motors.
1. Go to a channel that's on the same mux as the new one; in this case, it's the same as The Hits (1 or TMF (21), so either of those will do. When the info box appears, look to the right of the channel name for Ch followed by a number. This is the UHF channel number. For the Crystal Palace transmitter, it's 29.
You can also see the UHF channel number at the bottom of the channel list that appears when you press OK or List - just highlight a channel, and the number will be shown below. 2. Press the Menu button and select Installation, then Service Search.
3. On the Service search screen, set the first option to Manual. Move down and on the Service line use the left and right arrows to change the number to the UHF channel number that you noted in step 3. You'll probably see the picture in the corner change to one of the channels on that multiplex.
4. Move down to Start Search and press the OK button.
Your Toppy will now scan all the channels on that multiplex, and give you a list showing both the TV and radio channels, which should include Men and Motors or whatever other new channel you're trying to add.

How do I find out which multiplex a channel is on?

You can find out the multiplex that a channel broadcasts on by looking at this page from the Digital TV Group, which shows all the current services, and the multiplex on which they are carried. If a new channel launches, you can add it quickly by following the FAQ on this site, and tuning first to another channel on the same multiplex. Often, announcements or news stories about new channels indicate which multiplex will be carrying it. Knowing which multiplex a channel is on can be helpful if you're having reception problems too - you can see if other channels on the same multiplex are affected.

How do I find out which tuner is being used?

Use PiP and then press the white button. This will show you a sub services listing. For each channel you scroll to, it'll show either T1 or T2 for the tuner it will use for that channel. (From: Forum post by HydeTheDarkerSide)

How do I use the Your tools section of the site?

To use Your tools, you need to register as a user on the forums, and then enter your forum login and password in the box at the top right of the screen. You'll see a new menu of options appear. As well as the options on the menu, you'll see a new link in the information box for software downloads, labelled ?Add to my files? which you can click to add a file to your personal download list.
Use the ?Change my settings? link on the Your tools menu to customise the site appearance and options for notifications.

How much does the text message timer service cost?

To use the text message service, you have to register a mobile phone number, for which we charge £1.50 via your mobile bill. When you send a message to register, set timers or searches, we don't charge you, but your network may charge a fee for sending an SMS. We will send you a confirmation message, costing you 25 pence, either when we receive your text message, or when your computer retrieves details that have been set by SMS, for which a charge of 25 pence will appear on your mobile bill.
You can choose whether to receive confirmation messages when we receive your text, or when your computer retrieves the details.
You will not be charged if your computer checks for messages and finds that there are none, or when timers and searches set via the web are retrieved.
If you have requested confirmation when your computer retrieves timers and searches, and you delete an SMS timer or search before it's retrieved, you won't be charged. Conversely, if an SMS timer or search has been retrieved by your computer, and you mark it as unretrieved, you may receive confirmation if it's retrieved again.
More details are provided on the SMS pricing page.

How much have I spent on SMS commands?

If you click the Account Info link from the main Remote Control page, and then SMS log, you will see a summary of messages we have received from you, and messages that we have sent or will be sending to the mobile phone currently registered to your account. At the bottom of the page, you will see a total showing the cost of messages sent, the cost of those still to be sent, and the total.

I am getting an "Old Version" message. What does this mean?

Each version of Jag?s EPG expires after a certain date, to ensure that users upgrade to the latest version. If the version you?re using has expired, it will fail to run, and the message "Old Version" will appear on the screen. Visit the main Jag's EPG topic in the TAPs section of the forums for the latest version. (From: Jag's EPG Manual)

I got an update email, but there's no new version of my favourite TAP

Updates are sent whenever the information about a TAP or a bug is changed, so we could have added a new link for the download, or clarified the description. Although we try only to do that when there's a new version available too, it's not always possible, sorry.

I have deleted a recording by mistake. Is there a way to undelete.

Not on a standard Toppy. There are some TAPs that provide solutions such as a trashcan feature, as described here.

I have duplicate copies of some channels. How do I delete them?

You can delete a channel using the channel list; press List on the remote control, highlight the channel to delete then press Red for options, and choose the delete option.

I have Jag's EPG set to run a daily channel scan, but EPG data still seems to be poor. Can I improve it?

The Freeview EPG can populate poorly for many users, and so even a daily channel scan can fail to pick up a lot of data. There are two settings that can improve the EPG data somewhat. Firstly, increase the scan time for each channel (option 7). Anything up to 120 seconds may be useful. Of course, this will dramatically increase the overall scan time, so you may want to consider altering option 6 to scan a finite number of channels. Don't forget to alter the actual timer to reflect the new scan time required by Jag's EPG (available from option 6)! Another setting is the newly-introduced 'Save EPG buffer automatically by time' option (option 38). This can be set to save EPG data in the buffer every 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes to the Jag's EPG buffer file. This can drastically improve the situation.

In addition to these changes, there could be a limitation with Jag's EPG itself; it has a limited capacity in terms of the amount of data that can be stored for each channel. In an attempt to improve EPG problems in the UK, Jag released a special version, 50x512, which has a fixed capacity for 50 channels and 512 events for each. Though a lower number of channel capacity compared with the standard version, it supports more events (the standard version only supports 256). More information can be found in the Jags EPG thread in the forums.

I'm on the original TF5800 firmware. How do I use the AutoDST TAP?

You will need to install the TAP in the usual way; you can download it here, and if you have not installed TAPs before, have a look at our Guides area for more help. AutoDST should be put in the AutoStart folder, and it runs when the Toppy starts, adjusts the time offset is necessary, and then quits. This means that if you leave your box turned on, it will not update the time until you turn off and then on again.

I'm trying to move through time in the EPG, but using the arrow keys doesn't seem to do this.

The arrow keys are used for what is known as standard mode. TimeLine mode can be achieved using the PiP and TEXT keys to move back and forward respectively in 15 minute intervals. The reason for this setup is due to remote control differences in international models (|< and >| exists on the TF5000, whereas the TF5800 has PiP and TEXT).

I'm using a different model and I can't find the Auto option on the Time Offset menu

The Auto offset option is not available on all Topfield models and firmwares. You may need to update your firmware, and it's unlikely the option will be found on models sold in areas that have variable changes to and from summertime.

Is there a way to make the timers list in Jag's EPG appear in order of time by default? It always resets itself after a reboot.

This occurs as a result of the setting not be saved. To overcome this, enter the Jag's EPG Timer List, sort the timers by time, press Exit (to the EPG view), and press the red button to save these settings as the default view. (From: Post by Jag on forum)

My text message timers didn't work. Can I have a refund?

Sorry, no. We can't guarantee that text message timers will be reliable, because there are too many links in the chain - your mobile network, our mobile gateway service, then the programs on your computer and the TAPs on your Toppy. We do the best we can, but we offer the service with no guarantees, as the agreement you had to click on before using it explained.

My Toppy has some channels numbered 1000+.

First, check you have up to date firmware - see the first answer in this section.
If you do have an up to date firmware, then you may have some duplicate channels. It is advised that you delete them. This can be done by hand. Press List - go to duplicated channel - press Red and choose delete from the menu. TAPs such as Channel Manager can be used for deleting duplicates automatically.
See this thread for more.

My Toppy isn't waking up to record

If your Toppy fails to wake up for record, you should disconnect it from the mains, by turning off at the wall or unplugging for a minute or so, and then switching back on. This usually cures the problems, which is also indicated by the front panel display not changing correctly to indicate channel numbers or playback/record status. Also you consider patching your firmware with the T2 patch. See this thread for more details

Pressing the Blue Button in the EPG does not do anything. Should it?

It pages through the extended information; that is not usually broadcast in the UK; so the button does not appear to do anything.

Should I leave my Toppy switched on over night so that the daily channel scan can complete?

No; it is important to ensure that the Toppy is switched off before the channel scan commences. If this is something that could be a problem, the PowerManager TAP may help. The Toppy must be switched off as the Jag's EPG TAP must start up in the defined time window (03:00-07:00 by default, though this can be altered in the settings menu).

Some channels have been stored with the wrong number. What can I do?

If your PVR picks up channels from more than one transmitter, you may end up with extra duplicates, and some channels stored with numbers starting at 1000. You can delete the channels manually, but a better solution is to do a factory reset, to delete all the channels. Then, use one of the reception sites found in our Links database to find out which UHF channels carry the correct digital signals for your area. Instead of an automatic search, perform a manual search, just on those UHF channels; there may be up to six to scan. Also consider the ChannelManager TAP which automates the process. This can be obtained from the TAP library

The clock stays on when the Toppy is brought out of standby.

Go to standby; unplug at the mains, wait 30 secs and plug back in. *This is assuming you are not running the TF5000 Display TAP. If you are check you have not set it to display clock rather than channel No.

The message 'Old Version' is appearing on the screen. What do I need to update?

This message is produced by some versions of Jag's EPG, which have a built in expiry date, to ensure that people don't carry on using beta software. To stop this message appearing, update to the latest version of the software. You may need to delete saved EPG data files, using Altair. This message cannot be cured by updating the firmware on your Toppy.

The Toppy is displaying an incorrect time.

Go to Menu ? System Settings ? Time Setting ? change both Mode and Time Offset to AUTO.

What commands do I use to program my Toppy by SMS?

The SMS help page explains the commands that you can use.

What do 4:3 and 16:9 mean?

These are 'aspect ratios,' or the ratio of a screen's width to its height. A standard TV is almost square, and if it were 40cm across, it would be 30cm high (4:3). The standard for widescreen television is 16:9, so if a set were 48cm across, it would be 27cm high, and so on. Some programmes are displayed in a compromise ratio of 14:9, which is designed to provide a letterbox effect on a 4:3 set without large black bars top and bottom.

What do I need to access Setanta?

You will need a CAM and a subscription card; you can use an existing TopUpTV CAM and card, as the same encryption system is used for both.

What do I need to access TopUpTV services?

You will need a subscription card, and a CAM. Note that you cannot presently subscribe to TopUpTV without also buying their new Anytime PVR.

What is Freeview Playback?

Freeview Playback is described briefly in the glossary. There is also a separate FAQ category covering it. The TF5800 does Playback features in firmware versions before 5.14.08, , though there are some TAPs that can take advantage of the data being transmitted and provide similar functionality on earlier firmwares. See here for a discussion of these.

What's the largest hard disk I can use?

We have had reports of disks at least as large as 400Gb being used. You can find some information in the Hacks section of our links page. Remember that you need to choose a drive that does not consume much more power, or generate much more heat, than the original drive fitted.

When going through the Programme Guide the little picture stays on the channel I was watching.

This is a feature. On early firmware versions the picture did change as you moved through the EPG. This was not popular and it slowed down navigation as the tuner had to change channel to permit it.

When I click a link on the forum's Services menu, I'm returned to the index again. Why?

This happens because the server has not been able to work out your forum user name, which usually means that you are not logged in to the forums. You need to sign in to the forums, and then make a selection from the Services page. You also need to make sure cookies are being accepted from this site. For more information, see the Services help page.

When I turn the Toppy off, I see four flashing dots on the display

This means that the box, or some of the software on it, has crashed. Sometimes, it is possible to recover by simply pressing the power key on the remote control for a second time. If this does not work, you should unplug from the mains for about a minute, then plug back in, and normal behaviour will resume.

When playing back recordings from Film4 there are picture break ups and/or gaps in the soundtrack.

Tune to the Film4 channel then start the replay.

Whenever I'm watching back a previous recording Now&Next keeps popping up every minute or so, how can I stop this?

Set Option B2 to No

Where can I find out more?

The DTG has information on its web pages, including a brief overview of AFDs and a PDF document on Recommended receiver reaction to aspect ratio signalling.

Why can't I use the SMS service without registering a mobile?

We ask that a mobile is registered before using the service to ensure that we have your up to date details, and that your timers are only set by someone who has your forum user name and password. By charging for registration, we discourage people from attempting to guess other users' details.

Why do I have to pay to set timers via text message?

We don't charge you for setting timers; your mobile network does. But we do charge you 25p for the confirmation message you receive when your computer fetches timer details that you set by text message - so if there are lots of timers set, you'll only pay for one confirmation message. We'd love to do this free, but it costs us money for the text message short code and delivery service.

Why does it take so long to receive confirmations?

Confirmation messages are sent asynchronously - that means that we don't automatically send a message as soon as something happens to trigger it. Instead, we check periodically for messages that need to be sent out, so you won't necessarily receive a confirmation the instant you register, or try to set a timer. We do this because it allows us to ensure that the SMS service, our server, and your computer can all work independently of each other, without having to wait for messages to be sent. Additionally, remember that mobile networks can sometimes be slow at delivering text messages, especially at busy times of year.

Why does Jag's EPG appear when I try to use MHEG services like BBCi?

You have probably set one of the activation key options to the OK button. Since TAPs cannot tell when interactive services and digital teletext are active, they will still respond. You need to assign one of the other keys on the remote to call up Jag's EPG, instead of OK. Alternatively, the MHEG version of the Remote Extender TAP has been designed to modify the firmware in whilst in memory, allowing a key that has been assigned to a TAP to also be used correctly by interactive services. More information can be found the Remote Extender thread in the forums.

Why does MyStuff not work properly with WSSKiller?

Support for WSSKiller was added in version 4.54b. After some tweaking, full functionality was seen in 4.54c, so it is recommended to use this version (or newer, if available) to get full WSSKiller support.

Why have I had more than one confirmation for the same timer?

If you have asked for confirmations when messages are retrieved, we send a confirmation when your computer retrieves a timer that was originally set by text message, and we then mark the timer as retrieved. However, if you use the web page and later mark the timer as not retrieved, or choose to cancel the recording, this will send the timer information to your PVR again, and another chargeable confirmation message will be sent to you.
If you request confirmations when we receive messages, and then after we have confirmed a message, but before it is sent to your PVR, you then request confirmation when messages are retrieved, you may also receive additional confirmations.

Everything worked fine for me before the September 2005 update, so why change?

Although some people were happy with the way the Toppy handled widescren before, it was not compliant with the DTG guidelines. In particular, older material broadcast by the BBC could not be zoomed to widescreen, and there was no support for 14:9, which is a useful facility for those without widescreen sets.

How can I get help with a problem

If you need telephone help, you can contact Turbosat, who provide the customer service for Topfield in the UK, on 01795 429 666. Remember that they cannot offer support on TAPs, which are written by independent authors. You should start your PVR without any TAPs running before calling for help, to see if they are causing the problem. Use the search tool on this site to search for words that might describe your problem, and try asking for assistance in the forums, too.

How can I get P+/P- to page through channels when the Now & Next is displayed?

Install the RemoteExtender TAP

How do I setup the channel scan?

First enable the scan in the EPGnavigator Settings screen. Select a start time for the scan when the PVR will not be in use, since the scan will change channels a number times. The default is to run a scan at 3am.
Next, the PVR has to be turned on for the duration of the scan. So either leave the PVR on overnight, or set a non-recording timer to start at the scan start time. The Settings screen has an estimate of how long the scan will take, so set the timer duration to this time + 5 minutes, just to be safe.

How to re-order TAPs using the basic firmware or a purpose-built TAP

When more than one TAP uses the same button, it is sometimes necessary to re-order them in terms of which loads first so you can determine the functionality of the buttons. For example, when using MyStuff and Jag's EPG, it is necessary to load MyStuff before Jag's EPG to make the Guide button display the MyStuff EPG as opposed to the Jag's EPG. To do this, move all TAPs out of Auto Start (into the Programs folder will do). Then, record a program for a couple of minutes. Now, move the TAPs back into Auto Start in the order that you want them to load. Lastly, delete the program you recorded in (2).

Alternatively, there is now a purpose-built TAP called TAP Commander that will change the loading order without having to undertake the above process. (From: Forum post by chunkywizard)

I can't fix my problem. Can I email someone for help?

Please do not email the site administrators or forum moderators asking for help solving your problems. The best place to ask for help is via the forums; the site admin and moderators post there, as do many other knowledgeable people. They already give up lots of time to keep the site running, and they can't give individual support by email as well. You will receive a much speedier response by using the forums.

I cannot record programmes and all hard drive related functions are greyed out. Why?

Your hard drive is not operating properly. This could be due to few different of problems. Note: please be aware that opening up your Toppy will invalidate your warrantee. 1) you have a faulty PSU and it is not supply enough power to the hard drive for it to function correctly. Do a forum search for "molex" to diagnose this problem, the solution is to repair (difficult and inexpensive) or replace (easy and expensive). 2) Your hard drive has died. Try it in a PC with software that will let you read Toppy data to confirm. 3) Your front panel has died. Confirm it still operates by using the buttons on it.
You may wish to read more about these issues by doing a forum search.

I used to be able to do X on older firmwares. Now I can't. Why?

Since the September 2005 update, the Toppy is now outputting signals to indicate the type of material you're watching via both the SCART connector and a technique called WSS, which is embedded in the picture. Your TV may be using the WSS information to override settings that were previously made available. The Toppy is now compliant with the DTG guidelines.

Where can I buy one?

There are several places where you can buy your Toppy. For the latest information, check out the Shops section of the site.

Why can't it be changed to do X?

The widescreen information now conforms to the standard; it is unlikely that Topfield will alter the software to make it non-compliant, just to work with other equipment that may itself have widescreen problems.

I have found an error/ omission in the manual, what do I do?

Either post to the MyStuff thread or PM Chunkywizard and it will be fixed.

I keep experiencing crashes due to low system memory, what can I do?

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your TAP memory footprint. First of all, reduce the number of TAPs. MyStuff only really needs RemoteExtender, DescriptionExtender and eit2mei (or another EPG source) to run. To reduce the memory requirement of MyStuff you have a number of options. First of all you can reduce the size of your MEI file. This can be done by reducing the amount of channels you have or you scan. Also if you have greater than 75 ControlTimers you might find if advantageous to refine them. To do this, either delete some (turning then off doesn't help) or else narrow their search by restricting the channel, time or day they search on.

Why is the program description truncated?

Program descriptions can be up to approximately 256 characters long. But the PVR only makes the first 127 characters available to a TAP. It is possible to show the full program description by running the Description Extender TAP. Add this TAP to the AutoStart folder, and then in the EPGnavigator Settings screen, tell EPGnavigator to use this TAP. If you already have a full set of EPG data, then the existing descriptions will be updated, but this may take a while.

I want to stop using Jag?s completely, can I do this?

Yes you can. Use Bawbagg?s Jags2MST timer conversion utility to convert the timers and use the eit2mei TAP to create a Freeview.mei file to replace the Jag?s daily scan. You then have to select eit2mei in Option H3.

My options change between shutting down MyStuff and restarting, how do I fix this?

This could be down to rogue .lnk files in the MyStuff directories. Try deleting all .lnk files and see if that cures your problems.

What happens if I delete a channel?

Many people delete channels that they never watch, and the PVR allows this to be done at more or less any time. EPGnavigator will detect the deleted channel quite quickly and will automatically refresh it?s copy of the channel list. It will also retain almost all of the current EPG data.

When I have finished watching a recording, can you make White delete it straight away or have MyStuff jump to the Archive when I press stop?

The easiest way to delete a recording is, whilst the recording is still playing, press Archive then White to delete. We do not plan on changing this behaviour.

My EPG Scan timer is named as a programme in the Timer screens, why?

You need to name the watch timer something that starts with ?EPG? for MyStuff to recognise it as a Scan timer. If you do this it will be named correctly in the archive. To create a timer you can use a TAP like UK Timers or Jag?s or else do it from the standard Toppy interface. To do this press Menu: Recording: Timer Setting and then press Red for a new timer. Note that you need to set up all the details including the name of the timer before setting it to non-record. Although the name will disappear it is saved correctly.

What happens if I add a channel?

If you run a channel search and add a new channel, then EPGnavigator will detect the new channel quite quickly and will automatically refresh it?s copy of the channel list. It will also retain almost all of the current EPG data.

Does EPG Navigator support favourites?

EPGnavigator just uses the simple PVR channel list. Favourites are ignored.

My timers keep disappearing, why?

If timers are set by another TAP that uses a non-standard name format with prefixes or suffixes, then MyStuff will delete them unless told not to. To avoid this set Option D5 to CTs Only or None.

I am trying to use MyStuff favourites but they are not displaying properly in the EPG, why?

Was the .mcl file created on a Mac or Unix machine? If so this may be due to a different end-of-line convention. Make sure the file has a Windows-style end-of-line sequence, i.e. CR + LF

I have a keyword defined and it is not matching any programmes even though I can find them in the EPG! Why?

Check you have no spaces at the end of the keyword, this could cause the problem. You can check this by going into a ControlTimer keyword. If the cursor is not highlighting the last letter of your keyword you have a space (or spaces) at the end. These can be deleted by pressing the STOP button.

In playback, pressing number keys jumps to % played, how can I stop this so Simon C's QuickJump TAP handles my number keys in playback?

If you want Quick Jump or any other TAP to respond to the number keys then that TAP must be loaded before MyStuff. Look at Tap Commander for more information about changing the load order. http://www.toppy.org.uk/downloads/taps.php?tc=all

I want to migrate my key word timers from Jag?s to MyStuff, how do I do this?

If you have a lot of timers it is recommended to look at Bawbagg?s Jags2MST application. If you have a few, write down your timers from Jag?s EPG (Keyword, Channel, times to search between) and then create a ControlTimer for each. When you have done this you can delete the Jag?s Search. CT?s will override any timer set in Jag?s EPG so you do not need to bother deleting existing timers or worrying about duplicates.

How long does it take to create ControlTimers if i've used Jag's in the past?

It should take about 15 minutes to set 10 timers by hand (if the programme is not displayed in the EPG) or even less time using Bawbagg?s Jags2MST application. If the programme is in your EPG data then they can be auot-created with the Slow-Mo button and should take less than 1second each!

MyStuff is missing the end of programmes off of recordings, why?

First, check you have got padding set (Option D1/Option D2). If you have and you are still missing the ends of recordings it could be for 1 of 2 reasons. Firstly, it could be that MyStuff has automatically reduced the padding on a programme so that it is possible to record another programme back-to-back. Secondly, it could be that your padding is not large enough.

I tried to set a back to back recording on the same channel but I couldn't, why?

If you are running 4.53 or later then check to see if you are trying to set the second of the back to back recordings after the first one has started. If this is the case then you can not set the second recording until the first has its padding reduced to accommodate the whole duration of the first recording.

MyStuff seems to be slow when ControlTimers are Loading and Searching, why?

The more ControlTimers you have, the longer this process will take. However the search time can be greatly reduced by refining your ControlTimers to narrow the selection. A quick way of doing this is to limit them to one channel, rather that All.

Can MyStuff be used on other Topfields other than the ?5800?

Yes. We have reports of success in Germany on the TF5500 and also Sweden on the TF5100PVR and TF5100PVRc.

Why does the Toppy crash when I try editing a timer name?

There is a bug in the UK Timers TAP at present, and if you try to edit a timer name that is more than around 30 letters long, it will crash. As a general rule, if the name of the programme doesn't fit into the box in the UK Timers display, don't try to edit it. Instead, edit timers via the Toppy's main menu; press Menu then select Recording, Timer Setting, and change things that way. You are likely to get over-long timer names if you use some TAPs that automatically add dates and times to the end of recordings that they set.

Can MyStuff fix the ?jump to live bug??

No, but you can resume the last played recording by pressing Slow. Also there is a TAP which works with MyStuff to fix this bug called mcgCYRResume. Note that the latest firmware (5.12.88) also goes part the way to fixing this bug.

When are you going to release the next version of MyStuff?

When it?s done.

I use other TAPs for setting timers but want MyStuff to adjust timers when the schedule changes, can I do this?

You can set Option D5 to All if you use a TAP but are sure that this will not change the timer names, e.g. if you use Jag?s EPG and don?t apply date/time features to timers, don't apply any padding, and don't have timer manipulation set to combine or cut timers. In this instance it would be as if MyStuff had created a one-off timer itself and could therefore adjust it. The settlings you need to set for Jag?s EPG version 2.7D are as below: 1. 00:00 2. 00.00 4. Off 5. Off 33. Off 35. Off

How can I get Jag?s EPG to appear after MyStuff when pressing Guide?

The order TAPs are loaded in effects which TAP appears on the first press of the Guide button. To get MyStuff on the first press it must load before Jag?s EPG. To do this you must move all TAPs out of Autostart, record 2 minutes or so of a programme (this effectively overwrites where the TAPs where on the disk) and then load the TAPs back in the order you want them to load. After this is completed you can delete the programme. Alternatively, you can also set the load order of TAPs using the TAP Commander TAP if you are running the December firmware (5.12.25).

How can I get the Description Extender TAP working with MyStuff and Jag?s?

As MyStuff gets its data from Jag?s EPG, you have to be running a version of Jag?s EPG that supports extended descriptions, i.e. version 3.x. Please note: if the Logical Channel Number option is enabled in Jag's EPG, the format of the CSV file exported is different to that exported by version 2.x, which causes MyStuff to crash. This is due to be addressed in the next version of MyStuff, but in the meantime, do not use the LCN option in Jag's EPG 3.x, or use version 2.x.

The guide button doesn't work and I get a message saying I have no EPG data, why?

The guide button is disabled if you have no EPG data available. To cure this use eit2mei (or another MEI programme) to create an MEI and then load it using the option at the end of the MyStuff Menu. After this is done your guide key will work.

I use Jag?s for EPG data but there is nothing in the Grid EPG, what?s wrong?

Check Jag?s EPG is exporting a .CSV file (Option 39 in version 2.7D) and check MyStuff Option H1 is set to Never and Option H3 is set to Jag?s. After this make sure the EPG data is loaded by rebooting the Toppy.

I can not see any information in MyStuff when listening to the radio, why?

To get MyStuff to work with Radio you need to use EMJB's OneList TAP. See: http://forum.toppy.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7449 for more details

How can I get MyStuff to show film ratings?

The standard EPG data does not support this information currently but this can be obtaining using MEI data from the Radio Times. See section 4.1 of the MyStuff manual for more details.

I like a certain feature of Improbox, can it be implemented in MyStuff?

Feature requests can be submitted via the MyStuff thread in the Forums.

I have found a MyStuff_U2 file on my hard drive, what is this?

The _U2 (and _U3, _U4 etc.) are files to support multiple users. If you no longer use this function then these, along with _Users.dat, are safe to delete (Although they will do no harm if left)

I have ?WARNING: MyStuff has advanced the start time of this program by XX minutes due to bad EPG data? against a recording in the Archive, why?

This problem is caused by bad EPG data of the following form:

BBC1 8:00 to 8:30 Celebrity Singing with Fish On Ice
BBC1 8:20 to 9:00 Celebrity Singing with Fish On Ice Extra

So the second program starts before the previous one has finished, which it can?t. So, when MyStuff loads the EPG data that contains this info, MyStuff will adjust the start time of "Extra" to be 8.30 (i.e. it assumes the previous programme info is correct, and adjusts the start time of the second one accordingly) and Add the warning to the programme description of ?Extra?.

When does a ControlTimer search for new programmes?

On booting, loading new EPG data, setting of a new search, editing any searches, changes CT priorities or deleting of any timers (just to check if any clashes can now be set).

I have created a new skin but it crashes my Toppy, why?

Check there are no extra spaces in the document and no values above 255 in the RGB values. It should then work.

What Skin is used in the manual?

It is based on BlackTwo by Markus with some slight changes to make use on the new skinning elements in 4.5x. The original can be found BobD's Home Page.

Can I give you money, or help?

Of course - we'd be delighted. You can find out more on this page.

Who runs this site?

This site is run by Nigel Whitfield, with help from other volunteers. It's entirely unofficial, and independent of Turbosat and Topfield. For some credits, visit this page, and apologies to anyone we forgot.

Still not found the answer?

If you’ve not found the information you’re after, why not ask in the Forums, or check to see if there’s a detailed guide to the topic you’re interested in? You can also use the site search box to search the text of all our FAQs and other information for keywords.

Thanks to everyone who helped compile the FAQs we use on this site. They come from a variety of sources, and we’ve tried to credit them where we can. If we’ve missed anything out, please let us know!