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Bravo review (from Product reviews)

One of the latest reviews of the Toppy, this one's from Bravo's web site. A bit odd, since if you bought one, you'd not be able to watch Bravo on it, but we're not complaining about a good review like this.

Computer Active review (from General links)

This review of the Toppy appeared in Computer Active earlier this year, before the first software update added features such as bookmarks.

Installing a fan in a Topfield PVR (from Hacks and enhancements)

If you are concerned about the heat produced by your Topfield PVR, this guide will show you how to add a fan to keep it cool.

Ivory Sky TF5800 review (from Product reviews)

A UK user's blog review of the TF5800.

Project X guide (from FAQs and guides)

This web site contains a user guide to the Project X software, which is a Java application that you can use to convert video to and from the format used by the Toppy.

PVR World (from General links)

This site provides links and information for other PVRs in the UK, so you can find out about the other models besides the Toppy.

PVR World (from User forums and sites)

This site provides forums for lots of different PVRs, including a Topfield section. It's probably one of the best places to ask questions about other models.

TF5800 remote codes for Philips Pronto (from User forums and sites)

A set of remote codes for the Philips Pronto, from one of the forum users on this site. For details about this file, refer to this discussion thread.

Topfield Australian TV ads (from Official Topfield sites)

Flash versions of 3 TV ads for the Topfield PVR.

Wolfbane digital TV reception predictor (from General links)

This useful page - part of the Wolfbane reception information site - will predict digital TV coverage for a UK postcode or Ordnance Survey grid reference.

More links

Adding a larger hard drive to a Topfield (from Hacks and enhancements)

This forum thread contains much useful information about which hard drives work best in the Toppy, as well as other hints and tips for those who want to try upgrading their PVR

Asus WL500g custom firmware (from Hacks and enhancements)

This site provides information and downloads for Oleg's custom firmware which can be used to allow the Asus wireless router to run additional software, including puppy and ftpd-topfield.

Asus WL500g forum (from Hacks and enhancements)

This forum provides information about the Asus Wl500g series of products, inlcuding the WL500gx wireless access point, which can be used to network your Toppy.

Australian user reviews (from Product reviews)

This page contains user reviews from Australian users of the TF5000PVRt.

Automatic recording (from Hacks and enhancements)

This page gives information about how you can use a program called tfSeasonPass to automatically record your favourite shows, by transferring a list of required timer events from your PC. You also need some EPG uploader software too. Since this isn't a simple 'click and run' solution, we've filed it here, instead of under FAQs and Guides.

AV Forums (from User forums and sites)

AV Forums is a UK site for discussion of a wide range of topics concerning audio-visual equipment. It has a section specifically for PVRs, along with other related discussion areas, but the main focus of the site is on general AV matters.

BBC reception information (from General links)

Reception information from the BBC. Click Transmitter Alerts link on this site to find out if any work is being carried out on the digital transmitters in your area.

Björn Böckle's TAPs (from TAPs)

Home page for several TAPs, including Screen Capture, Movie Progress and Low Free Space.

Channel and multiplex listings (from General links)

This page from the Digital TV Group lists channels carried on each multiplex along with their LCNs.

Computer Active review (from Product reviews)

Written by your very own webmaster, this review was written before any of the firmware updates for the TF5800, so the box didn't have bookmarks, for example. Now, I'd probably have given it a higher rating.

DBA forums (from User forums and sites)

This link will take you to the Topfield TF5000PVRt thread in the Digital Broadcasting Australia forums, which you can read without registering. Although some information is specific to Australia, some will also be relevant to the UK and other countries.

Development tools (from Hacks and enhancements)

Topfield's own compiler distribution isn't available any more, but at Berlios, you can find a toolchain that will let you create TAP on a range of platforms.

Digital Spy (from General links)

UK site covering digital broadcasting, with news, forums and programme related material.

Digital Spy forums (from User forums and sites)

UK based forum; this link will take you straight to the Digital Video Recorders section of the site. You can read without registering.

Digital TV Buyer (from General links)

This seems like a user's review of the box, and was written last April, so some of the information - like TAP compatibility - is a little out of date.

Digital TV Group postcode checker (from General links)

Use this page to check coverage for digital TV broadcasts in the UK, through your existing aerial. You'll need to know your postcode to find out about likely reception. Note that this site does tend to err on the cautious side, so you might get better reception than it actually suggests. We're using the link intended for retailers, which is not as cautious as the consumer one; you might also like to check the Wolfbane site as well.

Dolby ProLogic II explained (from FAQs and guides)

Freeview does not carry true Dolby Digital 5.1. If you have an AV Amp with ProLogic II however you can get simulated surround sound from either the Toppys phono or optical output. This site explains.

DTG (Digital TV Group) (from General links)

This organisation is responsible for managing standards for digital television in the UK, and publishes material including technical references on issues like widescreen support.

German forums (from User forums and sites)

German language forums for Topfield users.

Home Cinema Choice (from Product reviews)

From September 2006, this review puts the Toppy up against some of the competition, including the Humax 9200.

Home Cinema Choice (from Product reviews)

From the August 2005 issue of What Video, here's another flattering review of the TF5800.

How to plug in your Topfield TF5000pvrt (from FAQs and guides)

This Australian retailer guide gives an explanation of how to connect up your Topfield PVR, whether you're using SCART, Composite video or S-Video. It should also be useful for UK owners of the TF5800, which has the same set of connectors on the back. The site also includes a quick tuning guide, though that may be less applicable to the UK.

Marc's Topfield Site (from User forums and sites)

This site includes links to some downloadable TAPs, and plenty of other information for Topfield users, but it is in German.

MPEG Streamclip (from Macintosh software)

Software for converting MPEG streams from the Topfield PVRs so that they can be burned to DVD for archiving. This package runs under OS X, and includes functions to connect to the Topfield and transfer files in both directions - so it can also be used to upload TAPs to your machine.

Noates.com (from Macintosh software)

Noates.com is home to several great tools, including MacTF, a MacOS X application designed to copy data between a Mac and a Topfield PVR, via a USB connection, MacTF-EPG, which can be used to download an EPG to the Toppy, instead of the Freeview one, and will even set timers for you, and ToFi, which is a firmware updater for Mac users.

Offeryn DV software (from PC software)

This is the home site for a piece of software called PVAStrumento, which is freeware for the PC, capable of converting the recorded stream from a digital TV station into the appropriate format for burning on to a DVD.

Official TF5800 UK brochure (from Official Topfield sites)

This link will take you to a downloadable PDF of the UK brochure, for the TF5800PVR. If you don't have Acrobat, which you'll need to read this file, you can download that from Adobe.com.

OpenWrt (from Hacks and enhancements)

OpenWRT is an alternative firmware that can be installed on a variety of equipment, including the Asus WL500gx, turning it from a dedicated router into a more general purpose Linux system, capable of being used to connect to your Toppy over a wireless network.

Project X forum (from User forums and sites)

German language form for matters related to DVB, including a dedicated section for Project X.

Puppy (from Hacks and enhancements)

Puppy is a project to provide a connection between a Topfield PVR and an ethernet network. It's based around a special version of Linux that runs on an NSLU2 - a Linksys device that normally works as a file server for USB drives plugged into it. By changing the firmware on the NSLU2, you can use it as an ethernet connection for your Toppy, but this project isn't for those who are afraid to do some fairly technical work. Puppy can also be compiled to run on desktop Linux, and on the Asus WL500gx.

PVR UK (from General links)

This is a general site for PVRs in the UK, with reviews, how-tos and news.

PVRs in Australia (from User forums and sites)

This personal page gives a brief overview of the PVR situation in Australia, which may be of particular interest because of the overview of the Topfield PVR50000t that it contains, including a brief mention of how the writer was able to convert files for watching on his Mac.

PVRUK (from General links)

Not to be confused with PVRuk.com, this site carries some news and other information about PVRs for UK users, including links to some suppliers and tips on upgrading certain models. It also has a forum of its own, though it doesn't appear to be as busy as some others.

Quick guide to using Sizzle (from FAQs and guides)

This page is a quick guide to using the freeware Sizzle application for Mac OS X, which enabled you to build DVD disk images.

Quicktime 6 or 7 MPEG 2 component (from Macintosh software)

If you don't already have this, you will need it to perform some conversions between the streams recorded on the Topfield and suitable formats for converting to DVD, or editing on your Macintosh. You can find more information about whether or not you're likely to need it by reading the information on the MPEG Streamclip page.

Radio and Telly reviews (from Product reviews)

This page on the Radio And Telly website has several customer reviews of the TF5800

Satvision TF5000PVRt review (from Product reviews)

The TF5000PVRt came best in a test run by the German magazine Satvision. This link will download the PDF of the review from Topfield's Korean site. Needless to say, the review is in German.

Setanta Sports (from General links)

Setanta operates a range of pay sports channels; the link will take you to the page on their site with details of the new service available to Freeview homes. You will need a CAM to access the service on a Toppy.

Step by step guide to hard drive updates (from Hacks and enhancements)

This Australian forum thread gives a step by step guide to upgrading the Toppy's hard drive

Steve Larkins' TF5800 review (from Product reviews)

Another review of the TF5800, from a 'Sky & Freeview self help site'

T3 Australia review (from Product reviews)

The May 2004 issue of the Australian edition of T3 magazine carried a review of the TF5000PVRt. This pdf is also hosted on the Topfield Korean web site.

T3 UK (from Product reviews)

Another great review of the Toppy, this time from the UK edition of T3 magazine.

TAP and software directory (from TAPs)

This site contains a pretty comprehensive list of Topfield TAPs - small applications that can be downloaded to your PVR to enhance it. It's divided into sections, and the site is also available in German. It also contains download links to some other PC and Macintosh software that you can use to enhance your PVR.

TAP World (from TAPs)

A comprehensive site for TAPs and other Toppy related software

TF5000PVRt Australian manual (from FAQs and guides)

Australian user manual for the TF5000PVRt

TF5000PVRt English manual (from FAQs and guides)

This is the manual for the TF5000PVRt, described on the Topfield web site as English (except Australia). If you want a rough overview of how the UK TF5800 will work, this should give you a pretty good idea.

TF5800 remote codes for Philips Pronto (from User forums and sites)

This link will take you to www.remotecentral.com, and the page for a CCF file with the key definitions for the TF5800.

TFtool (from PC software)

This package allows you to read and write discs from a Topfield PVR that have been connected directly to your PC, ie removed from the Topfield.

TMPGenc (from PC software)

Software for Windows to encode and burn DVDs. You can find instructions on Tony's Topfield page that explain how this software can be used, in association with ProjectX, to burn DVDs from files transferred from your Topfield.

Tony's TAPs (from TAPs)

Use this link to go straight to the list of TAPs on Tony's Topfield page. Most of these are written by him, and there's a wide range, covering all sorts of functions. If you like any of them and find them useful, why not click his PayPal donate button?

Tony's Topfield page (from FAQs and guides)

This page is an invaluable resource, with plenty of links, and information on how you can convert recordings to watch on your PC or burn to DVD.

Topfield API documentation (from Hacks and enhancements)

Documentation and examples for v1.11. A newer version was released in March 2005.

Topfield API documentation v1.20 (from Hacks and enhancements)

API documentation and examples for TAP developers. This link is to the latest version, 1.20, released 17th March 2005.

Topfield Australia (from Official Topfield sites)

Topfield Australia's site has more information about the TF5000PVRt, which is the basis of the UK TF5800PVRt. There's also an official forum, for which you need to register, even if you just want to read messages.

Topfield Australia Forums (from User forums and sites)

The official forums on the Topfield Australia site. You need to register to read as well as post, but it's free, and there's an awful lot of information there, including discussion on TAPs, helpful hints on connecting to your PC and a section specifically for new users.

Topfield EPG daemon & Driver's seat (from PC software)

Windows software that allows you to download TV guide information from the internet, and use it on your PC to set timers, which can be transferred to your Topfield. There's information here on how you can set up an automatic scheduled task on your PC, which will collect 7 days of information from the net, and automatically set recordings of all your favourite programmes. It's an Australian programme, though, so you may have to do some fiddling if you're using it in other countries.

Topfield Europe (from Official Topfield sites)

Official German site. Some of the forums on this site are in English. Direct links to those are in the Forums section of our links pages.

Topfield Europe forums (from User forums and sites)

These are the official European Topfield forums; most discussions are in German, but there are also sections specifically for english and other international users.

Topfield main site (from Official Topfield sites)

Topfield's main site, in both English and Korean. Contains details of most of the products, and downloadable scans of some product reviews.

Topfield meets the Mac (from User forums and sites)

This site, intended for Mac owners with a Toppy, includes tips and troubleshooting, plus guides for converting files and other useful links.

Topfield UK (from Official Topfield sites)

This site is run for Topfield by Turbosat, and has details of the rest of the product range, as well as the TF5800

Toppy and Ubuntu (from Hacks and enhancements)

This forum thread explains how to set up access, including the Guppy graphical tool, to your Topfield PVR from Ubuntu Linux.

TopUpTV (from General links)

TopUpTV is a pay service operating on the UK digital terrestrial system; their present service is based around a special PVR which downloads and organises programmes overnight. You can no longer subscribe to their original service, and though the Toppy can record from the new one with a suitable card and CAM, you can?t sign up without paying for their PVR.

Twin tuner PVR comparison (from General links)

This helpful table, compiled by a member of Digital Spy, compares features for several of the twin tuner PVR models available in the UK, so you can see how they all stack up against each other. You'll also find a link on this page to a picture of the Topfield remote control.

VideoRedo (from PC software)

According to postings on one of the Australian forums, this shareware package will read the files recorded by Topfield (and other) PVRs, allowing you to edit them to remove adverts, or select scenes that you want to keep.

Wolfbane TV Reception (from General links)

This site includes a wealth of information about TV reception in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, including coverage maps for analogue and digital, channel listings and coverage predictors.

XML TV (from Hacks and enhancements)

This site contains information about XMLTV - a web standard for describing TV listings, which is also used by some of the Topfield EPG programs.

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