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Introducing Topfield’s new UK model

We’re pleased to be able to announce that there will be an updated Topfield PVR for the UK market, which should be available around Christmas.

TF5810: HDMI, Freeview Playback and more

The new model will be called the TF5810, and although some details are yet to be finalised, we can be certain of others. The most important for many people is the addition of Freeview Playback functionality. Playback is the branding and additional broadcast information that allows PVRs to automatically track changes to programme schedules, so that even when a show starts late, it’ll be recorded correctly, and will also provide a Series Link, so you can capture all the episodes of a series easily. Of course, you can do much of that using the current TF5800 with TAPs, but the new model will manage the same tricks right out of the box.

The 5810 will also sport an HDMI socket, and be able to upscale transmissions, which may appeal to those who have an HD Ready TV set, though it’s not designed to receive HD transmissions themselves. There’s a redesigned case, too – we’ve seen a mock-up, but it may be tweaked slightly – which has a much cleaner look than the current model, and adds a VFD (vacuum flourescent display), allowing the display of things like channel names, rather than the numbers and short words of the 5800’s 7-segment display. As soon as the design’s finalised, we’ll bring you a photograph.

How much?

Exact details aren’t yet confirmed, but the new model will come with a larger hard drive than the 250Gb TF5800, and when it’s introduced we expect that it will cost around £300, fairly comparable with the original price of the 160Gb TF5800 – so start saving now, and dropping hints for your Christmas list.

Coming up on the 5800

And, to reassure TF5800 users, the existing model will continue to be supported up to and past Digital Switchover, and will receive an update with Freeview Playback features too – the 5810 will be the first model with Freeview Playback, and the code will then be added to the TF5800. We’ll provide more news of that as soon as we can.