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A new look for the TF5800

The TF5800 was introduced in the spring of 2005, and though it’s had numerous firmware updates since then, the design of the case has remained the same – until now. We can exclusively unveil a new look for the 5800, which will be available as a Limited Edition of 1,000 units. It will be available through Turbosat, the UK distributor, and the link at the right will take you directly to their order page.

New 5800 - click to see larger image

Far from being discontinued, the 5800 has a new look and a new lease of life

What’s new?

Essentially, the facelift version is exactly the same as the original TF5800, but it has a slightly changed model reference, and is officially labelled the 5800PVRt – the original was missing the “t” from the end of the name. The front panel bears the Freeview Playback logo, and there’s also a new system id, 458, which is the number that appears when the box is powered on. Other than that, there are no differences.

If you think the new box looks familiar, you could be right. It’s the same case as a satellite receiver that appears in one of the banners on Topfield’s Korean sites.

The first hint of a new design came with the release of some of the Freeview Playback test firmwares last year, where the new system id was first spotted, and Topfield’s web site now lists the 5800PVRt alongside the 5800PVR - but looking exactly the same. So, while it seemed at first that the new model designation and system id just referred to those units that had left the factory with Freeview Playback firmware, we now know that there’s been a more substantial change in appearance. Click here for a pop up guide to identifying UK models.

Although billed as a limited edition, we understand that if the new look is popular, it may replace the older style for the 5800, which for now continues to be available through the usual retail outlets, alongside the 5810.

We think the new design looks much more modern and sleek, and perhaps even gives the styling of the 5810 a run for its money. Join in the discussion in the forums and let us know what you think.