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TF5810 – first photo

It’s almost here - the new Topfield 5810 will be arriving in the UK shortly, and we can now show you the first photograph, courtesy of Turbosat, the UK importers.

Proudly presenting ...

TF5810 product shot

You can click on the photo to enlarge it. As you can see, it’s marked as “Yet to be confirmed” but we understand the only differences will be minor cosmetic things. We aren’t yet sure if it will be available in both silver and black – we hope to have more news soon – but we have seen an image of the unit with the metal parts of the front panel - above and below the black display strip – in silver. The Freeview Playback logo will be just to the left of the DVB logo on the front panel.

We hope to bring you more photographs soon, including a shot of the new remote.