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Toppy Awards Nominations

As part of the recent Black & White competition, we asked you to nominate the people whom you thought had done most for the Toppy community in the UK. The top eight nominees from the UK are listed below, and we’re asking all forum members to vote for the person that they think deserves to win the award this year - the person who received the most votes will be awarded a Polar White TF5800, courtesy of the official distributor, Turbosat International.

To vote, you'll need to use the link in the right hand column of this page; even if you think you already know which way to vote, please take the time to read through the nominations first.

Who was nominated?

As well as the eight people listed as eligible for the prize, some nominations were received for people who aren’t eligible to win; that includes Nigel Whitfield, who runs this site, and forum members DeadBeef, Firebird, Jag and KidHazy, for their firmware patches and TAPs - as the prize is a UK-specific PVR model, it can’t be awarded to people outside the country.

There were many nominations; the eight people with the highest number of nominations are eligible for the public vote. They’re listed below, in alphabetical order of their forum name, together with the reasons why you might want to consider voting for them.

Voting will close on Monday 21st of May.


bdb has written numerous TAPs, including one which provided a fix for a serious problem with the Toppy crashing last summer, solving the problem far faster than Topfield’s engineers. He’s also responsible for TAPs that provide series link information and working on porting Linux to the Toppy.


Bellissimo is responsible for a few TAPs, including Media Manager, which as well as replacing the standard Toppy archive, also provides enhanced MP3 and photo playback facilities. He also created SuperPiP, to provide extra picture in picture options.


The author of MyStuff, this TAP is viewed as indispensable by many users of the TF5800, with its smart ‘control timers’ allowing you to search for programmes to record, whatever time they’re on. In their nominations, many people claimed that MyStuff has transformed the Toppy for them.


In addition to the MyStuff manual, chunkywizard has been nominated by many people for his help and asssistance on the forums, where he provides assistance with a wide range of problems.


DGB’s alternative EPG, EPG Navigator, is reckoned by many people to be a great alternative to the built in one, uncluttered and simple to use - but still with plenty of useful features, including a link to the UK AutoScheduler TAP for automatic recordings.


DX has done much work on useful TAPs that tend to sit behind the scenes, such as eit2mei, which is an essential tool for those using MyStuff; he's also worked on other TAPs related to the EPG, such as a series link TAP that uses the new Freeview Playback data, and helped troubleshoot some of the widescreen handling issues on the Toppy.


EMJB is one of the hard working members of the team behind this site, responsible for keeping the library of TAPs and other software up to date - and he’s also behind some TAPs of his own too, including the signal strength and channel manager TAPs that can help eliminate duplicate channels and the problems that they cause.


Simonc’s TAPs provide useful functions such as quick skipping through adverts and enable other people's TAPs to access the full programme description, which would otherwise not be possible on the TF5800. He's also behind the first tool that allows Toppy users to connect to their PVR from Windows Vista, and devised methods to allow one remote control to work with two TF5800s.