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Firmware updates made easy

We’ve made changes to the Firmwares area on Toppy.org.uk to make it much easier to find the best firmware to run on your Toppy PVR, and to simplify the update process for people who might not have done it before.

Update confusion

With so many firmware versions available for the UK Topfield models, and not enough time to update all the information on the site, it’s become quite tricky for people to work out which is the best firmware to use on their PVR, and which are the essential patches to fix problems that Topfield hasn’t yet addressed, and so we’re pleased to announce the Toppy.org.uk recommended firmwares. These firmwares include reliable and tested fixes that improve the operation of your PVR, and will be updated from time to time with new changes if they become necessary.

All the firmwares available from the downloads page include essential fixes for channel scanning issues, which mean you can rescan for new channels, or as part of digital switchover, without channels ending up on the wrong numbers.

Toppy firmware loaderAs well as firmwares — which you’ll be able to recognise because all Toppy.org.uk recommended firmwares will have version numbers ending with the letter T — there’s also a special Windows installer tool, which will automatically fetch the most up to date firmware from this site, before installing it on your PVR for you, without having to learn how to use the Topfield Windows tools.

And, as the final piece of the jigsaw, we’ve also given the firmware download page a make-over, to provide all the information you need in one place, with instructions for Windows, Mac and Linux users. The page now has a printable mode too. The old firmware page has been renamed the firmware database, and is where you can find official Topfield firmwares.

What about Topfield?

Though there has been little sign of new firmwares from Topfield lately, we’re assured that work is slowly progressing, with the intention that a firmware be broadcast over the air sometime in the next few months. When that happens, the Toppy.org.uk recommended firmwares will be updated, too.

In the meantime, rest assured that you can install our recommended firmwares on your PVR without affecting the warranty. If you’re at all worried, you can always revert to an official Topfield firmware without any difficulty, simply by installing it using the Topfield tools, or ToFi if you’re a Mac user.

If you are presently using a MyStuff recommended firmware, note that the Toppy.org.uk recommended ones are identical, with the exception of a couple of patches that are included for MyStuff users, but are omitted from our firmwares, to ensure wider TAP compatibility.

For more information about the new firmwares and how to install them, visit the download page by clicking the Toppy firmwares link in the left hand navigation menu.