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New Freeview+ firmwares now available

New firmwares for Freeview+ have been released on the Topfield.co.uk web site, for all UK terrestrial models. Freeview+ is the new name for Freeview Playback, the software which provides automatic series links, and tracking of schedule changes.

A trio of firmwares

Three firmwares are available to download; version 5.15.09Plus is for the TF5810, while version 5.14.09Plus is provided in versions for the TF5800PVR and TF5800PVRt; if you’re not sure which version you’ll need, click the link in the right hand panel for a guide to identifying your PVR. You can download the firmwares directly from the links at the right, or by visiting Topfield.co.uk.

This firmware is only available for download, and will not be transmitted as an OTA (over-the-air) update.

What’s changed?

These firmwares fix some – but not all – of the issues found with the original Freeview Playback firmware, as well as addressing some other concerns. In particular, they make the collection of the programme guide data more reliable, which helps to ensure better performance for series links. They also include a fix for the changes to Freeview that have caused channel scanning issues for people, as well as improving the responsiveness of the system. A full list of changes is included in the downloadable file, and on the Topfield.co.uk web site.

We recommend that all TF5810 users install this firmware, which will improve the performance of their systems. If you are using a FreeviewPlayback firmware on a TF5800 (either version), and you wish to continue using FreeviewPlayback, then again, we recommend that you update to this firmware.

However, if you do not use the Freeview Playback features, and have a TF5800PVR with the system ID of 456, then you may be better off using the Unofficial Firmware referred to in this news article, which will be more compatible with any TAPs that you use.

If you have previously installed the Unofficial Update pack on a TF5810, then this firmware provides equivalent functionality, but without the need for the companion TAP included in the Unofficial Update, which you should remove from your PVR if you install firmware 5.15.09Plus.

What’s not changed?

Just as important are some of the issues that have not been changed in this update. The Freeview+ firmware still has a limit of sixteen series links, and you should not use the built in series link facility if you are also setting timers via TAPs.