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We’ve had a makeover

As you can see if you’re reading this, we’ve given the site a major makeover, and we hope that it will make the information on the site much easier to find.

New navigation

The first thing you’ll notice is the new navigation panel at the left of the screen, which gives you easy access to all the different parts of the site. The Toppy graphic at the top of the screen will always take you back to the home page, wherever you are.

Meanwhile, the panel at the right will show additional options, appropriate to the section of the site you’re looking at - and registered forum users can sign in with their forum name and password to customise some elements, such as the number of news items shown, or the number of software updates.

Signing in

We’ve also made it easier to use Toppy Remote Control; you don’t have to sign in again if you’re already logged in to Your tools; just click the Set timers link in the right hand panel instead. If you want to go directly to the TRC pages though, you can still sign in in the old way, and it’ll look just the same as it used to if you access it from a mobile phone.

For new users

We’ve added a new section of the site just for new users, which includes a couple of quick guides – we hope to add some more soon – and the complete text of the UK manual, so you can look things up very easily.

Quick searching

The left hand navigation panel provides two search boxes; the first does a quick search of the FAQs and Guides on the site, while the second lets you search the forum easily. And talking of the forums, if you click on the Profile link at the top of the forum page and change your Board style setting to ‘Toppy2’ you’ll have the new left hand navigation panel available all the time.