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Firmware 5.13.40 OTA update

The latest firmware for the TF5800, version 5.13.40, is scheduled for its first broadcast from the 15th to the 19th of March. That means that you can update your PVR without needing to connect it to a computer. This news article explains what changes you’ll see, and how you can do the update.

What’s new?

The new features you’ll notice in version 5.13.40 will depend on which version your PVR is running. Although we recommend it to everyone, if you have version 5.12.88 (last July’s “Bastille day” update) or later, there are only minor differences. Those include a fix to a problem some users had when editing files, and some channels being duplicated if you rescan.

If you’re still running an older version, the most noticeable change you’ll see is that when you browse through the Electronic Programme Guide, the channel no longer changes. You can find out what changes there were in the July update by clicking Documents at the left of the screen and choosing ‘User contributed guides’ then downloading our guide to the Bastill day update.

If you run any TAPs on your PVR, then you should read the guide – and check that you have the most up to date versions, as some older ones may have problems, and the information in the guide to the July firmware is still relevant for version 5.13.40; it will also explain how you can update the firmware from your computer if you miss the OTA (over-the-air) broadcast.

Who can install the update?

One of the main points of this firmware update is that it can be installed on every Toppy shipped in the UK; some of the most recent ones sold have a slight change to some of the components, and so can only run more recent versions, and aren’t able to run the Bastille day update, which was our recommended version.

However, if your current firmware version is before 5.12.00, then you won’t be able to do the update over the air; you can see the current version by pressing Menu, then selecting Information and then IRD status - the firmware version is called ‘Application version’ on the screen that will appear.

How to install

The update is a repeating broadcast, from around 10am on the first date until 9am on the last date. During that time, you can do the update by turning your PVR on and then pressing Menu on the remote. Select Installation, then press OK and then select System software update. The PVR will display a screen telling you that it’s searching for the update; be patient – it may take several minutes to find and download the update. When it’s been downloaded, you’ll be asked if you want to perform the update. Choose Yes, and then wait while the new firmware is installed.

You don’t need to do a reset of your PVR after the update, but you are advised to check all your settings and make sure that they are correct. If you see the word “News” appear at the top right of the screen after changing channels with the P+ and P- buttons, a group of favourites has been selected – some users have reported that happening after performing firmware updates – and you can solve the problem by pressing the List button twice, then selecting ‘All services’ and pressing OK.

Don’t worry if you miss the update – it’s scheduled to be broadcast later in the month, and again in subsequent months, and we’ll give the dates as soon as we have confirmed them.


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