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See Prince live at the O2 Arena, 20th September 2007

Thanks to Turbosat, the UK distributor of the Topfield product, we have eight tickets for the Prince concert, live at the O2 Arena on 20th September 2007. You’ll be able to join representatives from Turbosat and Toppy.org.uk in the Turbosat hospitality suite to enjoy one of the most widely praised concerts in London.

How to get a ticket

The number of tickets is limited, and we’re offering them in a closed auction, to help raise funds to pay for the hosting of the site. Please read the rules at the right hand side of the page to make sure you understand the eligibility.

To stand a chance of getting a ticket, you need to send a pledge to admin @ toppy.org.uk via email, saying how much you are willing to pay, per ticket, and whether you want one or two. The auction will close on Friday at noon, and we will attempt to contact the winners before Monday, so please ensure you supply contact details, including your forum user name. Bids will be chosen in order, starting from the highest, until all eight tickets have been allocated.

Successful bidders will have to pay the amount of their winning bid within 48 hours of notification, or another winner will be chosen.