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Over the air firmware update broadcasts from 17th December

The first Over-the-air (OTA) firmware update for the TF5800 will be broadcast from10am GMT on Saturday 17th December 2005, allowing users who do not have their PVR connected to a computer to update to the latest firmware.

Firmware version 5.12.25

The new firmware, which is already available to Toppy.org.uk forum members, provides better stability, and a new resume playback feature, together with improvements to the interactive (MHEG) support.

It will be broadcast from1000 GMT on Saturday until 0900 GMT on Monday, 19th of December, on both the engineering channels.

To be able to perform an OTA update, you will need at least firmware 5.12.00; you can check the version of firmware installed on your PVR by pressing Menu on the remote, then choosing Information, then IRD Status. The Software Version is the firmware.

If the number after TF-NPT starts with 5.11, you will not be able to perform an OTA update, and you should follow the links on this page to find out how to do an upgrade via your computer instead. Note that it is now possible to perform an upgrade using a Mac or Linux computer, as well as Windows.

Performing the update

Performing an OTA update is very straightforward, and should only take a few minutes - though since this is the first time it’s been done, you may want to check the forum thread linked to this article for feedback from those who have done it before you.

During the period when the update is being broadcast, turn on your PVR and tune to a BBC channel.

Press Menu on the remote control, and from the main menu, select Installation, and press OK. Next, choose System Software Upgrade and press OK again.

The PVR will start to search for a software broadcast, and will display any that are found. When the firmware update is shown, select Yes to install it, and the upgrade will be performed.

Note that, while we have advised that you do a factory reset after previous updates, this firmware update has been designed to ensure that that is not necessary. You should simply be able to carry on using your PVR as normal after the update. However, we would recommend using a TAP such as UK Timers to back up your scheduled timers before upgrading, just in case of any problems.