What's new
  • We have had our lounge fireplace restored, and a new wood burning stove has been installed.
  • Last year we had a velux window installed in our bathroom. See the process as it happened.
What's not

This site is very much a work in progress and is an opportunity to share (indulge) some of my hobbies, photos, family life, and, frankly, anything else which pleases me. If it pleases anyone else out there, then all the better. It is also a vehicle to improve and expand my web skills.

As such, it should (hopefully) be improved upon and evolved at regular intervals, depending on how much spare time I have. If you have any suggestions for content or enhancements, please let me know. You can e-mail me by clicking here.

For best results, view this website using the Mozilla Firefox browser, which you can download by clicking here. It's soooo much better than Internet Explorer, that once you switch, you won't look back.

I have recently been experimenting with creating an iPhone app, it's available now and it's called My Mortgage Mentor.

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