Below is a list of TAPs that complement MyStuff and are mentioned in the manual

EPG2MEI - The default MS6 EIT data collection TAP by R2 (included in the Installer)
eit2mei - The default MS5.x EIT data collection TAP by DX
TAP Commander - SimonCs TAP manager. Great for people that want command over their TAPs
ChannelOrganiser - EMJBs TAP to allow channel rescanning, favourite edits, and various .ini updating. Essential.
Font Manager - Bellissimo's TAP to allow MyStuff to display any windows Font (included in the Installer)
MHEG Control - EMJBs TAP for managing Interactive Services
TAP Launcher - EMJBs TAP to launch other TAPs on demand
MEISearch - rwgs fantastic TAP for genre/ keyword based searching of program titles and duplicate detection and episode grouping. It also allows the setting of ControlTimers.
SecCache - R2s TAP for implementing an efficient cache to prevent unnecessary processing of EIT sections, drastically reducing the load on the Toppy during normal viewing
Extend - R2s TAP for adding automatic recording extensions based on the Accurate Recording signals (included in the Installer).
FastScanGUI - R2s TAP for performing a fast scan for (DVB-T) services, based on a simple selection of your local (UK Freeview) transmitter
EIT_sub - R2s TAP for a simpler, faster and more robust replacement for the Toppy's complex EIT collection setup