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MyStuff 6.5 Manual

MyStuff is a highly configurable Toppy UI replacement, with enhanced features such as key word search timers, optimised padding, auto-filing, playback jumping, skinning and favourites support. This is the homepage for the official manual written by Chunkywizard with help from the rest of The MyStuff Team (Bawbagg, BobD, Hyde, Juwlz, Mark_B and Wildoat) as well as jamespoth and mavison.

MyStuff65Manual.pdf (last updated 20/08/13)


Old Versions

If you would like to see what the old versions looked like they are below. Note that these are only useful to see how MyStuff has improved in the last year, please refer to the latest version above if you have any questions!

MyStuff64Manual.pdf (last updated 17/05/11)
MyStuff63Manual.pdf (last updated 29/12/10)
MyStuff62Manual.pdf (last updated 13/04/10)
MyStuff61Manual.pdf (last updated 11/11/09)
MyStuff6Manual.pdf (last updated 26/8/09)
MyStuff562Manual.pdf (last updated 29/4/08 - new features of 5.62)
MyStuff561Manual.pdf (last updated 15/3/08 - new features of 5.61)
MyStuff56Manual.pdf (last updated 24/2/08 - new features of 5.6)
MyStuff551Manual.pdf (last updated 21/12/07 - new features of 5.51)
MyStuff521Manual.pdf (last updated 8/2/07 - new features of 5.21)
MyStuff52Manual.pdf (last updated 5/2/07 - new features of 5.2)
MyStuff51Manual.pdf (last updated 10/1/07 - new features of 5.1)
MyStuff5Manual.pdf (last updated 23/12/06 - Minor corrections)



If you have found an error or omission from the manual then please mail me or contact me via the forums at toppy.org.uk


MyStuff 5.x/6.x Logos

I also maintain a set of logos for MyStuff, they can be downloaded at the links below. Please see the manual for details on using these. They should be placed at \ProgramFiles\Settings\Logos\

logo.dat (Last updated on 23/04/2014)

Zips of the .gifs used to make these .dats are also available here and here