Development Work

Stuff that's experimental, in development, or just a bit silly.

— Patches —

There are a number of patches which are currently not included in the PatchPackV2.

AuNo Autostart
CpClick Push
EdEIT Disable
EpEPG Play
ErEIT Run Stat
EtEPG Transparent
ExExcept 64
FlFlen Fix
GfDebug FP Recv
GsDebug FP Send
HsHalf Scan
 KeKeyboard English
 NnNo Norm StartCh
 NpNo Play StartCh
 NrNo Idle Reenter
 NsNo StartCh
 OkOK Swap Recall
 P4Playback Buffer X4
 PdPower Off Deselect
 PfPresent Following
 RmRemote Map TF5810
 RnRecord NIT
 RxRemote TF5810
 SfStandby Fix
 SxSpecial Fixes
 TaTimer API
 TcRec Cancel TS
 TqTAP Quit
 TtTAP Timers
 UaUSB All Files
 UcUSB Read Callback
 UsUSB Serial
 UxUSB Super Turbo
 UyUSB Super Turbo B
 WeWakeup Early

Most patches should apply to most TF5000-series Toppys. If a patch is not described as specific to a particular range of firmwares and it does not apply to (or work on!) your firmware then you may be able to request support by posting a message in the appropriate thread. Note: this is especially true now with the advent of complex patches that have to be built for specific firmwares and cannot be applied generically.

— TAPs —

This collection of TAPs are in development or purely for monitoring or analysing specific problems.

— Code Snippets —

Short snippets of code that seemed to be useful to somebody at some point.