A small collection of small TAPs.

Other TAPs may be found in the Development Work section.


This TAP intercepts the Accurate Recording data (i.e. "Now & Next") and places bookmarks in recordings when programme transitions occur on that channel. This should mean that the first bookmark is placed at the beginning of the programme being recorded (with subsequent bookmarks for start of subsequent programmes). This TAP will only work on recent TF5800 firmwares, since the EIT data collection mechanisms vary a lot between models. AccurateBM_logged is a logging version that can help show why bookmarks are sometimes missing or inserted in the wrong place (due to the data being wrong or not available). There is a list of other patches and fixes needed to get the Toppy to collect data more reliably. (Note: this has been superceded the Accurate BM [Ab] patch which uses a much more robust EIT collection mechanism and is much more widely applicable to Toppy firmwares.) (Thread)


Building on the AccurateBM functionality, this TAP adds automatic recording extension based on the Accurate Recording signals. Extensions are only made if it is safe to do so (i.e. if the extended recording will not clash with a timer) and if the channel is on-air and has EPG data (the included .ini file contains appropriate channel info for the UK's Freeview broadcasts). (Note: this has been superceded Extend which uses a much more robust EIT collection mechanism and is much more widely applicable to Toppy firmwares.) (Thread)


A bespoke TAP created for a particular forumite who wanted old recordings to be deleted in favour of new ones when the disk was getting near full — this version only deletes from the top-level of /DataFiles, while AutoDelSub will only delete from a sub-folder of /DataFiles. (Thread)


Once run, this TAP will prevent you playing the "ads" sections before the first bookmark and between subsequent pairs of bookmarks in a file. It's like a virtual CutAds. (Thread)


Provides more information on the serial port about a crash/exception, including short memory dumps around the exception code and stack points, a trace back of the function calls that led to the exception and a list of current TAPs (and their locations). (Thread)


Removes the adverts (indicated by bookmarks) from a recording. The bookmarks will need to be placed manually, with the first one at the start of the programme. The Bookmark [Bm] may help when doing this. The cutting is more accurate than the native Toppy editing but may still leave a small (audio and video) glitch. JoinAds can reverse the actions CutAds. (Thread)


Splits recording files at the position indicated by bookmarks, enabling programmes in "merged" recordings to be separated into individual files. The bookmarks may be have been placed automatically by AccurateBM or added manually via the playback search bar. JoinFile can reverse the splitting done by CutFile. (Thread)


This copies serial output to the screen. (Thread)


This will deselect the Toppy's AV when it has started itself from standby for a recording. Any button press on the remote will reselect the Toppy AV in case you decide to start watching it while it's recording. Thanks to mvordeme, v1.1 will detect the Deselect [Ds] patch and just do its reselecting job in this case. (Thread)


The Toppy's EIT data collection add and delete routines can easily create duplicate entries, clogging up the space and causing other errors. This TAP replaces those routines with correct ones. To reduce problems from CRC errors, the EIT CRC Fix [Ec] patch should also be applied. (Thread) (Note: this TAP has largely been superseded by the EIT Dup Fix [Ef] patch.)


A simpler, faster and more robust replacement for the Toppy's complex EIT collection setup, which also enables Plug EIT [Pe] to work more effectively. (Thread)

The Set 'n' Go version EIT_Sub_SnG exits once it has done its job and replaced the EIT collection mechanism, so cannot be disabled. (Thread)

The Now & Next version EIT_Sub (N&N) collects only the Present/Following information (not the rest of the Schedule). This will enable things like Accurate BM [Ab] and Extend to work even if you are using external EIT data. (Thread)


A bespoke TAP created for a particular forumite to investigate slowdown which was thought to be a problem with the firmware's EIT collection. (Thread)


This TAP reinstates the channel changing as you browse the Toppy's native EPG (only applies to newer TF5800 firmwares). EPGChChangeSub takes this a stage further: it makes the main display transparent (according to your settings) and uses the PiP for the preview window of the EPG channel (retaining the main service picture [and audio] in the background). (Thread)


Adds automatic recording extension based on the Accurate Recording signals (i.e. "Now & Next" programme transitions). The Header Event [He] patch is an essential requirement for correct working. This TAP supersedes AccurateBMExtend since it uses a much more robust EIT collection mechanism and is much more widely applicable to Toppy firmwares. (Thread)


Performs a fast scan for (DVB-T) services, based on a simple selection of your local (UK Freeview) transmitter, or more generally by making a selection of specific VHF and UHF channels. After this TAP has been used, all subsequent Auto scans will use this optimised list and be fast, but a Factory Reset will restore the old, slow mechanism. This TAP is a friendly alternative to FastScan which performs a similar optimisation but based on your existing found channels. (Thread)


A radical improvement on the Toppy's winding speeds, with some extra features for stopping at or before the last viewed position. Use the Click Push [Cp] patch to allow this TAP to use the normal fast forward and rewind buttons (rather than the arrow buttons) — in this case you will need to press and hold the button to activate this faster winding instead of the normal winding. (Thread) (Note: slower but smoother fast winding up to an internal 16x is provided by the Wind Faster [Wf] patch.)

ExtCmdEnable [Gx]

A patching TAP that enables the Extended Command Console on the serial port of the TF5800 (and maybe some firmwares on other models). (Thread)

HDFW v1.1a

The first TAP to flash a firmware on the Toppy (developed with lots of help from FireBird). (Thread) This has been superseded by FireBird's HDFW v2 which has a much prettier GUI and can also apply firmware patches. (Thread)


A debugging TAP to monitor and log memory usage, with a warning if it gets low. This was written in collaboration with mike.hinson to help try to diagnose the USB memory leak when transfering files in non-turbo mode (and helping Mike with this is what got me started in TAP programming). (The USB leak is fixed by the Plug EIT [Pe] patch.) (Thread)

mheg_state [Mh]

A TAP which performs a small patch to enable TAPs to notice when MHEG screens are displayed — a function that is normally provided by the Remote Extender TAP, so this tap is useful if you're using the Rem Ext [Re] patch. There is also an MHEG_State [Mh] patch, with the main difference being that the TAP ought to work on future firmwares, whereas the patch will need to be updated when new firmwares are released. (Thread)


Inspired by FireBird & DeadBeef's MPDisplay, this TAP enhances the information displayed on the Masterpiece Front Panel (as found on the TF5810) and is designed to be option-less and a lot closer to the sort of information DeadBeef's TF5000Display gives on the normal LED display of most other Toppy models (such as the TF5800). (Thread)


A simple TAP which shows the 15 different "fonts" the Toppy has, and the code shows how to use special character sequences for different colours. (Thread)


An efficient cache to prevent unnecessary processing of EIT sections, drastically reducing the load on the Toppy during normal viewing. There is a version optimised for the UK's Freeview (based on data collected from SecCache_Logger) and a much more memory hungry, generic version that should work in any region. And there is a debug version for both of these, to enable analysis of performance issues. (Thread)


A much more general version of the StartChannel TAP. It decides which channel should be started on booting based on the day and the time, it works on LCN and non-LCN Toppys, and can also select radio stations. (Thread)


A modified version of the StartChannel TAP that works using LCNs (and also does radio), so is more suitable for UK users. (Thread)


Dumps the timeshift buffer to disk if you are viewing it behind live and it is about to be lost (e.g. due to a channel change or a second recording starting). The Keep Timeshift [Kt] patch is an essential requirement for reliable operation. (Thread)


This TAP can reset the Toppy's USB system, which should help recover a stuck or hung connection (without the need to turn off the Toppy first). (Thread)