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TF5800 online manual

Welcome to the online edition of the TF5800 manual; these pages are based on version 4 of the manual, with the kind permission of Turbosat. We hope to be able to bring you the manual for the new TF5810 as soon as we can.

Since the manual doesn’t yet include information about the Freeview Playback features introduced in firmware 5.14.08, we’re produced a two page A4 guide in PDF form, which summarises the new functions. You’ll find a link to it in the All about... section of the right hand panel.

Navigating the manual

We’ve divided the manual into sections, matching those in the printed edition. But even so, the pages would be a bit too long to read easily on the web. So, each of the main sections is subdivided according to the various headings. When you go to a main section, you’ll see the first page of that section, and a drop down menu at the top of the page will take you to the subsections. At the bottom of each page, there’s a link to move on to the next subsection. And, of course, you can jump straight to any main section by clicking on it in the right hand panel.

On the summary page for each section, you’ll find a useful list of the remote control buttons that were described in it.


So you can go directly to any section, here’s a complete list of the contents:

Part 1 - Introduction and setup

Introduction; unpacking
Remote control buttons and their functions
Rear panel connections
Connecting up your PVR; connecting the aerial to your PVR; connecting the PVR to your TV; connecting to your HiFi system
Switching on for the first time; searching for TV and radio channels; basic system settings
Pay TV
Summary of remote control keys

Part 2 - Watching TV

Watching TV; starting to watch television; volume control; changing channels; radio channels
Electronic Programme Guide
Time Shift Television; rewinding TV; pausing TV
Summary of remote control keys

Part 3 - Recording and playing

Recording and playing TV programmes; how your PVR records
Instant recording; current event recording
Scheduled recordings; scheduling a recording using the EPG; altering the details
Viewing your recording schedule; scheduling a recording without using the EPG
Things you should know about recording on your PVR; dual recordings; watching television while dual recording; when recordings start or stop; leaving the PVR in standby; switching off while recording; how recordings are named
Playing back recordings; playback features
Bookmarks and resume play; after you’ve watched a recording
Summary of remote control keys

Part 4 - Extra features

Extra features; make the most of Digital TV; subtitles; soundtracks; picture in picture
Digital teletext; sleep timer
Organising channels; favourite channels; setting up favourite channels
Managing lists of favourites; watching TV using favourites
Organising recordings; renaming recordings; organising recordings; copying recordings; editing recordings
Additional playback & viewing features; playing back multiple recordings; slow motion; repeat playback
Parental lock; restricting access to recorded programmes; restricting access to TV channels; organising the channel list
Summary of remote control keys

Part 5 - The PC Connection

Installing the software and drivers
Connecting the PVR to your PC; using Altair
How files are organised on your PVR; transferring files

Part 6 - Advanced features

MP3 playback
Firmware updates; installing a firmware update via USB; installing a firmware update via a serial connection; installing a firmware update over the air
TAPs - additional software for your PVR; installing TAPs; starting TAPs; starting TAPs automatically; troubleshooting TAPs

Part 7 - Troubleshooting and How to

Troubleshooting; unexpected channel changes; failed recordings; PVR crashes; incorrect channel numbers and duplicate channels; unable to view pay TV channels
How to; adding a new channel; moving home; contacting support

Part 8 - Menu reference

Menu reference