Photo Manager 1.0

Photo Manager is a spin off from Media Manager, containing just the photo management functionality. Features include a flexible slideshow, photo playlists, fade between photos, anti-flicker filter, screensavers, and much much more.
If you would like to make a contribution towards all the hard work involved in the development of Photo Manager, then please click here:

Getting started

Download the TAP and copy it onto the Topfield, into the ProgramFiles or Auto Start folder. Then use the Topfield archive to highlight the TAP and press 'OK'. The TAP then runs in the background until it is activated. The default activation button is 'Recall'. Once activated, to configure the TAP, press 'Menu', or if you need help, press 'Text' when in any screen.


Photo Manager file list
photo manager photos

Photo Manager file list with folder preview
photo manager file list

Photo Manager thumbnails
photo manager thumbnails

Photo Viewer screen
photo manager photo viewer

Thumbnail screensaver
photo manager thumbnail screensaver