Super PiP 1.1b

Super PiP is a supercharged PiP TAP. It replaces the standard Toppy PiP behaviour and extends it to enable the user to resize and move the two windows in any way they like. This gives the ability to have a split screen view. In addition to this there are a host of other super features.
If you would like to make a contribution towards all the hard work involved in the development of Super PiP, then please click here:

TODO list

Below is a list (in no particular order), of all the features I plan to put in Super PiP in future versions. If you have an idea for a new feature, let me know and if I like the sound of it, I will add it to the list.
  • Full control of Aspect Ratios
  • Help screen

Changes since 1.1a

  • No longer creates the 'Fav' folder if it is not already there.
  • RemExt (Re) patch support.
  • TAPCommander support.
  • 5810 support.

Changes since 1.1

  • Fixed serious bug with 1.1 which meant that some non TF5800 users may have found that Super PiP did not activate. If you upgraded to 1.1 and found that Super PiP stopped working, then please try this version instead. I also advise that you delete \ProgramFiles\Settings\SuperPip.ini before starting 1.1a.

Changes since 1.0

  • Now possible to configure the activation keys for 'PiP' and 'Reverse PiP'. Note that on activation, it still has to simulate a 'PiP' key press, so if you have another TAP that intercepts this key, then it may not work as expected. A workaround would be to make sure that Super PiP is loaded as the first TAP.
  • New menu option 'Display channel info for x seconds'. This allows you to configure how long the channel details stay on screen when you press 'Info'.
  • When you are listening to a radio recording, pressing the 'PiP' key will put you straight into 'Radio mode'.
  • Now looks for *.mcl files in \ProgamFiles\Settings\MyStuff\FavLists.
  • The icon display for the active window has been advanced to allow two options. The first option is the current icon, the second option is to show a rectangular frame instead. The option has been renamed to 'Active window indicator'.
  • Fixed logic error with the 'Firmware hacks' option. Should result in less crashes for new users on firmwares which do not support the firmware hacks.

Changes since 0.9.1

  • New menu option allows you to specify the exact position and size of each of the windows. Press OK in the menu when 'Default window settings' is highlighted, and this presents you with a screen which allows to specify the positions and sizes to the exact pixel. Use Left (Vol-) and Right (Vol+) to amend the value by 1. Use << && >> to amend the value by 15.
  • Added the 'OK' key to the available list of configurable keys.
  • Prevent activation of PiP if another OSD is active.

Changes since 0.9

  • New menu option 'Reverse PiP key'. If you set this to be the 'PiP Swap' key, then when pressing this key, Super PiP will be activated with the windows the reverse way round to normal. i.e. the sub picture will become what is currently the main picture, and the main picture will become what would normally be the sub picture. This is useful if you want to watch what is on other channels during the ads, but want to monitor the original channel you were watching, but without the sound.
  • New menu option 'Topfield model'. For non UK users, set this to TF5000 and the 'Red' key will then open AND close Super PiP.
  • Improved stability for TF5000 users (hopefully). If you still experience a freeze when opening Super PiP, then it is a good idea to delete \ProgramFiles\Settings\SuperPip.ini and start the TAP again. This will revert all the settings to the default. The most likely cause of a freeze is if you turn on 'Firmware hacks'. The default is to have this option turned off.
  • It is now possible to configure the remote key behaviour when in 'Normal mode'. This means you can set it up so that particular keys may move or resize the windows etc., without having to enter 'Config mode' every time.

Changes since 0.8

  • Optional icon display indicates the active window or whether you are in radio mode.
  • Increased range of window sizes available when shrinking/enlarging.
  • New menu option to allow specification of a 'favourites file'. This file is in the MyStuff 'mcl' favourites format, and contains a set of LCNs (one on each line, see sample file in zip) which define your favourite channels. When selecting a particular favourites file in the menu, then only the channels defined in the file will be shown when changing channel up and down.
  • New menu option to turn 'Firmware hacks' on and off. This option defaults to 'Off', so for users who have had no problem with the normal version of the TAP, you will probably want to turn this 'On'. However, for users who have been experiencing problems with random crashes or freezes, then you have the option to leave the hacks turned off, and hopefully experience stability. (The firmware hack prevents the main window expanding to full size when accessing native Toppy functions).

Changes since 0.7

  • Masterpiece mode now works properly. The options menu now appears, and the colours are corrected. Many thanks to žnaKeEyež and Firebird for their help with this.
  • New menu option to configure the behaviour of the 'Recall' key in 'Config mode'. Set it to 'Snap to split screen' and it returns the windows to the default split screen positions. Set it to 'Snap to saved settings', and it returns the windows to the positions saved in the ini file.
  • New menu option to choose a skin for Super PiP. The default skin is called SuperPip.mcf, and this will be created in \ProgramFiles\Settings\Skins the first time Super PiP is started. By default the file is empty and the default colours are used, but in the zip file you will find a version that is populated with the necessary skin elements. You can edit this file and copy it over the default file to amend the colour scheme. Alternatively, you can use or edit an existing skin file. Note that the skin feature does not apply when in MP mode.
  • Most of the 'Config mode' keys are now configurable. Press 'Ok' when the 'Define keys' menu option is highlighted to get to the key editor.

Changes since 0.6

  • Super PiP can now be started when the Toppy is on a radio channel. The previously wathced TV channel becomes the main picture, while the current radio channel remains as the sound.
  • When in 'Config mode', pressing 'Record' permanently saves the current window sizes and positions.
  • These saves are kept in 'SuperPip.ini' which resides in \ProgramFiles\Settings. Super PiP will create this file if it does not exist.
  • Arrow keys now only move the main window when in 'Config mode'. When not in 'Config mode', Arrow Up/Down (Ch Up/Down for non TF5800 users) changes the main channel, Arrow Left/Right (Vol Up/Down for non TF5800 users) changes the sub channel.
  • 'Config mode' indicator now stays on screen until 'Config mode' is exited to help prevent confusion.
  • A new option, 'Masterpiece mode', attempts to draw MP friendly graphics when turned on.
  • Initial attempt at an options menu. Accessed via the 'Menu' key. From here you can now amend the 'Config mode' key, the 'Masterpiece mode', or Exit the TAP. The Text key now reverts to its standard behaviour.

Changes since 0.5

  • MyStuff support, or any other TAP which sits on the Guide or Archive key.
  • Support for TF5000 models (activate via the 'Red' key).
  • Press 'TV/Sat' to enter 'Config mode'. Press again to exit 'Config mode'. While in 'Config mode' it is possible to fully adjust both windows to fine tune the settings. When not it 'Config mode' all the 'Config mode' keys revert to their standard behaviour. This frees up, for example, the number keys, so they can be used to change channel in normal operation.
  • Due to the above, the swapping windows, and shrinking/enlarging the highlighted window functions now go back to their original keys, i.e. Pause, Rewind and Forward respectively. Hopefully, these keys will not change again :-).

Changes since 0.4

  • Standard Toppy PiP is now bypassed altogether.
  • Spruced up the channel info display, now including the event name.
  • On activation, PiP shows the previous channel if last PiP channel is the same as the main channel.
  • Access to all standard playback controls now possible when in Super PiP mode.
  • Accessing standard Toppy screens no longer zooms window to full size (thanks bdb).

Changes since 0.3

  • Access to Archive, Guide & PiP List now possible when in Super PiP mode.
  • On first activation, the PiP window displays the previous channel watched. After that, it remembers the PiP channel between activations.
  • Stop key now stops playback when in Super PiP mode (of video, chase play, or timeshift). Text key now exits the TAP.

Changes since 0.2

  • Volume keys now active while in Super PiP mode (with RemoteExtender installed).
  • Detect when timeshifting and append "TS" to channel name if so.
  • Disable picture swapping and channel changing when timeshifting.
  • Finer granularity when shrinking/enlarging. Now double the number of sizes available.
  • Radio support is now available. Press TV/Radio key while in Super PiP mode to enter radio mode This zooms the highlighted window full screen, and starts a radio channel so you have this as your sound The radio channel can be changed using Ch Up/Down. The TV channel can be changed using 7/9. Press TV/Radio again to exit the radio mode.

Changes since 0.1

  • Stop and Exit keys now work as per normal when not in PiP mode.
  • Fix enlarging algorithm so it does not draw off screen and corrupt graphics.
  • Do not allow channel switching when a playback is in progress.
  • Skip unplayable channels when changing (if recording(s) are taking place).
  • Pop up a box showing the current channel name (on entry, on changing channels etc.).
  • Allow full control of the non highlighted window using the number keys.

Getting started

Download the TAP and copy it onto the Topfield, into the ProgramFiles or Auto Start folder. Then use the Topfield archive to highlight the TAP and press 'OK'. The TAP then runs in the background until it is activated. The activation button is 'PiP'. Consult the key behaviour for further instructions.

Key behaviour

While in Super PiP mode:

  • PiP

    - Display Super PiP
  • PiP Swap

    - Switch the current window
  • Info

    - Pop up the current channel/event info for both windows
  • Radio

    - Toggle the radio mode
  • Exit

    - Return to normal TV
  • Menu

    - Display configuration options
  • Ch down

    - Change channel of the main window down
  • Ch up

    - Change channel of the main window up
  • Others

    - Standard Toppy behaviour

While in 'Config mode':

  • Recall

    - Reset so split screen is displayed, as per default
  • Pause

    - Swap the position of the PiP windows
  • Record

    - Saves current window settings
  • Up

    - Move main window up
  • Down

    - Move main window down
  • Left

    - Move main window left
  • Right

    - Move main window right
  • Rewind

    - Shrink main window
  • Forward

    - Enlarge main window
  • 2

    - Move sub window up
  • 8

    - Move sub window down
  • 4

    - Move sub window left
  • 6

    - Move sub window right
  • 1

    - Shrink sub window
  • 3

    - Enlarge sub window
  • 7

    - Change channel of the sub window down
  • 9

    - Change channel of the sub window up
  • 5

    - Display the sub window full screen