Download version 1.72 (updated 10/08/2008)

This TAP turns the coloured buttons into ad skipping keys during playback of a recording or optionally timeshifting. The skip durations are customizable. It also optionally allows the use of the numeric keys to specify an absolute time to jump to, or to jump forward a specified number of minutes rather than a percentage.

RedForward 3:00During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting
GreenForward 1:00During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting, when progress bar is not shown
YellowForward 0:30During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting, When progress bar is not shown
BlueBack 0:10During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting, when progress bar is not shown
TeletextBack 0:30During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting
WhiteUndo last jumpWhen progress bar is not shown and no PIP is displayed
On the TF5800, if Remote Extender is running the following keys are also available:
LeftBack 0:30During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting, when progress bar is not shown
RightForwards 0:30During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting, when progress bar is not shown
DownBack 1:00During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting, when progress bar is not shown
UpForwards 1:00During playback, playback of a current recording or timeshifting, when progress bar is not shown


Just place QuickJump.tap in your ProgramFiles or Auto Start folder. If you have a Masterpiece model, install QuickJumpMasterpiece.tap instead or the options menu will not function correctly.


Pressing Exit will bring up the QuickJump configuration menu.


The following keys can be customised:

TF5800Left, Right, Up, Down, PIP, Text, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, PIP Swap, White, Recall
Other models:V-, V+, P+, P-, |<, >|, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Sat, White, Recall

Note: if you installed QuickJump before installing RemoteExtender or the RemExt patch, the additional keys these extensions add will not be available until you reset the QuickJump options.

Each key can be set to one of the following functions

Use Left and Right to change the key function, << and >> to change in 60 second increments, and PIP and Text (|< and |> on non TF5800 models) to change in 1 second increments. Press OK to customize the situations that QuickJump will act on that key.


Jumping using the numeric keys can be set to

Binary Jump

Binary jump can be used to home in on a specific point in a recording. Using forward and backward keys, each successive jump after the first opposing jump halves in size until a minimum size ('Final jump') is reached. Once a period of inactivity has passed, the 'Reset Timeout', the jump length is restored to the initial value. Dismissing the status message with Exit also resets the jump length.

Status Message

A status message can be displayed during jumping to help you keep track of where you are in the recording. It will also pop up to inform you that playback is due to end soon. You can turn off the feature or use a key to show the message.

Resume Jump

The Toppy misses the first few seconds of audio when resuming playback from pause. QuickJump can automatically jump back a few seconds so you don't miss any audio. You can customise the jump separately for resuming using play and pause.

Progress bar+PIP Swap Editing

QuickJump can launch either CutFile or CutAds when you press PIP Swap whilst the progress bar is showing. CutFile/Ads will ask if you want to trim the recording. It is recommended you use CutFile/Ads 1.2 or greater - earlier versions have no confirmation message. The TAP can be placed in any of the following locations:

Radio/MP3 Backgroud

The background displayed during playback of radio recording and MP3s can be enabled and disabled. Changes do not take effect until playback is restarted.

Roundel Timeout

The length of time that the firmware's recording and playback roundels are shown for can be adjusted.

Menu Key

If you don't want QuickJump's menu to appear every time you press the Exit key, you can disable it. Once disabled, the menu is only accessible via TAP or TSR Commander. As a last resort deleting /Settings/QuickJump.dat will restore the default settings.

Known problems


1.72Added more search directories for CutFile/Ads
Fixed hang when unpausing when timeshift not available
1.71Added distinct resume options for Pause and Play keys
Added integration with CutAds TAP
Fixed false identification of 5800 firmwares as Masterpiece firmwares
1.7Added integration with CutFile TAP
Added replay after pause option
Added undo during chase play and timeshift
Fixed crash when jumping backwards from live TV with timeshift switched off
1.69Individual steps in a binary jump can be undone
1.68Made binary jump and status message undo aware
1.67Added repeat last jump
Fixed unexpected shutdown on pressing Opt/Sleep
1.66Binary jump is now limited in jump size at the start and end of playback
Support for WSSKiller and FontManager in the options screen
1.65Added minimum jump size for binary jumps
Works with timeshift buffer patches B2 and B4
Removed playback stopped and Recording roundel tweaks - these are available via other patches and TAPs
Various bugfixes
1.64Added Menu key option
1.63Fixed bugs with Exit menu key and starting timeshift whilst recording
1.62Added Recall button to key list
Suppress Exit key menu if TapLauncher contains TAP Commander
Minor tweaks to the status window
Fixed dual recording hang when attempting to jump
1.61Added binary jump interval reseed option on jump key submenu
Show status key toggles status message
1.6Added binary jump, various firmware tweaks, skinning of status message
Fixed crash on TF5700
1.56Added show filenames in recording roundels option
Added show roundels option to jump keys
1.55Fixed menus on the TF6000
1.54Added an option to disable the firmware's 'Playback stopped' message
1.53Cumulative time shown on status message
Fixed unsticky status message X position setting
1.52Show status message option on all keys
Fixed jump forward from live TV bug
1.51Up and down keys can be used as jump keys. Reset your options to make them visible
Jump keys now ignored during mp3 playback
Crash when bookmarking fixed
Timeshift jumps now update the progress bar thanks to a firmware hack
1.5Optional jump status display
Additional options on skip keys
1.44Masterpiece compatible options menu
Settings stored in ProgramFiles/Settings if it exists
On non 5800 models, red key now defaults to jumping in playback (settings must be reset to defaults to activate this feature)
1.43Added options for setting bookmarks and jumping to bookmarks for 5800 users
1.42Added extra keys in the configuration screen to allow smaller jumps to be specified
Fixed a bug in configuration screen if you were not using TSR Commander
Fixed a bug that prevented editing recordings when Remote Extender is running
Added support for TAP Commander
1.41Added option for hiding Mystic Dreams background when playing radio recordings and MP3s
1.4Skip with Left and Right on the TF5800 when running RemoteExtender
Supports firmware version above 12.09
1.32Jump X minutes enabled for in progress recordings and during timeshifting
1.31Minor bug fixes and options screen changes
1.3 Number keys can be used during playback to jump 1-9 minutes forward
PIP swap and White keys can now be mapped
More robust progressbar display fix - should automatically detect newer TF5800 firmwares
1.22Fix for progressbar display in TF5800 August 17th firmware
1.21Fixed settings not being saved bug
1.2Improved jump accuracy, particularly the blue button
Added jump to absolute time
Additional configuration options
Reduced reliance on TSRCommander
1.1Improved jump accuracy.
Green, yellow and blue buttons work correctly when viewing interactive text and live TV.
1.0Initial release

Any problems? Contact me via the forums at toppy.org.uk .