Download version 1.0 (updated 10/05/2007)

Wuppy is a command line tool for uploading and downloading files from the Topfield PVR. It uses an alternative driver to the one provided by Topfield so doesn't suffer from random crashes on Windows Vista.


Run wuppysetup.exe
Accept any driver warnings - select 'Install this driver software anyway'
No reboots should be required
Use the Wuppy Command Line shortcut if you'd prefer not to add c:\program files\wuppy to your path.


List the top level directories on the Toppy

wuppy -c dir

List the recordings on the Toppy

wuppy -c dir "DataFiles"

Download a recording from the Toppy.

Transfer a recording from the Toppy to the current directory. The resulting file will be named Grand Designs.rec

wuppy -c get "DataFiles\Grand Designs-2.rec" "Grand Designs.rec"

Upload a TAP to the Auto Start directory

wuppy -c put MyStuff.tap "ProgramFiles\Auto Start\MyStuff.tap"

Move a recording to a different directory

wuppy -c rename 'DataFiles\Grand Designs-2.rec' 'DataFiles\Grand Designs\Grand Designs-7.rec'

Delete a recording

wuppy -c delete "DataFiles\TV Burp.rec"


wuppy is ported from Peter Urbanec's Puppy and uses libusb-win32
Source is available from tap.berlios.de in the /host/Win32/Wuppy directory.

Any problems or suggestions? Contact me via the forums at toppy.org.uk .