TAP Commander

Download version 1.34 (updated 28/01/2009)

TAP Commander allows you to configure and and temporarily disable TAPs whilst your Toppy is running. It can also change the load order of TAPs in your Auto Start directory.

To activate TAP Commander screen, press Menu whilst the Toppy's main menu (i.e. press Menu twice) or Exit when no other on screen display is visible.

Running TAPs screen

This screen shows free memory at the top right corner and a list of all running TAPs. The free memory may not respond immediately to TAPs being exited, but over time should reflect how much memory you have available.

Auto Start TAPs screen

Selecting the Save menu item will save your changes to disk. TAPs will be loaded in this order next time the toppy starts. If any errors occur during the reordering process, you will be warned with an on screen message. Some TAPs may get left in the Temp Auto Start directory which you will have to manually move back to Auto Start.

If the Auto Start TAPs screen screen isn't available, you can reorder from your PC using Altair by deleting all TAPs from AutoStart and then adding them in the order you would like them to load.

Options Screen

TAP Commander's options can be accessed by pressing Menu from any TAP Commander screen. Skin, screen offset and additional activation key can be adjusted.


Just place in your ProgramFiles or Auto Start folder.


1.34Number keys jump to line number.
Running TAPs screen remembers selection.
1.33Added auto shutdown option.
1.32Fixes screen corruption on Masterpiece models.
1.31Adds FontManager support.
1.3Adds memory usage column if your firmware is compatible
Updates to support 3.16 firmware on 5100 range.
1.2Various bugfixes and additional configuration options
1.1Added support for WSS Killer
1.0Initial release

Any problems? Contact me via the forums at toppy.org.uk .