UK Subtitle

Download version 1.9 (updated 05/02/2009)

This TAP allows a single button press to access the subtitle menu or a single button press to toggle subtitles on and off.


Just place in your ProgramFiles or Auto Start folder. UK Subtitle automatically creates a configuration file in the ProgramFiles folder, or Settings folder if it exists.


Pressing Exit will bring up the UK Subtitle configuration menu. Options are:

Note that extreme values for the status message may be clipped by your TV. This is normal and most TVs will clip the edges of the picture by up to 10% of the screen size.

TAP Commander and TSR Commander Integration

If you have TAP Commander or TSRCommander installed in either the ProgramFiles or Auto Start folders, UK Subtitle will assume you want to use the Commander menu for configuring. This means that if Commander is not running, UK Subtitle will not grab the Exit key (useful if you want to use the Exit key for interactive text).

Download TAP Commander

Known problems


1.9Added support for 5800t and 5810 models.
Added WSS Killer support.
1.82Added Menu key option.
1.8Adds support for 5.13.65 firmware.
Supports RemExt firmware patch.
1.7Fixes Teletext activation key problem.
1.6Automatically supports new firmwares.
1.5Fully supports September 2006 (5.13.26) firmware.
1.4On screen message improvements. Increased font size, added position. customization and message when no subtitles are available.
Prevent TV/Sat key being passed to the firmware when another TAP is active.
1.3Improved subtitle menu access.
Instant toggle mode with on screen message.
Remote Extender support.
1.2Added better support for 14/07/06 (5.12.88) firmware.
1.1Added Auto Toggle option.
1.0Initial release.

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