Netgear MP101 with TVersity Media Server

Remote Shortcut Buttons

I've just had some success getting the remote's shortcut buttons working with TVersity. I had a hunch it was all keyword based, and a bit of digging around the Netgear media server directory, in particular DB Plugin Hierarchy.xml was quite revealing. Each button requires a specifically named item in TVersity's active menus. They are:

You'll need to put TVersity into custom menu mode and edit your media sources with menu entries in the advanced section equal to each of the above. This will give you simple shortcuts to folders. If you want to actually have the buttons work much the same way as they do with the Netgear server, you'll need to edit your config.xml. I've added the following:

<index parent="TVersity Custom.Playlists" filter="class = object.container.playlistContainer"/>
<index parent="TVersity Custom.Genres" props="genre,tversity:albumArtist,album"/>
<index parent="TVersity Custom.Artists" props="artist"/>
<index parent="TVersity Custom.Tracks" props="year,tversity:albumArtist,album"></index>
<index parent="TVersity Custom.Internet Radio" trigger="TVersity.Audio.Internet" props="tversity:tag"></index>

This gives playlists, genre/artist/album, artist/album, year/artist/album and internet radio grouped by tag on the Playlist, Genre, Artist, Track and Net buttons respectively.

To get podcasts on the tracks menu:

<index parent="TVersity Custom.Tracks" trigger="TVersity.Audio.Internet Audio.Audio Feeds"/>

Device Detection

Set your MP101(s) to have static IP addresses, e.g., In profiles.xml, find:


Replace the <deviceDescription> element with the following:

<!-- List of ip addresses corresponding to devices that TVersity should always map to this profile. This is provided as a manual workaround for device models that cannot be auto-detected otherwise.-->
<devicesIP value=""/>
<devicesIP value=""/>

<!-- The Name of the media serverdevice description file that should be used in conjunction with a player that
     corresponds to this profile -->
<deviceDescription name="UPNP_AV_MediaServer_1.0.MP101.xml"/>

If you're running the latest MP101 beta firmware (1.7.4), you'll need to tweak some of TVersity's UPnP parameters for the MP101 to activate the shortcut buttons. Create a copy of UPNP_AV_MediaServer_1.0.default.xml named UPNP_AV_MediaServer_1.0.MP101.xml Replace the manufacturer line with the following:


You may also want to shorten the friendlyName to stop it scrolling on the MP101's screen:

<friendlyName>${HOSTNAME} : TVersity</friendlyName>